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Tantric relationships

Tantric relationships are great! In this key article, we would like to tell you everything you want to know. We have 20 years of experience to share with you! Because of the many aspects of a tantric partnership, we made different sections for you to explore. Look at the table of content, follow the links, and go directly to your subjects of preference. After you finish reading, start to meditate. If you like even more insights ánd the joy of guided meditations, we invite you to do our e-Courses.

1. Explaining Tantric Relationships

Key elements – more on tantric intimacy

  • What is a tantric relationship? – key elements of a tantric loving relationship.
  • What differs a tantric relationship from a “normal” relationship?
  • What makes a great relationship? 9 key factors of a romantic relationship.
  • 8 steps to relate differently – take some love advice.

What is a Tantric relationship?

Tantra explained - what is a tantric relationshipGrowing in Love and Consciousness

Tantra is all about growing in Love and Consciousness, and a tantric relationship reflects that. Tantric partners are committed to being as conscious as possible. They help each other, whether it is with conscious breathing or conscious sex. In a “normal” relationship you see a lot of unconscious projection on the partner. Projections of fears, of old pain or suppressed emotions. In tantric relations, this form of mirroring is recognized and is instead the start of personal growth.

Accepting and enjoying the differences

Instead of judgment, there is acceptance of what is different in men and women, and between the two of you. Polarity in energies is used to merge into oneness. Tantric partners go on a spiritual journey. And of course, tantric sex is part of that journey. A journey to enjoy, and heal what is needed to be healed.

Read more about relationships and tantric practices.

What differs a tantric relationship from a “normal” relationship?

We don’t say that a normal relationship can’t be tantric. I mean… what’s in a name? A lot of people have a good relationship which they consider “normal”. So, please don’t take the title too literally. We are merely trying to point out some major differences.

The main points

  1. A conscious decision is made for/to grow in Love and Consciousness.
  2. It is a balanced sexual relationship. Though partners are equal, there is sexual polarity, a vibrant sexual spark.
  3. Tantric partners spent plenty of quálity time together.
  4. Tantric love meditation has a high priority.
  5. In this type of relationship, there is an open attitude and (a high degree of) honesty.
  6. A tantric relationship involves great (and long-lasting) lovemaking. Partners extend their sex life with tantric sex.
  7. Tantric meditations deeply deepen intimacy – the ultimate goal is to merge into oneness.
  8. There is more in life than pleasure. Tantric relationships go from pleasure to happiness and bliss.

Read more in What makes a tantric relationship different?

What makes a great relationship. 9 key factors of a romantic relationship

By now, you know that Love and Consciousness are key factors in a tantric relationship. No news so far! However, practicing this is something different. Practice love! Focus on awareness in your daily life. If you can agree on that you’re halfway. Having a safe haven is also very important. It’s of major importance to feel safe. To have a place where you can be small, vulnerable, and cherished. To know that whatever happens, it’s okay and/or it will be okay. Trust in life, and trust in your partner is a major relationship test.

Another relationship test is: dealing with differences. Men come from Mars, women from Venus. Really accepting and learning from the differences contributes greatly to a healthy relationship. You don’t want your partner to be a “clone” of yourself.

It’s the differences that create the attraction. It’s the sexual polarity that creates the sexy spark. So cherish (and boost) the sexual energy and vibration between the two of you. Learn from your partner, see and integrate all those (opposite) qualities. Open up your full potential, and encourage your partner to do the same. Learn and stay fresh. Play and wake up your senses. Stay away from the routine.

Last but not least we want to emphasize the willingness to go beyond your limited self (ego). If you ever were in love, then you know that you can disappear into a timeless space, merging together. See your partner as a divine being, release each other and connect at the deepest level of intimacy that is ever possible.

Read all about it in “What makes a good relationship”

8 steps to relate differently – take some love advice

We invite you to take the 8 steps that will change your relationship forever. Maybe the old ways of classic relating are over, maybe not. Certainly, the days of co-dependency are over. But when you live an independent life, you will often miss the sexy spark in your relationship. So it’s time to start with a tantric partnership. We think that modern relationships are greatly benefited by these 8 steps. Take some love advice: start to relate differently.

