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The power of the heart is enormous

The power of the heart is enormous. If you focus on your heart Mystericals will happen. We can write the whole day about what happens in your life if you practice heart meditation. You can read more in our key article about heart meditation. For now, we present you 10o of the major benefits.

  1. You will feel good. You will feel good, in a light and positive vibe. Your heart chakra gets activated. This will show up as a warm good feeling in your chest. Your heart-muscles (7) get synchronized (coherent). This is very healthy and you feel it right away.
  2. Relaxation. Suddenly you are able to relax. You “descend” into your body, being more in the here and now. Your heart stills the mind, coordinating body & mind. You feel more peaceful and relaxed.
  3. More loving. Being in your heart you will be more loving. Your heart connects you to the love-source and the connection gets more open. This means more loving thoughts, loving feeling, loving acts.
  4. You vitalize. Your breathing starts to be nourishing. Since the heart coordinates, you bring more oxygen and prana (love) in your body. Also, some extra where it is needed. Energetically, you vitalize.
  5. Creating coherence. Your mind gets direction from your heart. Your heart sends out powerful (and measurable) electro-magnetic coordination waves. Heart waves are 3000 times stronger than brain waves. Body, mind, heart, and soul get coherent. You feel less internal conflict. “Everybody” works in the same direction.

    The power of the heart

  6. Looking radiant. As the love in your heart grows you will look more radiant. Love flows inside out. Your face will change. The beauty in you will come out in the open. It shows…
  7. Boosting self-love. You will love yourself more. connected to the love-source you can see that you are perfect, just the way you are. The critical mind will ease down and the unconditional heart will take over.
  8. Positive vibes. Being in your heart you will “find” beautiful responses to tuff situations. Love is nonjudgemental and very creative. You will see the bright-side easier and ego- reactions will turn into loving responses.
  9. Loving relationship. Because of heart meditation, you will become more loving in your relationship. You will feel more loving, look more lovingly, act more lovingly. Living from the heart gives a totally different flavor to your relationship. More conscious, more loving.
  10. Overflowing love. In fact, you start to radiate love all over. Love flows inside out. First, it fills up your whole body. Second your aura. Thirdly the air/ space around you. And the is no limit to where your love goes. Try it and get tears in your eyes.

So we are very fond of heart meditation. Heart meditation is the core of Tantra. Tantra the path of love. A path on which you grow in love and consciousness.

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The power of the heart is enormous, powered by Online Tantra Leren

The power of the heart
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