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Last longer in bed – simple exercises.

Tantric sex tips… Did you know that an average sex act lasts only 11 minutes? This is including foreplay and afterglow. Most man ejaculate after 3-5 minutes of intercourse. Wow, not so good! Our focus is not to perform better in bed, to be a stud, or having a work out for 2 hours!! No, our focus is to last longer in bed. To have a longer happy (blissful) encounter with your partner, to enjoy longer, to enjoy more. And also to give your woman the (opportunity of the) pleasure of orgasm. End even orgasm is NOT a goal. We go for pleasure, we go for happiness, we go for Bliss. We go for the tantric way, we go for tantric sex. Read the tips below.

Tantric sex tips - breathTip number 1: Slow down

What would happen is you slow down a little. Well, you last longer.


Tip number 2: Forget orgasm

What would happen if your aim is not to quickly climax, but to enjoy some time together?

Tantric sex tips number 3: Take a shower first

No hurries, no worries. Take a shower together first. Maybe even with a striptease up front. Then use lots of soap to “clean”. Have fun, don’t climax.

Tip number 4: Spooning

A nice way to last longer and get a surprising result is 10 minutes of spooning. Just lie down in spoon position and do nothing. Let your bodies talk. Sexual energy will be activated (or not). Don’t talk, don’t do anything and let the (energy) movement that starts go on its own accord.

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Tantric sex tips

Tantric sex tips - touchTip number 5: Take turns – touch & massage

Intimacy and sexuality are twins. So be intimate and touch. Be loving and touch. Be sexual and touch. Arouse your partner for 15 minutes and take turns. Use all your senses…

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Tantric sex tips - SoE toolsTip number 6: Play with your SoE tools

To become multi-orgasmic you have to master working with your SoE tools. SoE stands for the State of Excitement. So first you have to get (and stay) conscious of your State of Excitement (Arousal however you want to call it). Then you can play with it. Move slower and you SoE will go down. Breathe slower and deeper ditto. What happens when you pull your PC-muscle?

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Tantric sex tips number 7: Have a long kiss

Kissing is an art! Have a long KISS together. Learn how to kiss. Slow, fast, hard, soft, barely moving, passionate. Wow, so much you can put in a kiss. Play with it and last longer.

Tantric sex tips

Tip number 8: Take turns – on top and active

Most of the time men play the active part and are on top. Great, but you can turn the table. Enjoying to be more passive, not able to set the pace or direct the movement. Take turns. Play with it. You can also reverse gender roles. Do some poses that are new!

Tip number 9: Don’t ejaculate

Central in tantra sex is simply said: charge, don’t discharge. Men and women can ejaculate. Luckily for women that don’t lose as much energy with it as men do. If you ejaculate too soon (after 45 minutes it’s different) you lose a lot of energy. Your head interferes too. So then it’s over and out. Turn and sleep. So use your SoE tools, especially train your PC muscle and prevent ejaculation. Become a multi-orgasmic person.

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Tantric sex tipsTantric sex tips number 10: Do Heart Circling meditation

When excitement is high, most people tend to look for discharge. In fact, the whole sex games sometimes seem to be one big discharge of stress. If sexual energy pressure in your loin is too much, disperse it through your whole body. Let all your cell enjoy this aliveness, the vibration of lust. Do a (short) Heart Circling meditation together. You can do this anytime, alone or together. Even if you are penetrating.

Tip number 11: Nipple worship

Tantra is all about devotion. Devotion to your partner. See the divine in your partner. See the divine in his/her body. You can worship the yoni/lingam, you can also worship the nipples. Greet them, clean them, caress them, suck them, worship them as much as you can.

Tip number 12: Play with energy

In tantra, there are lots of energy games. Play with that energy and last longer. We invite you to play with that energy and enjoy more. Play with your sexual energy and forget the rest. Do the Swing of Fire.

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