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Why study Tantra at home?

Of course, doing a tantra workshop has advantages. Being in a group can support and speed up your process. The teachers (hopefully) create an atmosphere of trust. Which is important because to grow is to open up, be vulnerable and letting go of limiting conditioning. The energy of the group and the process where you’re in will support that. So we’re all for doing tantric workshops, please continue!

However, there are strong reasons for also doing some work, some personal growth at home. We believe that a mixture of both will work fine. This article puts some light on the “Why study Tantra at home” aspects.

You get more privacy

Why study Tantra at home - privacyBeing in a group raises all sorts of privacy issues that aren’t even there when you meditate at home. Discussing personal stuff with strangers isn’t easy and even desirable. Then the group limits you in your research because you will hide (again) what bubbles up. In a group, you’re also confronted with the stuff others carry and process. Of course, sometimes you can really learn from that, but it can also put your focus on issues that aren’t yours. Sometimes it consumes all the time and attention (of the teachers). Structured learning out home, will let you focus more on your personal issues.

So studying at home can benefit:

  • The creation of a safe space. No/fewer privacy issues.
  • Awareness of personal issues. It’s easier to open up – your openness increases.
  • Relevant learning. No distraction by group member issues/processes.
  • Your focus is all on your personal issues.

All is set for your convenience

e-Course Intimacy starts with YOU - home on the couchAnother big advantage of studying at home is of course that it is… at home. The place where you feel at ease and can relax. The place you know and care for. If you have space you can set up your own meditation temple. But even if you have little space, a special altar is always possible. You can do the training at your own pace. Some lessons/areas can take more time than others. The tempo you do the lessons is yours. And last but not least, you can do the course on your own time. A day of the week, a special night, or spread over several weeks.


In your own place.

At your own pace.

On your own time.

You create longer lasting impact

Going to, coming out of a workshop is great. You feel energized and loving. The first few days after this probably will last. But then it fades away. Tantric meditation is meant to last, to change your life and not just for a few days. So integration in your daily life is needed. To really make a difference, you want to practice daily. Growing in Love and Consciousness is what you show in daily life. Can you take breathers during work? Can you be aware of how/why you react the way you do? Are your actions loving? Doing the training at home makes this integration easier. Doing the lessons/exercises over a longer period of time will really change your conditioning/actions. Not for a day, but continuously.

Learning at home will:

  • Create more Me-time: you will create “meditative” time in your daily life.
  • Integrate tantric meditation your daily life.
  • Again and again bring the practice “alive” again.

You can do the training over and over again

A workshop is a one-time event. When you do an online course, you can do the course over and over again. Maybe not the whole course, but a selection of lessons and/or exercises. Particular meditation you can do regularly, as much as you want. And regularity will benefit your progress. Normally we will argue to dismantle conditioning but in this case, conditioning can actually help. Body/mind conditioning help. Your mind will come to learn that tantric practice is good for you. Your body knows how to be motionless and/or to focus on your breathing. Even body postures can induce bodily feelings. So feeling and eventually becoming Lovingly can be supported by body/mind conditioning.

Online courses are repeatable:

  • Stay (lifetime) available.
  • Are repeatable / re-do-able.
  • You can repeat meditations/exercise infinitely.

Brings a personal touch

Like workshops, online course at designed for certain areas. Training in small groups can be very personal if the trainers personalize their workshop. However, that is rarely the case. The structure, the “process” has certain demands that have to be met. Of course, an online course is also structured, but other than in a group, you are totally free to skip or redo parts of the course. So you can totally focus on your own needs and process. You will discover that this also changes over time, so the next time you do the same lesson/exercise/meditation the happening/outcome will be different. It’s all about you.

Tantric meditation at home:

  • Supports your personal growth.
  • Acknowledge that each journey is unique.
  • Let’s you celebrate your success.

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Why study Tantra at home – do tantric lessons at home
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