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Tantric relationship tips

– 9 simple tantra tips to reinvigorate your relationship

Below 3 x 3 = 9 simple tantra tips to reinvigorate your relationship.

Take care of yourself

1. Accept yourself!

If you don’t love yourself, how can you love another? How then can another person love you? Who doesn’t love oneself has nothing to offer, nothing to give and is seeking alms like a beggar. So start to accepting yourself exactly as you are.

2. Take your rest, make sure you’re rested.

Can you manage a lot when you’re tired? Oh no! Make sure you get enough sleep, get enough rest. From the rest, you can build your inner balance. Resolve your accumulated irritations. Release in a safe and non-aggressive way and don’t project it on your partner. Equipped and balanced you can mean so much for your partner.

3. Acknowledge your needs and desires

If you suppress your desire, you block your life energy and you will (eventually) look like a zombie! So acknowledge your needs and desires, don’t suppress them! Speak out! Go for it! Dare to live, don’t be so fearful … Let your life be guided by your heart desires. Take a risk!

Take care of your partner

4. Accept your partner as he/she is

Do not try to change partner. Your partner is a beautiful mirror. The question is not how to change him or her but how you can change yourself. Change the way you look at the world and don’t judge too quickly. Connect with your heart. Be aware and connect yourself with love/compassion.

5. Be honest and OPEN

Trust is essential in a good relationship. Trust builds when you dare to be open and vulnerable. Do you dare to show yourself? Do you dare to show what’s going on inside? Share your thoughts and feelings with your partner but also take responsibility for it (no finger pointing). Look positively to what is there already !!! Give positive feedback.

6. Do something for the other. GIVE!

Set your selfish I aside. Show that you are a generous giver. Is there something to fix … then take the first step. Put aside your bruised ego! Put yourself in his/her situation. Listen, be patient, give space, give freedom, help to him/her to fulfil his/her dreams.

Focus on togetherness

7. Provide quality time

A piece of cake, but no less important. Provide time for each other: put everything else aside: full attention to each other and fully present in the here and now. And go crazy. Think out of the box !!! Change your patterns, your regular routines.

8. Say it without words

Men and women are different. Accept that. With words (the mind) often a battle follows, so say it without words. Sit (meditate) in silence together, say it with energy, your presence. Rediscover what “togetherness” is! In meditation, you can be one (merging).

9. Dare to lose yourself

Really being together means giving up your ego-identity. Dare to lose yourself; have the courage to live for your partner; dare to go for your relationship; dare to worship existence. Show your dedication, your commitment to the relationship!

So join us, learn more about tantra!

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Tantric relationship tips

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Tantric relationship tips – 9 simple tantra tips to reinvigorate your relationship

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