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Tantra Training – What is Tantra training

Well, we maybe have shocking news for you. Tantra training you can’t really do! Tantra is a process of growing in Love and Consciousness. Tantra is, in fact, a process off “un-training, undoing your conditioning”. Luckily you can set some basic steps for growing. Read more in the article.

There is a difference between You and your conditioning

tantra training - born freeThe whole point of tantra is “to become” your authentic self again. Coming home to the YOU that you once were (and always stayed but hidden). Starting even before you were born, your parents, caretakers, society began to condition (limit) you. In order to survive you had to comply with their demands: do this, don’t do that! YOU learned that the human world is not unconditional. So you had to behave. You had to learn the rules, acquire social values. By and by YOU (your formless, limitless self) was forgotten and your human conditioning took over. As a person, you got identified with your mind, with your body and your limitations. Your boundless true self is forgotten. It’s only body and mind now, your free soul is totally in the background.

Tantra training to be YOU, you can’t do!

Yess, tantra is a process. Tantra is a process of growing (back) into the limitless Love and Consciousness you once were. Tantra is, in fact, a set of techniques to facilitate the process off “un-training, undoing your conditioning (boundaries)”. And this is happening without much doing. The techniques are aimed at experiencing. The tantric process in practice is mostly a lengthy, a growing experience, but (enlightenment) can also happen in a split second. Confusing… That’s why the tantric process is so difficult to explain and hard to understand by the mind: it’s not “logical”. It’s also tough to understand because the mind is always active, goal oriented and wants to know and plan what to do next…

Learning to be YOU again

So how do we learn without doing? Well in every live tantric training, in every online course you are asked to do certain exercises and/or meditations to give you an experience. Applying the techniques give you the opportunity to learn from your own experience. The learning, however, is not so much focused on knowledge but on “acquiring” insight. The actual experience you get by being more and more present (in what you do). Having the actual experience, the feeling you get by when you connect with (your) love again. The actual experience you get when you become whole/one again, e.g. body, mind, and soul!

Training: Conditioning is mind, repetition, building patterns
Tantra: Loving presence is going with the flow, free flow, loving response

Growing in Consciousness is a Tantra training

So what kind of training does tantra present? Tantra provides you with techniques that activate your consciousness. Growing in Consciousness is a Tantra training. We could write a whole book about this but let’s not do that. Instead, we point out a couple of techniques.

Tantra training is to learn to slow down, pay attention

tantra training - relaxReally, the pace we are living in is so high that it is very hard to keep track of YOU. When you slow down once in a while you create conditions that favor reconnecting with your inner self. Once you can do this while doing nothing, you can try to stay connected while walking (doing simple things). Being totally present means that you can stay present, fully connected. Eventually, you can stay present while working, making love or whatever.

Tantra training to be more aware

When you do things out of routine, you don’t pay attention anymore. While listening to your partner it is nice if you really listen, so pay attention. Tantra training is training in paying attention, awareness. Because we forget so easily, we have to be constantly be reminded. The basic “drill” is to stop doing, don’t move, pay attention to your breathing and then shift your awareness to “other” areas. This could be body-awareness, could be energy-flow, could be togetherness.

Tantra training to practice conscious full breathing

Tantra training - full conscious breathingAs said part of the basic drill of tantra is proper breathing. There is no right or wrong in tantra but with proper we mean natural. We are trained to breath high and shallow (like soldiers). This way all the feeling is driven out of our lives because the air never touches the emotional center (2nd chakra) anymore. Tantra training is aimed at going back to natural breathing. Conscious breathing is the first step. Full breathing the next. Filling your lungs totally. Giving all your cells an oxygen bath. Distributing prana consciously to every part of your body. All the chakra’s spinning…

Tantra training to use your senses

When you start to breathe naturally, you immediately start feeling. Tantra encourages you to use your senses to the max. Not by letting your mind interfere with what you perceive but by sensing in a direct way. Hear, smell, see, taste, feel again like a newborn baby but this time with full awareness. Discovering this magical world over and over again. The ecstasy of your first sunset but then again and again. Wouldn’t that be great!

