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Tantric joy in your life

Tantra to us is growing in Love and Consciousness. That sounds serious and in a sense it is. But tantra is also oh so joyous! Tantra is all for happiness. It starts with enjoying life! Then happiness from the heart comes into play. Finally, ecstasy is possible. It’s not about goal-getting, joy, happiness, bliss is a result of a life full of love and consciousness.

So why does tantra result in happiness?

Tantra stills the mind

Happiness comes if your mind is stilled. Your mind is full of trouble and when you still your mind trouble is disappearing like frost under the morning sun. Consciousness is all about dealing differently with the mind. Not being a slave to it, but using it at your convenience. The tantric toolbox is full of meditations the still the mind.

Restores the joy of your senses

The first sunset or sundown was magnificent! The second time it’s already less because of your mind is interfering. Your not looking fresh anymore but more or less looking at the reflection of the last time. Oh, the mind says, seen that before already, that’s sundown… By direct sensing (so without the interference of the mind) lots of exstatic moments return into your life.

or less looking at the reflection of the last time. Oh, the mind says, seen that before already, that’s sundown… By direct sensing (so without the interference of the mind) lots of ecstatic moments return into your life.

Tantra explained - because Happiness mattersReleases Oxytocin of touch

Touching is so important in a human life. Why? Because it makes you happy! Oxytocin is being produced which is the happiness hormone. Touching is fun to do and makes you happy. Combined with direct sensing you have an almost unlimited playground. There are so many ways you can touch. Learn the Loving Touch for instance. Grasp the insight behind “Demand Free“. Tantra teaches you many things.

Tantric joy

Activates the flow of sexual energy and passion

Tantric joy - alive or not?When you’re alive and kicking, you feel happy. When you stay in the corner, your life energy is frozen or absorbed in suppressed emotions, you don’t feel so happy. So take responsibility for your happiness and use your love and consciousness to deal with it. Then activate your energies! Free them, activate them. charge and disperse all that energy through your body. and feel alive! Tantric kundalini meditations help you with this. No shame, no blame, living to the max.


Less obligations

blankWhat would happen to your life if you would have fewer obligations to fulfill? Tantra (you) will change the way you live step by step. When your motivation shifts from outer (money, power, prestige) to inner motives (happiness), well, the result is obvious. You do more of what makes you happy! You don’t care so much anymore about what other people think about you. You don’t have to comply with all those conflicting demands. That’s a relieve!

If you focus on what makes you happy

Tantra accepts everything, there’s no good or bad. As a human, however, we are selective. Our body has preferences. tantra recognizes this. Tantra is friends with your body & mind. So tantra invites you to do whatever fits you. Find the match. Happiness happens when you fit with your life. So what is that for you? Tantric meditation makes your head (mind) more clear. So then you can focus on your heart desires.

The joy of connection

We all have this longing for connection. Tantric meditation gives you plenty of connection. Connection with yourself. Intimate connection with other people and deep connection with life, with existence itself. Connection is of the heart and once you’ve opened your heart you’re changed forever. The immense joy of love is there always. Just go to your heart and feel this. Deep inside is the source of all. The bliss of being. This is what tantra brought us. This is what we like to pass on to you!

Like our tantric way?

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Tantric joy in your life – tantra is all for joy. Go for happiness, fall into bliss!

Hi, my name is Satori. You could say that I am enjoying life very much. Always looking at the bright side. My passion and lifestyle is tantra. Tantra is in my life for more than 20 years now. My wife and I fully enjoy it. We gave tantric workshops for many years. Now retired, but we have online tantra websites (ENG/NL). See or .NL

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