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What women like or even need

What women like or even need is arbitrary. Well, maybe the article is not 100% complete or even 100% true but I learned these things in my life. You win some, you lose some. Women are a different species. Women are from Venus, men come from Mars. Take your pick from the list in this article and practice. You will forget, but then… you’ll suffer and have to take the consequences. So read very carefully and remember…

What women like: They like your undivided attention

The biggest mistake you can make is not being there. Your presence is crucial!!!! Be present, totally there. Maybe only for 30 minutes in a day, but then – during these 30 minutes- you MUST be 1000% present. Present energetically. Present bodily and present mindfully. Let your presence radiate through her. Shine… light up the whole room. Let her feel that you are around. Let her feel that your open and in full contact.

What women like: They need to trust you!

What women like or even needShe will be with you, she will only open her heart and body for you when she trusts you. So be trustful! Be real, sincere, authentic! No bullshit in your relationship (to come). Best is when you have no hidden agenda at all. Even if you only just want sex, better say it then bullshitting around. If you go for a relation, but also want sex (now), just say so. Say it with humor, exaggeration, she will understand. Showing her that you see and respect her boundaries makes her relax about that/you. But don’t guard her boundaries, that’s for her to do! Push her it little. Gently, softly, but focussed… Always make sure that she can relax (with you). Relax too. Be trustworthy. Always do what you say!

What women like: They like you to LISTEN

So listen! Yes, you have a story of yourself too, but it’s not all about you! LISTEN and show interest in her. Really listen, so also mirror and check what she is saying. Don’t give advice unless it’s asked. Never choose for them, give your opinion (info) and let her chose for herself. And be patient. Women need time to get it straightened out. They need to talk about it first before they know what they’re talking about. Men only talk about it when they already figured it out. See the difference?

What women like (to see in a man)

What women like

What women like: They like to feel loved

A heart connection is very important for a woman. Heart connection is more important than sex. Woman seek connection through the heart (men seek connection through their dick). So learn to connect through your heart. Let your heart speak out. Be sexually energized if you want but Look Lovingly. Look Lovingly with full (sexual) power. Show them you like/love them. Look lovingly, hold hands, touch, be playful, act lovingly. With men you don’t have to say you love them, it’s obvious. But women need to hear it (and feel it) over and over again. Say it, better show it in everything you do. Be a Loving Presence!


What women like: They need intimacy first

So first build intimacy – let it arise – don’t force it- intimacy can’t be done. Intimacy is a feeling of well-being/happiness. Let her feel intimate with you by being intimate (happy) with her. Don’t be distant and don’t only talk. Don’t go for sex right away. Just be happy! First intimacy, then love. No sex without intimacy and/or love (90% true – 80% rule of thumb). So, create an intimate (happy) space. At your home, clean up, buy some candles… Somewhere else, do the same, make it cozy, intimate. That’s your priority!

What women like: They want to like what they see

So clean up your act too. This is not about the Hollywood syndrome, you don’t have to be Pratt Pitt. No, you can be yourself, but just be a little aware of how you look, smell, etc. Dress nicely, surprise her with something new or unexpected. Be aware of what she likes and just wear it. Just be yourself, you don’t have to change but align with her needs. Be your casual self, but then irresistible.

What women like – Do and don’t for men

What women like: They don’t like uncertainty

I don’t know why that is, but most women don’t like uncertainty. This is about trust, but goes deeper or is slightly different. Don’t be boring, but they have to be able to count on you. Say that you will be there tomorrow. Just say that you won’t run away at first sign of trouble. Say that you will be there for her (foremost in difficult times). Don’t make promises you can’t keep, but reassure your woman, again and again. Tell her, you love her, again and again.

What women like: They like to be touched!

What women like: a loving touchYes, intimacy starts with talking but there comes a time that you have to get physical. Get physical!

Hold her, hug her, touch her. Do it demand free! Do it relax, natural, with flair, humor, slow, sensual. Make it a loving touch. Respect her privacy, chose your moments wisely. BUT take your changes, take a risk. Get physical as soon as possible.



What women like: They like to be adored – admired

If you look her in the eye, if you touch her hand, it’s a miracle. And it is!!! With direct sensing (= sensing without interfering of the mind) you will discover that every moment with her can be an ecstatic moment. So enjoy your senses and blame her for it. Make her feel special! The ecstasy is because of her! Look at her! Give her lots of positive feedback. Smell her scent and tell her she is delicious… Kiss her feet, adore her. Give her your jacket when it’s cold. Die for her – at least let her know that you’re willing to die for her.

Even in 2019, they like you to be a gentleman

Real women want a real man. Yes, the macho man is history, the metro man is out, they want a real man. A man who protects them keeps it safe. So let her feel protected. Show her your focus – your sense of direction. Let her know what it is you go for. Show your passion, share your dreams. Take care of her and take her along. With the big things, but also with the little things. Take care of it, fix things, open the car door for her.

Be nice, attentive…
also act a little crazy, wild, naughty. A little bit unpredictable also.

What women like

What women like

They want a MAN!!!
Who is

  • Open, relaxed, playful.
  • Strong, focused.
  • Passionate, sensitive, with humor.
  • Flexible but focussed and persistent.
  • Who empowers her instead of overpowers her.
  • Who is trustworthy and desires her.


  • Go for sex, don’t get too physical too soon.
  • Dwell in your ego, only talk/think about yourself. Don’t brag.
  • Talk negative, always focus on the positive.
  • Shut down or shut off – being absent-minded: stay present.
  • Get upset with (her) emotions – remain calm and undisturbed.
  • Jump to conclusions or jump too far ahead. Just give certainty about the relationship without pinning it down (marriage, kids, pension, etc).
  • Confuse a woman with a man! They are different!
  • Try to change her. Never try to change the other person.

So join us, learn more about tantra and tantric relationships!

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What women like to see in a man – what attracts a woman
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