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Tantric relationships are great! A tantric relationship is a relationship based on love and consciousness and is possible for every couple! In this key article, we explain what a tantric relationship is all about: the key elements of a loving tantric relationship. Tantric practices, tantric touch, tantric sex… you find it here. You can enjoy (free) Lovers meditation. So check it out.

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What is a Tantric relationship?

Tantra explained - what is a tantric relationshipTantra is all about growing in Love and Consciousness so a tantric relationship reflects that. Tantric partners are committed to being as conscious as can be. They help each other with this. From conscious breathing to conscious sex. In “normal” relationship you see a lot of unconscious projection of fears, old pain and suppressed emotions on the partner. In tantric relations, this mirroring recognized and the start of personal growth.

Accepting the differences

Instead of judgment, there is acceptance of what is so different in men and women. Polarity in energies is also used to merge into oneness. Tantric partners are on a spiritual journey. And of course, tantric sex is part of that journey. A journey to enjoy and heal what is needed to heal.

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10 tantric practices for a fabulous relationshipTantric relationships

10 tantric practices for a fabulous relationship

Tantra is full of special practices and rituals. In this article, we describe some special lovers meditations but there are also simple practices that you can do.

10 tantric practices for a fabulous relationship
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There’s love and Love

– which makes a big difference – Tantric Love

There's love and LoveThe word love has a thousand meanings in daily life. Relationships are usually based on a kind of love that is fairly conditional. You love somebody because he/she is/acts within the scope of your expectations and needs. You feel love and you feel loved if your partner is doing the right things. The feeling of love arises in you because of what’s happening in the world.

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Why we love the tantric touch so much

a Tantric Relationship makes you happyThere are several ways that you can touch someone. It can be functional like doctors do. It can be lustful like someone does who is highly sexual and full of lust/desire to “get” something (out of you!). A tantric touch, on the contrary, is a loving touch. Simple, a touch with and out of love. A touch from the heart, a giving touch, love itself. That way you don’t make your partner to an object of science or lust, but you make a real connection. Preferably a heart to heart connection, but at least your side of that connection is from the heart. And when you’re touched with the tantric touch, you feel loved! A great feeling…

Learn all about the other reasons why we love the tantric touch so much
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Sharing – a great way to grow

Tantric relationships: What is sharingSharing is a specific tantric way to communicate. Sometimes tension and irritation build up. Deeper differences between men and women also create potential friction. When a wall builds up, it’s time to do something about it. Of course, you can talk about it but most of the time ego – mind come in and you end up in a fight (of words). Sharing is a technique that allows you to speak up without interruption. More important you can speak up without being judged.

Learn all how sharing can save your relationship
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Tantric Relationships and tantric sex

Tantra explained - tantric sex explainedTantra has a magical appeal. Ask people on the street what tantra is and 9 out of 10 will link tantra with sex. So a tantric relationship is also all about sex. Tantric partners go to sex parties and fuck around all the time… Yeah, well, that’s just not true. Surely tantra has an effect on your sex life but it isn’t all about indulgence in sex. In fact, sex is only a small part of tantric relationships. Why, well, because sex is no more (at least less), it’s all about lovemaking.  It’s about merging male and female energies together into the space of oneness. The ecstasy of disappearing in time and space.

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Tantric relationships

Understand and accept differences

understand and accept differences in your tantric relationshipsMen and women are different

Women come from Venus, men from Mars. Just because we’re different, (communication) issues arise. Because we observe everything from our male or female (energy) perspective sometimes it seems that your partner has gone totally mad. Of course in the early stages of being in love, we don’t see the differences so clearly. However sooner or later the differences – in terms of irritation points – become more apparent. The tendency (your conditioning) then is to judge and condemn. The tendency is also strong to try to reshape your partner to your ideal partner image. But it doesn’t work that way! You can’t change your partner! You can only change the way you deal with the situation.

Understand and accept differences in your relationship
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Tantric Relationship tipsTantric relationships – 9 tips

We like to present you 9 simple tantra tips to reinvigorate your relationship. Even when your relationship is superb they still are valid and the work. There are three basic areas to work with:

  • Take care of yourself
  • Take care of your partner
  • Focus on togetherness

Well, maybe this is already enough to get your imagination going. Surely you are able to find ways to enliven your relationship. Get inspired by the 9 tips in the article.