Ways to relate differently – 8 steps to take

  1. Take responsibility for your own happiness.
  2. Accept yourself – just as you are. Self-love is the key to healthy relationships.
  3. Trust: everything happens for a reason, and is a trigger to grow.
  4. Live in love and be aware. Learn from your partner.
  5. Bring the warmth, that sexy spark back in your relationship. Routine kills…
  6. Look differently, look fresh. Forget everything you know.
  7. Be in the moment. Live today, no, not yesterday, not tomorrow.
  8. Give responses instead of activating standard reaction patterns.

Read the whole article Ways to relate differently – 8 steps to take

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2. How to build a romantic partnership

  • Tantra for beginners.
  • How to start a tantric relationship.
  • Closer together in 5 minutes – (re)connect with your partner in a simple way.
  • 10 tantric practices for a fabulous relationship.
  • Tantric couples courses – online tantra can boost your relationship fast.

Tantra for beginners

Before you can start a tantric relationship it’s evident that you first start with tantra yourself. For a partnership to work it’s important that you can be and stand on your own. So we invite you to learn the principles of Tantra. The 2 most important keys in tantra are ‘Love’ and ‘Consciousness’. No tantric relationship without “real” love and awareness is also quite central. If you are new to tantra we recommend to read the article “tantra for beginners” or to start with the key article tantra explained.

How to start a tantric relationship?

How to start a Tantric RelationshipWell, maybe you can’t dó it, maybe a tantric relationship is something that evolves on its own. That said, there are many things that you might consider. It all starts with you! If you are on the tantric path you know that it’s all about yóu growing into more love and more consciousness.

So the first thing is that you and your partner opt for a tantric lifestyle. This might take some preparation. You will have to do some soul-searching. ‘Do I really want this?’ It’s not that you have to give up the good life, but it has consequences. So be ready, be available for a tantric partnership.

Together, commit to tantra, to a tantric way of relating. Start being more aware, being more loving. Start meditating, start with “simple” meditations. You could do some conscious breathing, a simple heart meditation or train your body-awareness. Of course, you also will enjoy couples meditation. Check out the (15!) couples meditations we offer. Once you start your tantric journey and once you liking it… your relationship will grow.

‘Closer together in 5 minutes’ – a simple meditation to (re)connect with your partner

to restore the connection/communication with your partner (regularly tested with Solana).

It is smart to explain this meditation to each other when everything is (still) okay between you. If it’s not okay between you, then take your partner to a quiet place. Sit together on the couch, on your bed. Or in nature, if that’s possible.

BE-ING together

Take 5 minutes time. Make sure you won’t be disturbed. Sit together and hold hands, or connect your bodies otherwise. Look (lovingly) at each other, preferably in the eyes. That’s all you have to do. You don’t have to talk. Just look at and touch each other. It’s okay if you think something unpleasant, but there is no need to speak out. No need to do ánything.

Just 5 minutes

5 minutes, it seems short, but can also be very long. If possible, once in a while try to smile (at your partner), the rest will come naturally. After some time you should feel a change between you. Be aware of that and let be what comes up. If it doesn’t work immediately, try it one more time. And of course, you can combine this with other meditations.

10 tantric practices for a fabulous relationship

We present you 10 tantric practices for a fulfilled relationship. On a daily basis, you can practice them and integrate them into your system. You will remember them and your body and mind won’t regret it…

  1. Be Present.
  2. Listen consciously.
  3. Empower your partner.
  4. Let your bodies talk.
  5. Have fun together.
  6. Be loving and know what your partner needs.
  7. Tell your partner how fabulous he/she is.
  8. Tell others how fabulous your partner is.
  9. Take time to touch.
  10. Honor your differences.

Read the whole article 10 tantric practices for a fabulous relationship

Tantric couples courses

Tantric couples courses

Of course we also want to support you with our online courses, such as:



More about Tantric couples courses,

online tantra can boost your relationship very fast.

e-Course Tantric sex explained

e-Course Deepening your Relationship

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3. Best relationship tip ever

Acknowledge her feeling.

