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The Power of Breathing

The Power of Breathing is a simple and great meditation to integrate into your daily life. We all breathe and when we do it more consciously and more fully we boost our life energy enormously. We breathe in oxygen and prana which gives us our power and strength in life. Oxygen powers the brain. Prana sustains life, prana IS life. So breathe! Breathe to the max and feel how you become more energetic.


Stand quietly, sit or lie down. Close your eyes (if possible). Relax your jaws, your neck muscles, your shoulders. Always keep your back straight, your chakras in one line. Keep your body still.

Conscious breathing

power of breathing = just breatheFocus your attention, your consciousness, on your breath. You don’t have to change anything, do nothing. Follow your breath, in through your nose/mouth. And out through your mouth/nose. Keep breathing for a few moments/minutes. Breath in, breath out. Follow your breath, don’t get ahead, don’t stay behind. Just observe what goes on in your body. Your belly rises, your chest expands, or both.

Breath in, breath out. Relaxed breathing. Feel how you relax, how you soften. If there is tension in your body, breathe to that place … Stretch that spot a bit extra and then just release.

Breath in, breath out. Note that your breathing will automatically slow down. You don’t have to do anything. Let your breathing become slower and deeper (4-6 times per minute).

Remain with your consciousness with your breathing. If there are thoughts – it doesn’t matter – they will pass by. Then you focus your consciousness on your breathing again. Remain with your consciousness with your breathing. When feelings/emotions come – it doesn’t matter – let them be, lovingly. Then focus your attention on your breathing again.

Feel how your body gets filled with air. Remember that there is revitalizing oxygen and prana (life energy) in this air. Let every cell of your body be touched and filled by your breath.

Breath in, breath out.

Full breathing

Make your exhalation 2-3 seconds longer, without working very hard. Push all the air out of your lungs, tighten your abdominal muscles a bit. Empty your lungs completely. When you breathe in again, your belly will jump forward of pleasure. So breathe in and out for a while.

Then also make your inhalation 2-3 seconds longer. Fill your lungs completely. At the end of the inhalation, slightly raise your shoulders. Bring your attention to your neck and to your head (3rd eye). Thus breathe in and out for a while.

Breathing up and front to back

Feel how your breath, the life energy, flows through your whole body. Your lungs fill up. Your body fills with prana. The lower part of your lungs (your lower body/abdomen). The middle part of your lungs (your torso/chest). And the upper part of your lungs (your throat/head). In full complete breathing your whole body, all your cells are touched.

And to make your breath even more complete, you can breathe “around”: front to back. While inhaling, first breathe through the front, then the side and last to the back of your lower/middle/upper part of your lungs.

Use about 1/3 of your inhalation for the lower part of your lungs. Breathe in through the front of your belly, then in/through the side of your lower body, and finally in/through your lower back.

Then use the next 1/3 of your inhalation for the middle part of your lungs (your diaphragm/chest). Breathe in through the chest, then in/through the side of your upper body, and finally between your shoulder blades.

Use the last 1/3 of your inhalation for the upper part of your lungs (your throat/head). Breathe in through your throat, then in/through the side of your neck, and finally at the back of your head. Pull your shoulders up a bit. Imagine that your neck/back is like pulled up by a piece of string, for example. And of course, also slowly exhale.

Breathe and Be

Breathe and feel how you soften. Try the full breath and feel how you get energized. Breathe and be present. Breathe and be. Feel the power of breathing. Breathing brings you peace and relaxation. Your breath is the source of all your life energy. The power of simple breathing…

Do a full conscious breath. Use your imagination. Breathe in and out. Enjoy!

Special forms of breathing

You can also do specific forms of this basic breathing. The core of all techniques is that you use your imagination. Inhale and exhale through a certain chakra. Then you can breathe in different ways, and for different purposes:

–        To ground (feet / 1st chakra).
–        More to feel / release (abdominal breathing).
–        Power breathing (solar plexus).
–        To become softer / more loving (heart chakra).
–        Feel more surrender (throat).
–        To come to beautiful insights (3rd eye).
–        To experience the divine within yourself (crown chakra).

Do the belly breathing

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The Power of Breathing

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