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The power of sexual energy!

The power of sexual energy. Sexual energy is life energy.

The power of sexual energy! Well, that’s how it is.

Sex is life, sex is fertility. Sex takes care of the future. Nature is so beautiful and so complex. We cannot even start to comprehend that. Centuries of evolution have ensured programming in all cells. All human cells are sexual. All at the service of reproduction. Survival of the human race.

Consciousness (awareness) makes the difference

So far we humans do not distinguish ourselves from the animal kingdom. What makes the difference is consciousness … Awareness makes us have a choice. That we are more than our hormonal body. That sexuality is more than the fantasies in our heads. That lust can become love … We have a choice. We can live our sexuality fully, without suppressing it or without going in wild sexual orgies.

Sexual energy: don’t suppress it, don’t indulge in it.

Don’t suppress, don’t indulge!

The difference between experiencing sex and living sexual is bigger than you think. You can live without sex, but you cannot live without sexuality. Everyone has sexual energy and sexual feelings. Although not everyone wants to admit that. This is due to the (negative) imprint that sex has. Sex has been condemned over the centuries. It’s considered low, vulgar, mere lust, and sin. Sex must be repressed! That way you get blocked. You either are going to avoid sex or you might be completely into it. There is no balance! And perhaps with that, you block your sexual feelings, your sexuality. And then you also block a big chunk off your life energy!

No judgment

Can you, and do you want to hide your feelings? Condemn them? Not being happy anymore, not being sad anymore? You couldn’t do that, even if you wanted to. Your feelings belong to you, they are part of you. It’s the same with your sexual feelings. These feelings also belong to you. Your excitement, your sexual energy, it makes you flowing, alive and kicking. You have no choice other than to feel it, it’s just there. Growing in consciousness means that you don’t have to act out those feelings. Whether you give in to it or not, express it, that’s a choice. How you shape it is a choice. You can indulge your sexuality in sex, only experience the lust. But from your sexuality, you can also connect with your heart, with the power of love. And in this way, totally, experience your sexuality!

Discover your pelvic area!The power of sexual energy

Before you can connect your sexuality with your heart, it is wise to fully experience your sexuality. Connect with your sex, your pelvic area. Feel the Kundalini energy stored there, lying dormant. Activate that energy through thoughts, movement, consciousness. Immerse yourself completely in that sexual energy! Become (more) sensitive and feel your excitement. Play shamelessly with yourself and with your life energy. Let your excitement grow and grow…

The power of sexual energyCharging versus discharging

And if there is excitement, let go of the concept of discharge! Be without purpose, relax… If you only work towards quick orgasm, that peak discharge (with or without a partner), then you are missing so much magic … Charge yourself up to the point of no return, then relax! Again! Lett that sexual energy grow and expand to a powerful force! Let all the sexual energy connect to the power of love. Let your heart be filled so much that it will expand or eventually even explode and let the energy spread throughout your whole body. Relax, charge and feel alive as you never felt before. Just relax, let every cell vibrate with excitement. Relax and celebrate… You are now in a blissful state.

Feel the excitement everywhere in your body. And again, relax in it. A (peak) orgasm is so beautiful because you experience a moment of total unification here. But if you connect your energy with your heart, with your soul, then an even more beautiful connection is created!

Hours of bliss

What you experience then is a valley (body) orgasm. And that valley (body) orgasm can last for hours. There is no goal to reach, no energy spill, only activated life energy that swings around. And with or without a partner, you will also get a boost from the female and male fusion. Separation will seize to exist. You will feel ONE. One with yourself, one with your partner, one with the universe…

Lust transforms to love. And love becomes like a prayer

Lust transforms to love. And love becomes like a prayer

Then you realize that separation does not exist.
That even your partner is a door to the ultimate …
Where your inner man meets your inner woman,
Where borders fall away and all energy is connected,
There you become one with existence.


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The power of sexual energy. powered by Solana and Satori

The power of sexual energy
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