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4. Closer together – 12 ways to more intimacy

Revive or deepen the intimacy with your partner

Some tantric ways to do this are:

  • Understanding intimacy in your relationship. Relationship compatibility.
  • Look Lovingly – guided meditation (30 min) for more intimacy.
  • 12 ways to get closer together
  • 10 insights on spooning.
  • Tantric intimacy courses: self-love, inner peace, loving connections.

Understanding intimacy in your relationship

More intimacy in your relationshipWhether you want it or not … relationships play an important role in human life. There are all sorts of relationships: from family relationships through business relations to THE relationship.

In this article, we would like to discuss aspects that concern the lover’s relationship. To bring insights that can help you deepen that relationship. Because, to be honest, don’t we all have the desire to merge with that perfect lover? A desire for connection, a desire for deep intimacy? Understand the areas where intimacy takes place. Find out how you can deepen intimacy in your existing relationship.

How to get closer to the lover you have …

‘Look Lovingly’ – a guided meditation (30 min) for more intimacy

Not just insight but also meditation is a great way to deepen your relationship. We offer you a beautiful (guided) meditation, a heart meditation, which is great to do with your tantric partner (to be).

Sit – comfortably –  facing each other, at a little distance. Quite near, but without touching each other. Do yourself and each other a favor and be quiet during the meditation. ‘Look Lovingly’ starts with an individual heart meditation. After some time you open your eyes and look lovingly at your partner. When both of you have your eyes open, you synchronize your breathing. Keep looking lovingly. Stay tuned… And then? Surprise….

Make sure that you have 30 minutes together, undisturbed. It’s great if – at the end of the meditation- you can lie down comfortably together.

12 ways to get closer together

Closer TogetherEvery couple knows it: there are moments of intense togetherness and there are moments of being alone. If you are together (too) long, you want to be alone. If you are alone (too) long, then you are looking for company.

In our view, this is a very natural swinging movement, a movement that is an element of the world of duality. Only by unmasking, breaking down, losing and passing through the illusion of duality, will this swinging movement stop. And then…. you live in unity again, in the wholeness, we are all looking for.

If we are past this illusion, then  “together” is the same as “alone”. Then all parting is eliminated. Yeah, right, but it isn’t that far yet. But you are on the way … And on that road, at any moment in this swinging movement, love and awareness can help you find the way to the middle, the way to unity. In the article, there are 12 specific actions that helped us and can help you.

Read more about the 12 ways to get Closer Together

Spooning: 10 insights on spooning

Spooning is a classic hugging posture in which two people are lying side by side, face the same way. The person lying cherishes the person in front completely. This gives a wonderful safe, protected, intimate feeling. Read all about the great benefits.

10 insights on spooning

Tantric intimacy courses

There are so many ways to deepen intimacy. In our course we let you enjoy our guided meditations. Just lay back and relax. Alone or with your partner. Let our guidance help you to find that intimacy that you are so much looking for.

e-Course Deepening your Relationship

e-Course Intimacy starts with YOU !

Living with an Open Heart

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5. What is a twin flame relationship?

  • The lessons of the meeting with your twin flame/soulmate
  • Letting go isn’t easy.
  • Twin flames: how to deal with this as an (ex) partner.

The lessons of the meeting with your twin flame

Tantric relationships- twin flamesTwin flame meetings are full of both pleasure and pain. There is heaven and there is hell. Relationships are made and shattered. So what’s it all about? Why do we meet our twin flame?

Well, there are lessons to be learned. First of all, you have to recognize that it’s a great gift that you received. Not everybody has looked love right in the eye.

Not everybody knows what real love is from own experience. Such a deep intimate connection! And the bliss of love, the feeling of homecoming, is all yours. Once you tasted it you’re hooked. Most of the time, however, you learn the hard way that you don’t need your twin flame to feel this deep and fulfilling (self) love.

You learn to stop projecting and to take responsibility for your own happiness. The pain is also yours and makes you realize: my mind is a troublemaker. Then you can choose your heart over your mind and start living with an open heart. You can stay open, yet centered in your own being. Deeply connected AND totally free. In touch with your truth, never compromise on that again. So many lessons to learn…

The lessons of the meeting with your twin flame.

