Tantric intimacy courses

Tantric intimacy courses for you to discover. They will boost your self-love and self-esteem. Being intimate with yourself gives you tremendous inner trust and power. Connection with your inner core will give you deep relaxation. After doing an intimacy course you will find that connecting to others and finding a partner is much easier than ever.

If you are in a relationship, tantric meditation will deepen intimacy in ways, you can not imagine. You can start by doing the singles course(s) together and/or do the couples course Deepening your Relationship.

Tantric intimacy courses for singles

e-Course Intimacy starts with YOU!

Lots of people are disconnected from their own bodies, their own emotions, their own sexuality. Because of the way you are brought up, because of what your parents/priest/society told you about values and rules. Maybe you do not even love yourself!

How can you be intimate with someone else if you don’t know how to deal with your own emotions, your own body feelings, and especially your self-love? If you can be intimate with yourself then intimacy with others, even with the whole world, is possible. Then you are in full power, connected to the source. With love, with self-esteem, you can do anything.

A deep connection with yourself, your body and your sexuality makes you feel intensely happy. So let us take you back to intimacy. Unbounded consciousness, boundless energy, and uninhibited love.

Intimacy starts with YOU! You better believe it.  Take steps to more happiness. Do it today. Do it now.

Available for you! Go for more intimacy in your life!

Theme courseOTL-com Lving with an open heart
Living with an open Heart

To be in love. To love yourself, your partner, even the whole world. Isn’t that what we all want? To be in our heart, to feel love. But so much is happening around us…

There are so many things that prevent us from opening up. We even tend to close up. Sometimes just for a while, sometimes for a longer period. Then we don’t feel love, we don’t feel loved. So, when that happens, what to do?

Remove your blockades, heal yourself, learn to deal with what is keeping you from opening up completely. Find the way back to your heart, love and feel loved. Do this course and you will receive a lot of heart meditation that will help you on the path of love.

Available >> Open your heart and become LOVINGLY!

Tantric intimacy courses for couples


e-Couse Deepening you Relationship (s) e-Course
Deepening your relationship


If you want more intimacy in your relationship (s), this e-Course is for you. It’s all about connecting and looking for the match.

Whether you have a partner or not, it doesn’t matter. There are so many things you can do to get more intimate. We bring you insights of how intimacy “works” and lots of exercises to get connected.


Get connected to your partner, to friends, to others. Bring more intimacy, more love, more happiness in your life.

Now available >> Start today! Go for more intimacy!

So try one of our intensive e-Courses. Every course has 10 lessons full of insights, tips, and meditations. Start today!

Why don’t you try a tantric intimacy course?

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e-Courses on intimacy, sexuality, love, and relationships

Advantages of Online Tantra

  • You get a real tantric experience.
  • Direct and always available (through the internet).
  • You can do the courses at home (or wherever you like).
  • It’s safe, private practicing at your own pace, the one that fits you!
  • Step by step, well-arranged, no-nonsense style.
  • Nice price tag.
  • Permanent available (lifetime).

You get a real tantric experience.

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