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Tantric exercises you can do at home

Tantra is experiencing. You can read a lot about tantra but that doesn’t give you the experience. Our tantric exercises are founded in ancient tantric customs and made available for the modern world. It all starts with Love and Consciousness.

Tantric exercises you can do at home - take a breather

Take a breather

Growing in Love and Consciousness is home base for tantra.  So start with awareness. Are you present? Most of the time we are preoccupied with doing, thinking. Busy, busy, busy. So regularly take a moment to be present. Take a breather. Just a couple of time every day…

Stop and take a breather. Close your eye if possible (don’t do that in the car) and focus on your breathing. Relax and feel your body, feel even beyond your body and feel that YOU ARE. You are present, here and now. Simple isn’t it? Well, you will forget fast enough, but that’s okay. As much as you can remember. Do this simple meditation. You can do it anywhere.

Stretch your body

Tantric exercises you can do at home - stretchesTantric exercises you can do at home - stretchesWhat? Well, stretch your body. Your energy channels tend to get blocked. The basic channels are Yin and Yang. More sophisticated energy channels are your (12) meridians. So to enable your life energy to flow and feel healthy and alive: stretch your body a couple of times every day. It is important that you don’t make it a workout or performance game. It’s NOT about becoming the lithest person on earth. How far you stretch is NOT important. Important is that you relax and use the space there is to stretch. Don’t force anything, relax and let go. So you can do 4 basic stretches:

  1. First bend forward.
  2. Then bend sideward (left and right).
  3. Finally bent backward.

Pelvic moves

Our body tend to stiffen with most people. Tantric people make sure that their body is loose and flexible. This is especially true for your pelvic region. So move it! Move your pelvis a lot. Make it a habit. Smooth movement, also with no force. Move/turn your pelvis forward by tightening your abs. Move your pelvis backward by pulling your buttock backward. Breathe out while moving forward, breath in while you tilt backward. Breathe through the mouth. Got it? Sounds/feels familiar? Make it subtle, smooth. So as I promised you can do this in the car riding back home. You can also do it in bed when you wake up. And… you can do it together with your partner (face to face).

Some suggestions

  • Tilt your pelvis in the car!
  • Do some smooth pelvic moves when you wake up or go to sleep.
  • Incorporate pelvic moves/circling into your lovemaking.
  • Fuck the world… Do some pelvic moves with full sexual energy!

Tantric exercises you can do at home

Heart Circling

Free Heart meditation - Heart CirclingIf you do the pelvic moves it bound to be that you wake up sexual energy. Mmm nice, feels good. Basic in tantra is that you try to relax in sexual energy, in fact in any kind of voltage. At the same time, tantra invites you to charge (instead of discharging). Activating kundalini, freeing all frozen/blocked energy. Heat circling is a great way to disperse high-energy voltage throughout your body.

So do regular Heart Circling (with pelvic moves). Breath in and up at/through the back of your body. Breath out and down through the front of your body. Your heart is always at the center. Your energy is moving around. You can experiment with your breather. Start with breathing in through to nose and breathing out through the mouth.

Still the mind

In tantra, your chakra system is used to recognize, activate and use certain potential qualities in your being. There’s a lot to tell about chakra’s but let us focus for now on the third eye. The third eye is located in your forehead, between your eyebrows. It’s a very sensitive soft spot that is not regularly active with people. It’s where your intuition, your wisdom, your divine being is housed. Anyway, when you activate your third eye, one of the results is that your mind becomes still. So if you want to still your mind, focus on your third eye. Start breathing there. Breath through your nose. Close your eyes and look from the inside. Keep your eyes motionless. When you don’t move your eye, your mind also stops moving/jumping around.

Basic steps

  • Start to breathe consciously, breath through your nose.
  • Keep your body motionless.
  • Close your eyes, relax. Relax your jaw.
  • Focus on your third eye.
  • Start breathing through your third eye.
  • Look from the inside, keep your eyes still.
  • Smile and slow down your breathing.
  • Enjoy!

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Tantric exercises you can do at home

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