Letting go isn’t easy

You meet someone and lightning strikes. Or you have known each other for a while and suddenly something beautiful grows. Your heart beats faster … And then, without hearing a warning, the separation is there. Your twin soul, the man or woman that you love so dearly, disappears from your life. You don’t know how to deal with this…

Go to your heart and feel the peace. Breathe deeply in and out, go to your heart and relax. And you can go to your heart and make your love FULL. Fill your heart with love. Instead of wanting to take, being needy, you start giving, you start flowing. No, it isn’t easy, but there are more (tantric) ways to do this.

Letting go isn’t easy.

Twin flames: how to deal with this as an (ex) partner

Twin flames - ouchh it hurtsIf your partner is meeting his/her twin flame probably your world is put upside down. Everything is changing. You are in survival mode and it’s good to know that.

Keep on functioning! You don’t have to understand it. Process the shock, feel the pain. Sharpen your consciousness and practice self-love. Stay as open as you can and share your feelings. Invite your partner to do the same. Stay connected as much as possible.

Don’t be a victim but also guard your boundaries. Not all your partner does (or doesn’t do anymore) is acceptable. Sharpen the awareness of your partner too: actions do have consequences. Take care of yourself, take care of your family.

And in these hard times, please seek support. Your partner isn’t really there for you but others are. Reach out and ask for support. And please… don’t make hasty decisions! Take some time to create a new perspective on the future. Find your truth, create your own happiness.

Twin flames: how to deal with this as an (ex) partner.

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6. Relationships advise & tips

– what every partner should know:

  • What women like or even need.
  • 10 tips for more intimacy in your life – relationship.
  • 10 tantric practices for a fabulous relationship.

What women like or even need

What women like or even need is arbitrary. Well, maybe this article is not 100% complete or even 100% true but I learned these things in my life. You win some, you lose some. Women are a different species. Women come from Venus, men come from Mars. Take your pick from the list in this article and practice. And you will forget it again, but then… you’ll suffer and have to take the consequences. So read very carefully and remember…

What women like to see in a man

10 tips for more intimacy in your life – relationship

Intimacy is a feeling, an awareness, a sense of openness, recognition, a sense of connection with yourself and/or a match with one or more persons.

It’s a great feeling, so who wouldn’t like to have this feeling more often? 10 tips for more intimacy: hug yourselfThat’s why we share some tantric tips to improve the amount of intimacy in your life. It all starts with you! Can you look in the mirror? Love yourself? Be happy with yourself?

We are all looking for connection but sometimes we aren’t ready for and open to intimacy. But when you are trapped in the roles (masks) your playing, who can see the real you?

So open up, dare to show yourself. Remove barriers to intimacy. Close your eyes and think of what is holding you back. And then remove these barriers. Simple as that.

Cuddling is healthy. Research has shown that. Cuddling is also very good for intimacy. So hug more! Touch each other as much as possible. The happiness hormone Oxytocin is produced by contact, touch. You will feel glad and happy.

Happy people also like the explore the world, so start exploring again. Look fresh. Really look at people and give your positive feedback. That creates miracles. Speak from the heart, that’s always good and touches others in the same longing. We’re all looking for connection.


Open yourself … The more (more honestly) you show yourself, the deeper the intimacy will be. Can you reveal your secrets? Share what is difficult for you? Sharing is delicious, sharing frees! Don’t lock your life, but speak out. Let people know what you think/feel /want.

Focus on quality time: focus on being intimate together. There’s more than work, the children, the household, our hobbies. Make sure you have some quality time! Live your dreams (together).

10 tips for more intimacy in your life – relationship

Relationship dip: 9 things to do if you are in a relationship dip

Relationship dip - 9 things to do

Relationship dip. What to do? We share 9 simple, effective exercises and things you can do to restore and bring back (more) intimacy in your relationship. Choose what fits you and try them today!

