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What is multi-orgasmic?

To me, multi-orgasmic means that you can have multiple orgasms one after the other, without the need to recover. In a “normal” peak orgasm as most men know it, there is a “valley” period after orgasm. Sexual energy is discharged, there is relaxation, the penis is limped, your appetite for sex disappears and usually, it also ends your lovemaking. Sometimes if you have a lot of sexual energy (if you are really excited/horny) – and after a short recovery- you cum again and get a second discharge, but it remains a peak orgasm. Eventually, you discharge all your energy and you are left behind lifeless, empty.

Charging during sex

Multi-orgasmic is different … If you are multi-orgasmic, you can have an orgasm through intercourse, yet simply, with no recovery period. A multi-orgasmic man does not discharge but – strangely enough – you “charge” during sex. More on this later on. You remain energetic and so you can make love much longer and experience multiple orgasms. Sex with a multi-orgasmic man is to have fun, enjoy hours of each other, of life.

No focus on orgasm

How? Enjoyment has many forms. Being ecstatic together can’t be cast in a structure, in a form. Also for a sexual encounter, there are no rules. The multi-orgasmic man is not focused on his (and/or her) orgasm. Surprisingly enough that is exactly why the multi-orgasmic man will experience: more orgasms. The “trick” is simply that there is a difference between orgasm and ejaculation. You can have an orgasm without ejaculating. So you lose no sperm, no energy and you get an orgasm without discharging. There is no taboo on ejaculation, but the multi-orgasmic man has patience. And anyway, orgasms without ejaculation are at least as good, if not better than an orgasm with. The big advantage is that you do not lose your energy.

The “trick” is simply that there is a difference between orgasm and ejaculation. You can orgasm without ejaculating.

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The orgasm

What is an orgasm anyway?

A sizzling vibration

Cumshot is delicious; we all know it (I hope). Technically, the muscles in your pelvic floor move rapidly, they are vibrating. A wonderful feeling. The moment you cum, there are all small muscle spasms. You’re whole pelvic area vibrates, all spasms and vibrations. Your heart starts beating fast, your breathing quickens, your blood pressure too. The tension builds up. You feel the excitement rise… If you masturbate you also increase your pace and the pressure on your penis. If you are together with a partner you raise the tempo. The thrusts become more firm and violent … your breath speeds up. The temperature rises.

And then … then you’re past the Point of no Return.

Your focus is now on discharge … everything is focused on the orgasm… and that is precisely what comes next… a moment of intense enjoyment, relaxation. A moment of “out of the world” … It flashes in your head. Time and place are gone, everything is perfect. A moment of unity, of heavenly delight.

With ejaculation

While you climax, there is also an automatic muscle spasm in and around your balls. It is a mechanical reflex, a spasm by which your seed is shot out. Orgasm and ejaculation are often seen as one, but they are not. Later on more about this. Ejaculation drains you. Literally, because you lose your seed. Unfortunately, you not only lose your seed, but you also lose precious energy in the discharge. That’s why afterward you feel so relaxed and at the same time so empty. Ejaculation leaves you empty, drained, physically and mentally. Your body reacts by relaxing. The brain also creates sleep dust that supports that. Your heart rate goes down again, your breath recovers.

There is also a deeply hidden primitive urge that has been satisfied. Your seed has found its way to potential reproduction. You lust fades away with it. The sexual desire that you felt is gone, it’s good. Maybe you even feel a bit powerless. The energetic liveliness is gone! Pity. Sometimes you even feel disappointed after a while. Why you do not know exactly, but something tells you that there may be more (?).

What is multi-orgasmic - watch your breathTakes about 11 minutes

Perhaps you will not believe it, but the average sexual encounter lasts about 11 minutes. A global average that always surprises me. How about foreplay, delicious long lovemaking, after play! Sex seems to be completely dominated by the discharge. The (unconscious) focus of getting rid of excess energy that has been firmly stuck in body tension. Sex that way is … like a sneeze.


You will not be willing to go past ejaculation
until you have experienced the much greater pleasures, 
which are hidden behind it.

Also possible…

Longer lovemaking

A multi-orgasmic man is not satisfied with this. Sex is fun! Sex is togetherness. Wow, sex is exciting and relaxing at the same time. Sex is so good that 11 minutes are really too short. You want to make love much longer! For sure you want to be together, relaxed for a much longer period. You wish you could stay energetic much longer, that you can make love for hours (only if you want that of course). Ultimate lovemaking … playing, kissing, floating, melting, fondling, orgasm, oneness…

But how to do that? Well, that is what this e-Course is all about …

Multiple orgasms

What is multi-orgasmic - plateau-ingIt is possible to make love a long time and have an orgasm during. It is even possible to have two or even three orgasms during one lovemaking. The multi-orgasmic man can enjoy multiple orgasms, stay relaxed and fully energetic. Yes, it is possible…. Starting by building up desire. Let your energy go during lovemaking. Show your horny side, act a little beastly, enjoy ultimate pleasure. Enjoy deep, intense, full energetic penetration. Opening up your woman with your presence and deeply penetrate her with your sexual energy. Woo together, flow together, climax together. Floating on the waves of sexual energy. Hours of aimless pleasure. Merge into one.

Expansion in the body

The reward for the multi-orgasmic man is pleasure – joy – bliss. But even there it does not stop. You can be present in your lower body, you can experience orgasms in your abdomen. But you can also expand your presence into your whole body, you can completely open up your heart and your own body. You can feel the love grow in your partner. If you’re present you can also open up her body and her heart! You can also feel her (sexual) energy, feel the vibrations in her body, in her vagina.

You can make love with/in every cell of your bodies. The orgasm spread to every cell. You can “explode” up through your spine together. Your whole body starts shaking orgasmic, a state of ecstasy. Total surrender, bliss. Dissolving in the source of life itself and re-emerge. The vibrant energy you take with you, giving you a rich, powerful, ecstatic life. A life that radiates through your body .. your eyes that shine …


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What is multi-orgasmic? Multi-orgasm explained – Go for longer lovemaking!
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