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Ten bedroom tips – Tips to spice up your sex life

Ten bedroom tips for you! Read them and then practice them. How difficult can that be!

1. Intimacy first

For us, it’s all about lovemaking. Sex is great, but lovemaking is better. So before sex, there is intimacy. Lovemaking is based on intimacy and love. So honor your partner, be intimate. Tell your partner how fabulous he/she is!  Get connected. Sex for making up is great, Lovemaking out of connection is even better.

2. Foreplay is half the fun

Forget the bedroom. Forget that “special” moment. Lovemaking is all day! Whatever you do, make love. Make love with the world, make love with your partner!. Envision this. Make love now! Envision tonight! Your next encounter will be the greatest ever! Look forward to it, daydream about it.

ten bedroom tips3. Why in the bedroom?

Think out the box. Why in the bedroom. There are so many places where you can make love. Be creative. Break the routine and surprise yourself and/or your partner. Take a risk, play out a fantasy or whatever you can think of. Create your own movie!

4. Be Present

Lovemaking knows no conditions. Love is unconditional. Having said this, we also say that it is essential that you are present during lovemaking. If you’re tired and want to sleep, you’re not present. Wake up or don’t have sex. If you’re wired and thinking about (the job to be done) tomorrow, you’re not present. Get your act together and know where your priorities lie.

5. Know what your partner likes / what arouses him/her

Most people are only concerned with themselves. But do you know what your partner needs/wants? What arouses him/her? Find the erogenous spots. Find out what arouses you, find out what arouses your partner. Don’t think about it, find out. Let your bodies/senses talk, learning by doing.

Ten bedroom tips

6. Have fun together – Enjoy Lovemaking

Life is meant to live happily (isn’t it?). Go for happiness. Go for happiness in the bedroom. Have fun together. Don’t be so serious. Even when you really want a baby, forget the aim, enjoy the ride. Have fun and find out what makes you laugh. Fall out of bed and laugh about it. Smile more…

7. Empower your partner – Fatal attraction

Lovemaking has everything to do with the attraction between the male and the female energy. So whatever your situation is – empower the sexual essence of your partner. Make sure that there is polarity. So create this powerful penetrating male energy (in you/your partner). Create this gorgeous embracing female energy (in you/your partner). Create voltage, sparkling energy fields.

8. Slow down – take time

Average lovemaking takes about 11 minutes. What!!! Yep, world average… Last longer, slow down. Take some time to be together. Take time to cuddle, to touch, for just being together. Slow down and forget the pace of the outside world. Relax and adjust to the lovemaking pace and rhythm

9. Play with energy – Swing of Fire

Lovemaking isn’t all about doing/friction. Being together for one is important. The way and quality of being together. Next, is playing with energy. Playing with love energy, playing with sexual energy. Did you know that you can actually “move” sexual energy? That energy can also penetrate! Male energy penetrates, female energy embraces. So play with it. Do the Swing of Fire…

10. Get wild once in a while

We are so nicely conditioned. The wild beast in us is long gone. Even worse we fight the beast in us. But we are animals, we have instinct. Sex is also a biological urge. Survival of the fittest. So why not show that raw side of you? Take your woman! If you do this with/out of love, a lot is possible. You certainly will meet the wild side of your partner too. Enjoy!

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ten bedroom tips - Tantric sex explained

Ten bedroom tips, powered by Solana and Satori

Ten bedroom tips – Tips to spice up your sex life.
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    9 May 2018 at 16:18

    I like how you said to be present and creative. My wife and I will have to try these. I appreciate the tips for the bedroom.


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