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What is Heart meditation

what is heart meditationIn essence, Heart meditation is the simple full awareness of, presence in your heart. Your heart is the center of your being, the source of love. When you are in your heart, your center, you are in harmony, in peace, one with existence. Heart meditation gives you a high sense of intimacy. With yourself, with others, with existence itself.

Healthy heart

There is a difference between your physical heart and your heart chakra. Your physical heart is known by everyone. It’s a magical organ however that even now science doesn’t really understand. Your heart has wisdom, has memory and is proven to be very important in your bodily household. It coordinates everything, even your mind. So a healthy heart is very important. Luckily heart meditation helps.

Know your heart chakra

Apart from your heart, you also have your heart chakra. The heart chakra is even more mysterious. If you physically examine your body you will not find it. It can’t be operated or what. But it’s very important in your energy household. Life energy is flowing through your body and from the ancient time, we already know that the chakras are your energy pump stations to receive and deliver energy to upper and lower parts of your body. Your heart chakra is the middle one of your 7 chakras. It’s located in the middle of your chest. If you put your hand on it, you (eventually) can feel the heat of your love energy.

Everything is energy

If you look closely at matter, it turns out that all matter consists out of energy. Energy has different ways to show itself, different shapes and colors. It can be solid, liquid or ethereal. Lust, emotions, love are free floating forms of energy. However, if lust or emotion is suppressed, it can “freeze” and gets attached to your physical body. If so, it reduces your life energy (among other things). Heart meditation is primary meant to activate, stimulate your heart chakra. Either to open up (when you’re empty) or to slow down (when you hyperactive). A free, loosely and natural flow of your love/life energy makes you feel at rest, peaceful and joyful. It’s the quantity of the energy flowing, but also the frequency of that energy. You can imagine that the frequency of anger of hate is different than the frequency of love. Love is unconditional so anger and hate are fine. But the trick is that if you activate your heart chakra/love energy, anger of hate can’t last for long. “Lower frequencies” are transformed into higher forms.


It’s the quantity of the energy flowing, but also the frequency of that energy. You can imagine that the frequency of anger of hate is different than the frequency of love. Love is unconditional so anger and hate are fine. But the trick is that if you activate your heart chakra/love energy, anger, of hate can’t last for long. “Lower frequencies” are transformed into higher forms.


How to do a Heart Meditation

You can do a heart meditation everywhere, anytime, but you can imagine that some environments are more helpful than others. In general: make yourself comfortable, take time and so that you can’t be disturb, keep your body still, focus and breath in/through/out of your heart.


So mute your phone. Find a place that you can’t be disturbed. There no best place but if you create a silent, warm, loving atmosphere, it helps you to get really open, soft and lovingly.

Make a beautiful meditation space. That could be a special room, or a special corner/table. Meditating in your bedroom is also fine, but remember in this room you have an active conditioning to go to sleep so beware that you don’t fall asleep.


Pick your time. Personally, for my first heart meditation, I love the early morning, just lying in bed, waking up. My mind isn’t awake yet, my body is relaxed. But as said anytime. So if you sit or lie down during the day. Fine! Keep your body motionless. Relax your body, especially your jaw. Lots of tension is stored there. Smile… Don’t fall asleep. Some of the meditations you can do lying down. However, when you start meditating there is a tendency to fall asleep, and so lying down is recommended. Wear loose, comfortable clothing making sure there is no tightness at your waist, hips, or chest.

Make yourself comfortable

You can sit on a chair or on the floor using cushions. If you can sit in Lotus position please do or just cross your legs (with cushions under your knees). Keep your back straight, your neck also so that the energy isn’t blocked. Let your arms/hands rest on your lap. Open your hands, palms facing up. If you want you can use a hand mudra for heart meditation. Then you connect the tip of your thumb with the tip of your middle finger.

Look for regularity

Creating patterns is good. If you do your heart meditation on the same time, in the same room, in the same posture, that helps. This is because your mind/body makes patterns. Normally we would say break the pattern, but in this case, it helps you to get quicker into your heart. Recognition can bring you into your heart in a split second.

Start to breath

If you lie or sit still just start to focus on your breathing. Make your breathing conscious by watching your breath. Just put your awareness on your breathing. Watch how you breathe. Through you nose or through your mouth? Just watch you don’t have to change anything. If thoughts are there, fine! You are distracted a little, but the thought goes again and then you watch your breath again. Some with bodily sensation. Don’t move, it’s just a trick of the mind to distract you. You don’t have to scratch your nose. Your knee is fine. But of course, if there’s something serious give an appropriate response. Don’t ever hurt yourself.

Focus on your Heart

Heart meditation is about the heart, so after a while (take your time, relax, unwind first a little bit) you start focussing on your heart. Either your physical heart or your heart chakra. We prefer the heart chakra, but maybe at the beginning, if feel better to focus on your heart. Fine, always tune in on what’s good / works for you. Place one hand on your heart, one on your lower stomach or sex. Start breathing into your heart. This, of course, is an imagination. The power of imagination, however, is very big… So envision… breathing through your heart. Breathing into your heart. It circles round… Breathing out of your heart.

Feel your Love grow

The same way you fill your lungs with air and oxygen, you fill your heart with energy. As said, all is energy. There’s lots of energy around you. Prana in the air. Life is all around you. So breath in life!!! Breath in prana, love energy. This also is a belief, an envisioning, but for ages, people have been doing this. Become lovingly. Fill your heart with every breath you take. Feel how you fill up. Just feel the warmth that is growing. Feel the heat below your hand. Your heart chakra is activated and begins to pump more energy. The energy that flows, but also radiates in all direction. Your heart is becoming a light orb. Love and light that becomes stronger with every breath you take.

Keep on Breathing

So keep on breathing as long as you like. If your heart meditation becomes more familiar with you, you can do the meditation all day. Just breath consciously into your heart. You walk, you talk, you live from the heart. Always connected with your heart, always open and lovingly.


It could be that at first heart meditation is not so delicious. We all carry emotional wounds with us that could be very painful. Heart meditation triggers them. Why? Because maybe it’s time to heal. So witness this body sensation. Witness the pain. Notice that it seems that there’s a hard layer around your heart or (painful) tension. Let it be, don’t get identified with this. Stay fully present and embrace all there is with your love. See also the heart meditation LoveSpirit. This heart meditation is specially designed to deal with heartache.

So join us, go for Heart meditation!

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What is Heart meditation

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What is Heart meditation
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