Growing in Love is a Tantra training

Tantra training in consciousness could be still considered as “doing”. When it comes to the magic of Love this becomes very hard “to do”. Love happens, you fall in love for no reason. Falling in love is not something you can do. Love can’t be understood by the mind. In fact being in the mind is in the way of letting love do its magic. The mind is always looking for “the catch”, it can’t believe that it’s already okay. The mind is living in the past or the future never in the Now.

tantra training - courses in love

Tantra training to “snap” out of your head (mind), into your body, to your heart

So tantra training is to help you to fall out your head (mind) into your body. Feeling instead off (next to) thinking. It’s all about balancing (body, mind, and soul). So consciously using your senses. Being aware of what you feel, being aware of how that you feel. Knowing your emotions. Discovering your emotional intelligence. Connecting to the energies in your body. Getting to know the frequency of your emotions e.g. the frequency of anger, sadness, happiness, sexual arousal, passion.

Tantra training to learn Heart meditation

Tantra is the path of Love. This love is not the love of the mind (which can turn into hate) but the universal love, the energy of which everything is made of. Being in your heart is awesome. The feeling, the vibration, the peace and joy that overflows you is so amazing, so magnificence. Love flow from the heart in all directions. Tantra training let you experience this, brings you into your heart. Love flows to every cell of your body. Love flows also to your hands so you can touch lovingly. Touching with loving, soft fingers. Tantra training teaches you the tantric lovers touch.

Tantra training to Heal

tantra training - healLove can move mountains. Love is also the ultimate source of healing. We are all more or less wounded. Small or big traumatic experiences that we were unable to process at that time. So a big chunk of our life energy is blocked, frozen and stored away in our body. It intervenes with our happening and liveliness. Tantra training let love do its job. By feeling and touching your emotional wounds gentle and cherish them vividly. Old pain can be healed, energy brought back to life again.

Tantra training of ways to connect

Around the world people are lonely. Social structures are disintegrating and we are living more and more individual. So how to stay connected? How to feel part of your family, your company, your neighborhood, the world? The heart is the connection center. Tantra training addresses all kinds of social, physical, emotional, energetical, spiritual connections. It is often said that everything connects with everything. Tantra makes this quote operational. Hard to explain in words, awesome to experience. One powerful technique is the Connection Breath. Maybe you want to try it.

7 kundalini meditations explained - free tantraTantra training to activate and move sexual energy

Last but not least. Tantra training involves many techniques to activate and move sexual energy. No tantra is not only about sex but tantra does recognize sexual energy as a huge part of your life energy. Since this energy is mostly blocked by our conditioning, tantra techniques are aimed to free it. There is, however, a big difference between sexual energy and the sexual act. In your sexual energy, you may and can always be total. In the sexual act, there’s much to consider. To say it in other words: it’s totally fine to be (100%) angry, steam coming from your ears. It’s NOT okay to punch someone in the face when you’re angry. So tantra training learns you to make that difference.

Enough said, ready for some practice?

We invite you to experience tantra training now.

Do some (free) meditations

What to do if you’re having a hard time?

Explore your inner world

Rishi Isometrics: let your energy flow freely!

Relationship dip: what to do if you’re in a dip with your partner

Better in bed – 5 practical tips

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Heart meditation The opening

Free Tantra – start here with Free Tantra meditation

Tantra lessons online – Enjoy tantra practices in your own home – Learn tantra

7 Kundalini meditations explained – adding sexual energy to your life energy – free meditations

Tantric exercises you can do at home

Heart meditation – Open your Heart every day

Try one (or more) of our tantra e-Courses

e-Course Re-discover your sexuality

e-Course Tantric sex explained

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e-Course Intimacy starts with YOU !

Living with an Open Heart

Introduction Course a Taste of Tantra

e-Course How to become Multi-orgasmic (M) – Start today!

Hopefully the above made you a little curious. You want to know how you can bring Tantra into your life. Look, therefore, look at the overview of our online products. There must be something that suits you. Start today!

Bring tantra into your life, choose here what suits you!

Tantra lessons online - a Taste of Tantra

For instance, try the introduction course a Taste of Tantra
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Tantra Training – What is Tantra training? – Why can’t you train to be YOU?

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    10 September 2019 at 20:22

    I am searching for a path to open my 7 chakras.

    Hi Cheri,

    Tantra can be that path but it’s no quick fix. You need to be committed and a lot of perseverance. Start meditating and work on your body/chakra awareness. Then remove all obstacles, let the healing process do it’s job. Let you loving presence grow.

    Good luck


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