  1. Honor your differences.
  2. Release
  3. Look at..

Relationship dip: 9 things to do to restore your relationship.

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7. Tantric exercises to build intimacy

Enjoy Tantric meditation

  • Enjoy tantra practices in your own home.
  • Couples meditation – 15 practical exercises.
  • Intimacy exercise “meeting your partner”.

Tantra lessons online

Enjoy tantra practices in your own home – learn tantra

Are you looking for tantra lessons online? Well, then you’re at the right place. Online tantra provides you with plenty of tantra lessons. We have free meditations and intensive e-Courses. We work with themes so you can choose the course that suits you. There are e-Courses on intimacy, sexuality, love, and relationships. Via the menu or the product overview page, you can see what we have in store for you.

These tantric exercises you can do at home, even now

  • Conscious breathing >> Take a Breather now.
  • Remember direct sensing>> Eat or drink something very consciously.
  • Boost your sexual energy >> Move your pelvis.
  • Enjoy heart meditation >> Do a free guided heart meditation.

Read more about these exercises in Tantra lessons online.

Couples meditation

Couples meditation for beginners

Practical tantric exercises

Couples meditation are great to improve your relationship. It’s a great way to reach a whole new level of intimacy and understanding. 15 practical exercises/meditations you can do to deepen the intimacy with your partner. Couples meditation for beginners – advanced – expert exercises – for Free!

Read more about couples meditation

Intimacy exercise “Meeting your partner”

Follow the guidelines for this exercise and have a wonderful meeting with your partner. Simple, yet very powerful ánd loving. Discover the joy of meeting each other:


Imagine… You are together. You look and see your partner. And your partner looks and sees you. You look without needing anything, without wanting to change anything. Your mouth is slightly open, your jaws relaxed. Your partner looks at you. You look at each other in the eye. You feel seen, a deep sense of acceptance comes down…


Gradually you relax together. This feels wonderful. For a moment there is nothing to do, nothing to achieve. There is no rush. You feel space created, waves of energy through your body. It is good, you observe it all relaxed.

Perhaps there will also be emotions (resistance, anger, sadness). But you know deep down that the cause of that lies in the privation. You have longed for this for so long, you have missed it so much … Yes, you relax even more and let your breath flow freely.

Breathing love

You breathe in and your heart flows full of love. Slowly you become loving. Love for yourself, you can be there completely. You’re okay. You feel the joy coming up, this intense joy. Love for yourself, love for your partner. You become love. You become so soft that it looks like you are melting. Pure energy. You flow out naturally, you flow together with your partner. Each exhalation brings you closer. You receive warmth, love energy on every inhalation.

Magical circle

A wonderful flow of giving and receiving. A soft, warm bubble of wonderful love energy. You gradually disappear completely into it. One with yourself, one with each other, one with the world. Life is good. Life is beautiful. Love rules. You are…

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8. Understand the differences

  • Conscious Tantric relationships.
  • Understand and accept differences.
  • How to deal with jealousy. 10 tantric tips to overcome jealousy.
  • How to say no without drama.

Conscious Tantric relationships

Growing in consciousness is important in a tantric relationship. Awareness of what is happening. Happening in the world, happening in the interaction with your partner. But foremost awareness of what is happening within YOU!

Your partner is the greatest mirror in your life. By looking into this mirror you can see who you are. You can discover all your (reaction) patterns, the totality of your conditioning.

Being conscious isn’t always fun. It takes courage to focus on and train it. You watch your thoughts, you watch your feelings. You start to be aware of your actions. “Looking” at life, all interactions and yourself is a big part of conscious tantric relationships. Once you can see it, then you can put love into action. Whatever there is (thoughts/feelings/actions) there’s no judgment but only the loving intention to make it even more loving. Think lovingly, talk lovingly, look lovingly, act lovingly.

Put loving awareness on:

  • Differences between the two of you.
  • Feelings of jealousy.
  • Resolving conflicts.

Understand and accept differences

understand and accept differences in your tantric relationshipsMen and women are different

Women come from Venus, men from Mars. Just because we’re different, (communication) issues arise. Because we observe everything from our male or female (energy) perspective sometimes it seems that your partner has gone totally mad.

