Product Overview

On this page, you will find a growing number of online (theme) courses. For your convenience, we made a distinction between available courses and theme courses in the process of being translated.

Available courses

Introduction Course
“a Taste of Tantra”
(€25 –>€20/$22)

This course is exactly what the name suggests. It gives you a general introduction to the many subjects of tantra. You will discover the way we look at tantra and how we create online tantric courses. This introduction course triggers your consciousness, your heart desire(s) and includes many breath end heart meditations and energetic exercises. You will be able to start right away and also find out that tantra is a real feeling experience. You will feel what tantra can do for you!

Available! >> Step into the world of tantra

“Intimacy starts with YOU!” (€35/$38)

Intimacy with yourself is intimacy with others, with the whole world. Then you are in full power, connected with the source. With love, with self-esteem, you can do anything. Sometimes you feel wonderful, sometimes you are struggling. But that does not matter. Deep connection makes you feel intensely happy. Nowadays intimacy isn’t common anymore, we didn’t learn to be intimate. Actually, we forgot how to! So let us take you back to intimacy. Unbounded consciousness, boundless energy, and uninhibited love.

Intimacy starts with YOU! You better believe it.
Take steps to more happiness. Do it today.
Do it now.

Available ! Go for more Intimacy in your life!

e-Couse Deepening you Relationship (s)e-Course “Deepening your
Relationship (s)
” (€35/$38)

If you want more intimacy in your relationship (s), this e-Course is for you. It’s all about connecting and looking for the match. Whether you have a partner or not, it doesn’t matter. There are so many things you can do to get more intimate. We bring you insights of how intimacy “works” and lots of exercises to get connected.

Get connected to your partner, to friends, to others. Bring more intimacy, more love, more happiness in your life.

Now available >> Start today! Go for more intimacy!

OTL-com Lving with an open heartTheme course
Living with an open Heart” (€35/$38)

Living with an open heart. Isn’t that what we all want? To be in our heart, to feel love. But so much is happening around us… There are so many things that prevent that we open up, that we even close up. Sometimes just for a while, sometimes for a longer period. So, when that happens, what to do?

Dissolve your blockades, learn to deal with what is bothering you to open up completely, to be in contact with your heart, with love. Do this course and you will receive a bundle of heart meditation that will help you on the way to open your heart.

Available >> Open your heart and become LOVINGLY!

Theme course “(re)Discover your Sexuality

Tantra is always about growing in Love and Consciousness. Using loving awareness to give way to your life energy, to let it flow, boost and expand it. Be friends with your mind and body and the beautiful energies that are there. Sexual energy is very much condemned, just because it is associated with sex and (unwelcome/inappropriate) sexual behavior. Working with sexual energy is also problematic because there are so much conditioning and shame around it.

This course opens a peaceful, safe, loving way to greater intimacy with (yourself) your body, your (sexual) energy and the power of your orgasmic potential. We help you on your way (to the source), put you in your power. Demand-free: you will never be pushed, we invite you to explore and experience.

Available >> Re-discover your sexuality (and sensuality)

e-Course Product overview How to becone multi-orgasmicHow to become
multi-orgasmic (M)” (€35/$38)

This is an e-Course about a subject every man wants to know: “How to become multi-orgasmic”. Well, this e-Course guides you step by step to be a multi-orgasmic man. It’s simple… Once you know there is a difference between having an orgasm and ejaculation, you are in. The rest depends on your intention, your longing to enrich your love life. It’s your choice, it is an option you can use. You may want to deepen your love life. May be you to have extended sex. You may want to truly satisfy you woman. If so, this e-Course is for you. By the way… this course is for man, but also good practicing stuff for women.

Available >> Go for longer lasting love!

Tantric sex explained
(€75 –> €55/$60)

Tantra is much more than sex. Tantra influences every aspect of your life. Including your sex life, and that’s why this theme course is for lovers. Tantric sex turns you into the ultimate lovemaking. Lovemaking (tantric sex) is an enrichment, an expansion of everything you already knew or did. Tantric sex is lovemaking with awareness. In tantric sex, your sexual energy is totally welcome and your being together is placed in a divine, ecstatic light.

It is going to be like in your wildest dreams, bút including the transformation from lust to love. An intimate (divine) merger with your beloved. A boost for your orgasmic potential. Your sex life will never be the same again.

Change your sex life in 2-3 weeks

Available meditations

There is a growing number of online meditation available for you. Please check the web shop for the latest.

Simple Heart meditation
Heart meditation LoveSpirit
Heart meditation Heart Circling
Prana Mudra meditation
Ganesha tantra meditation


Advantages of Online Tantra

  • You get a real tantric experience.
  • Direct and always available (through the internet).
  • You can do the courses at home (or wherever you like).
  • It’s safe, private practicing at your own pace, the one that fits you!
  • Step by step, well-arranged, no-nonsense style.
  • Nice price tag.
  • Permanent (life long) available.

You get a real tantric experience.

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