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What to do if you’re having a hard time?

Whether you enjoy a nice holiday, are at work, or at home, we all have those difficult moments. That it’s all not so nice, that you’re having a hard time. Here at online tantra have already written and told each other so much about tantra and the beautiful tantric wisdom and tools. And practiced together in our workshops, live and online. But if you feel good about yourself, if your life runs smoothly, it is much easier to live that wisdom than when you’re having a difficult time. And of course, I know those moments just as well. Like, everybody, I have my dark periods.

That’s why I want to share with you how I try to deal with it when things happen that I’m not so happy about. E.g. when old reaction patterns, negative beliefs, fear and things like “worry” push themselves to the forefront. When my inner peace is undermined. When there is chaos in my mind …

How do I do that, how do I cope with it myself? Am I going to doubt everything that we stand for? No! Even though it is not always easy for me to apply, although it is not 100% integrated in me, I remain committed to it! So: Time for growing in love and consciousness. It’s always time for growing in love and consciousness.

The top 10 of what helps me the most, what I do, is:

Explore your inner worldBreathe the full breath. I sit down, sit still and practice full conscious breathing. Breathing to the restless, painful places in my body, to my heart. Then I feel my inner peace return.

Being a witness. Being aware and witnessing is so important to me. Observing thoughts, emotions, my current feelings. Taking a step back and being observant. Detaching from right and wrong, taking “what is” more as it is. It gives me the space to think about / do something that makes me happy.

Connect to my body. Descending out of my head by focusing more on my body works great for me. Shaking or doing some conscious stretching or fitness exercises. When I am doing that, I am definitely drop out of my mind. I also walk, swim or dance more. And of course… making love!

Focus on the here and now. If my mind (which is always in the past or future) has taken over, in response I focus more on the here and now. What is happening now? How do I feel right now? My body is always in the now, so I use body-consciousness to let that here and now sensation in.

What to do if you’re having a hard time

Take some guided meditation. I “re-do” the Course “Living with an Open Heart” again. Home-made; good for others, good for myself. To open my sometimes closed heart, and allow love pouring in.

Practice Loving Awareness. Back in my body, back in my heart it always feels much better. From there I can embrace more loving thoughts, I can practice the Loving touch and act more lovingly.

Try to share: expressing and sharing my feelings. With my partner, with others. Restoring the heart-connection. I feel heard (as a result), and usually feel deeply supported and loved at times when it just doesn’t come from within myself.

Take wisdom from others. E.g. from Osho, but also reading others (D. Deida): I am not the first to experience something, what is going on here, how can I deal with it (differently)? Be inspired.

Affirmations. I find such beautiful pictures and / or affirmations on Facebook, I am inspired, encouraged and empowered by them.

Trust in myself, others, life, love !! Take responsibility for my own life. Continue to trust. Sometimes the most difficult part … But so essential !!

For me, this is about essential and very easy applicable tantric techniques, from which I benefit. It is nice to share them with you, and I hope that you will benefit from it at times.

In love and consciousness


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What to do if you’re having a hard time, powered by Online Tantra

What to do if you’re having a hard time?

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