Of course, in the early stages of being in love, we don’t see the differences so clearly. However, sooner or later the differences – in terms of irritation points – become more apparent.

The tendency (your conditioning) is to judge and condemn. There is also a strong tendency to (try to) reshape your partner to the image if your ideal partner. But it doesn’t work that way! You can’t change your partner! You can only change the way you deal with the situation.

Understand and accept differences in your relationship

How to deal with jealousy – 10 tantric tips to overcome jealousy

Understanding jealousy is important. Jealousy is a natural phenomenon. Too much, too little, then trouble starts. There are ways to deal with (too much) jealousy. Since jealousy has a lot to do with self-esteem, putting awareness on this very important.

Boost your self-esteem and jealousy will be a lesser problem. If you live from your heart, giving unconditional is also easier. There’s no shortage of love in your heart. There’s even no shortage in life! There’s abundance. So relax and accept that life is uncertain sometimes. You can” t control everything.

Dealing with jealousy becomes easier if you start to communicate more open and honest. Just take responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings, and actions. Dare to share them. And show dedication to your partner.

Stop bargaining and practice love. Accept his/her choices. Relationships are built on trust, so have some faith in life. It ís okay and it will bé always okay, whatever happens. Remember: ‘happiness happens when you fit with your life’. So if you’re not happy, change. Changes your mind, your patterns, change your job, your home, your environment, even your partner if you have to.

How to deal with jealousy.

Read about the 10 tantric tips to overcome jealousy.

How to say no without drama

How to say no without drama. When people meet two worlds come together. Those worlds are not always aligned with each other. Discovering the world, discovering your (future) partner makes you push limits, exploring possibilities. It happens however that you then cross boundaries that are not to be crossed. The other feels intruded or even abused. It’s more or less a (negative) vicious circle, frustration can set in. So how to say no without drama? How to say no in time?

How to say no without drama

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9. Tantric love, touch, and massage

  • What is tantric love…
  • Why we love the tantric touch so much.
  • What is tantric massage.

What is tantric love…

The question is really funny, even weird. Who doesn’t know what love is?

Osho says: you cannot understand love. If there is love, you just feel that there is love, there are no words or thoughts or needs.

Still, I want to write about it. “daily use” of the word or the concept of love you will notice that there are given many different interpretations. A distinction is made in “types” of love: maternal love, love of a good friend, the love of lovers, love with a capital letter L, just to name a few.

Read more about tantric love

Why we love the tantric touch so much

a Tantric Relationship makes you happyThere are several ways to touch someone. It can be functional as doctors do. It can be lustful like someone does who is highly sexual and full of lust/desire to “get” something (out of you!).

A tantric touch, on the contrary, is a loving touch. Simple, a touch with and out of love. A touch from the heart, a giving touch, love itself. That way you don’t make your partner into an object of science or lust, but you make a real connection. Preferably a heart to heart connection from both of you, but at least your side of that connection is from the heart. And when you’re touched with the tantric touch, you feel loved! A great feeling…

Learn all about the other reasons why we love the tantric touch so much.

What is tantric massage?

We explain this in a series of four articles. Explanation, tantra massage basics, tips, massage tantra techniques, you can read all about it there. Also about tantra massage for couples, to practice. The tantric massage that makes couples happy. Enjoy together.

What is tantric massage?

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10. Communication in relationships

THE Key factor in great relationships

  • The art of listening.
  • 5-minute check-in.
  • Inquiry. Download the pdf on how to do an inquiry.
  • Sharing – a great way to grow.

The art of listening – start listening to each other

How to become a better listener? Good listening contributes to a better relationship. In this article, we present you 15 tips to become a better listener… The secret of a great conversation is to listen. Show that you think the other person is important. Listen with your heart.

How to become a better listener

Duo meditation 5-minute check-in – a great way to communicate

Duo meditation 5-minute check-in. In just 5 minutes you can clear your mind and get more intimate with your partner. Just finish and leave behind your day.

Duo meditation 5-minute check-in

What is an inquiry?