9 Tantric tips to reinvigorate your relationship
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Tantric relationships

– 7 Lovers / couples meditations explained

7 Lovers - couples meditation explainedThe magical number of seven. We explained 7 Heart meditations, 7 Kundalini meditations and now we explain 7 Lovers meditation. Generally speaking, all tantric meditations are lovers meditations. Even when you practice alone, you’re always with your inner lover. When you’re a man, that would be your inner woman, when you’re a woman, that would be your inner-man. In lovers meditation, you play with energy (again). Basically, you make an energy (half) circle or at least an exchange of energy. In the article we explain the following meditations:

  • Spooning
  • Look Lovingly
  • Prana mudra for lovers
  • The LoveSwing
  • The Circle of Love
  • The journey to Heaven
  • The Completion

7 Lovers – couples meditation explained
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What is Tantra yoga?

Tantric relationships: what is Tantra YogaTantra yoga is lovemaking, play, kiss, move and enjoy it…

Tantra yoga is more than sex… Most people think about sex when talking about tantra or tantra yoga. However, for us, tantra is much more, so much more than sex. See the key article on tantra: Tantra explained or the article What is tantra.

Tantric technique of expansion

Tantra is all about techniques (tan) of expansion (tra). Tantra yoga is a technique, a tantric practice that uses (condemned) sex positions and body movements to activate life energy. When you grow in your life energy, and at the same time you stay totally relaxed in that energy, you reach a state of awareness that is beyond the physical plane. If you bring your sexual energy up to your heart and to the higher chakra’s, you can “disappear” in a magnificent, loving, divine world.

Read more about Tantra yoga
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Tantric relationships

– What brings couples closer together

Closer TogetherEvery couple knows it: there are moments of intense togetherness and there are moments of being alone. If you are together (too) long, you want to be alone again. If you are alone (too) long then you are looking for company. In our view, this is a very natural swinging movement, a movement that is an element of the world of duality. Only by unmasking, breaking down, losing, passing through the illusion of duality, this swinging movement stops. And then…. We live again in the unity, the wholeness we are all looking for.

If we are past the illusion, “together” is the same as “alone”. Then all parting is eliminated. Yeah right, but it isn’t that far yet. We’re on our way … And on that road, at any moment in the swinging movement, love and awareness can help you find the way to the middle, the way to unity. In the article, there are some insights that helped us and can help you.

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More intimacy in your tantric relationship

More intimacy in your relationshipWhether you want it or not … relationships play an important role in a human life. There are all sorts of relationships: from family relationships through business relations to THE relationship. In this article, we would like to discuss aspects that concern the lover’s relationship. Insights that can help you deepen that relationship. Because to be honest, don’t we all have the desire to merge with that perfect lover? A desire for connection, a desire for deep intimacy? In this article, we’ll keep it simple. We’re not going to tell you that the perfect Lover does not exist. Nor do we say anything about your own inner man/woman. No, We’ll keep it pretty practical. How to deepen your existing relationship.

How to get closer to the lover you have …
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Couples meditation for beginners

Couples meditation for beginners– Practical tantric exercises – for Free

Couples meditation is a great way to improve your relationship. It’s a great way to reach a whole new level of intimacy and understanding. This article is about practical exercises/meditations you can do to deepen the intimacy with your partner. Couples meditation for beginners – tantric exercises – for Free!

Read more about couples meditation for beginners

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Tantric relationships

What is tantric love…

Tantric Relationships: What is tantric loveThe question is really funny, even weird. Who doesn’t know what love is?

Osho says: you cannot understand love. If there is love, you just feel that there is love, there are no words or thoughts or needs.

Still, I want to write about it. “daily use” of the word or the concept of love you will notice that there are given many different interpretations. A distinction is made in “types” of love: maternal love, love of a good friend, the love of lovers, love with a capital letter L, just to name a few.

Read more about tantric love
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What women likeWhat women like or even need

What women like or even need is arbitrary. Well, maybe the article is not 100% complete or even 100% true but I learned these things in my life. You win some, you lose some. Women are a different species. Women are from Venus, men come from Mars. Take your pick from the list in this article and practice. You will forget, but then… you’ll suffer and have to take the consequences. So read very carefully and remember…

What women like to see in a man
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Tantric relationships - what is tantric massageWhat is tantric massage?

What is tantric massage? We explain it in a series of four articles. Explanation, tantra massage basics, tips, massage tantra techniques, you can read it all here. Tantra massage for couples to practice. Tantric massage that makes couples happy. Enjoy together.

What is tantric massage?
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Tantric relationships

When you are not in the mood for sex

When you are not in the mood for sexIf your partner wants sex, and you are not in the mood for sex? You just say no? What if your partner actually is looking for connection? What if your own “issues” are in the way of a loving encounter?

In this article the feminine view on saying NO to your partner, and on the options you have.

When you are not in the mood for sex
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Tantric relationships - 10 insights on spooningSpooning: 10 insights on spooning

Spooning is a classic hugging posture in which two people are lying side by side, face the same way. The person lying cherishes the person in front completely. This gives a wonderful safe, protected, intimate feeling. Read all about the great benefits.

1o insights on spooning
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So join us, learn more about tantra and tantric relationships!

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>> Key article: Tantra explained

>> Ten tantric practices for a fabulous relationship

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Tantric relationships - e-Course deepening your relationship

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Tantric relationships: How to make you and your partner the best lovers!

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