An inquiry offers a great opportunity to share your feelings with your partner, without being interrupted. Sharing brings release, relaxation and understanding between you both. Download the pdf on how to do an inquiry.

Inquiry explained

Sharing – a great way to grow – learn all about it

Tantric relationships: What is sharingSharing is a specific tantric way to communicate. Sometimes tension and irritation build up. Deep differences between men and women also create potential friction.

When a wall builds up, it’s time to do something about it. Of course, you can talk about it but – most of the time – ego/mind comes in and you end up in a fight (of words).

Sharing is a technique that allows you to speak up without interruption. More important: you can speak out without being judged.

Learn all how sharing can save your relationship.

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11. Learn tantric sex

Lovemaking for couples. Love, sex, and relationships

  • Tantric sex explained, to fastest way to tantric lovemaking.
  • Tantric sexuality courses: your sex life will never be the same.
  • When you are not in the mood for sex.
  • Did you ever try Tantra yoga?

Tantric sex explained

Tantra has a magical appeal. Ask people on the street what tantra is and 9 out of 10 will link tantra with sex. So a tantric relationship is also all about sex. Tantric partners go to sex parties and fuck around all the time… Yeah, well, that’s just not true.

Sure, tantra has an effect on your sex life but it isn’t all about indulgence in sex. In fact, sex is only a small part of tantric relationships. Why? Well, because it’s not about sex anymore (or less in any case); it’s all about lovemaking.  It’s about merging male and female energies into the space of oneness. The ecstasy of disappearing in time and space.

Read more about Tantric sex

When you are not in the mood for sex

When you are not in the mood for sexIf your partner wants sex, and you are not in the mood for sex? You just say no? What if your partner actually is looking for connection? What if your own “issues” are in the way of a loving encounter?

In this article the feminine view on saying NO to your partner, and on the options you have.

When you are not in the mood for sex


Did you ever try Tantra yoga?

Tantra yoga is lovemaking, play, kiss, move and enjoy it…

Tantra yoga is more than sex… Most people think about sex when talking about tantra or tantra yoga. However, for us, tantra is much more, so much more than sex. See our key article on tantra: See the key article on tantra: Tantra explained or the article What is tantra.

Tantric technique of expansion

Tantra is all about techniques (tan) of expansion (tra). Tantra yoga is a technique, a tantric practice that uses (condemned) sex positions and body movements to activate life energy. When you grow in your life energy, and at the same time you stay totally relaxed in that energy, you reach a state of awareness that is beyond the physical plane. If you bring your sexual energy up to your heart and to the higher chakra’s, you can “disappear” in a magnificent, loving, divine world.

Read more about Tantra yoga

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12. Top 10 relationship issues and how to solve them

Part 1 describes the 10 most common relationship issues in summary. What are they? What’s the issue?

Part 2 has to do with how to solve the issues. Still, this is in summary. If you want to know the whole story, please read the article.

Read the whole article to get the full information.

Top 10 relationship issues and how to solve them

13. What Buddhism says about soul mates

Read also: What is tantric love

Join us, and learn more about tantric relationships

Read more

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Tantric relationships – read all about it

Hi, my name is Satori. You could say that I am enjoying life very much. Always looking at the bright side. My passion and lifestyle is tantra. Tantra is in my life for more than 20 years now. My wife and I fully enjoy it. We gave tantric workshops for many years. Now retired, but we have online tantra websites (ENG/NL). See or .NL

2 thoughts on “Tantric relationships – read all about it

  • blank
    12 February 2018 at 02:02

    Hi! I’m at work surfing around your blog from my new iphone
    3gs! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts!
    Keep up the great work!

  • blank
    9 February 2018 at 11:13

    Yes acceptance is a choice and a hard one most definitely. This is very important in every relationship and that is acceptance.There are two ways to get out of a problem first is accept what’s happening and see the positive and choose a peaceful state of mind and second fight against it be miserable and struggle against the universe. There are a lot of things we fail to accept like rejection. Because the concept of acceptance is easier came across a girl with an eyesight problem and how she faced rejection with her marriage proposals because of it.


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