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Tantra themes

Dear reader. In the article, Tantra explained you can read what tantra is to us. Tantra is primarily to practice, feel, experience. There are six themes as a common thread running through our courses.

Tantra themes - ToolboxTantra themes:

… Conscious living.
… To feel.
… Becoming more energetic.
… Living from the heart.
… Expansion.


More extensive, but still the tantra themes in telegraphic style:

… Conscious living

Being… aware is the core of the Tantra. Find that “someone” who lives more conscious, more aware. The Witness in you! Becoming more aware of your thoughts, your body, your energy. Conscious breathing and consciously use of your senses. Relax and calm down: find your inner peace. For example, by taking responsibility for your own (un) happiness. And so you become more authentic, more the real “you”.

… To feel

Tantra emphatically uses and honors the body as a vehicle, as the temple of your soul. Tantra invites you to take good care of your body. As one of the few spiritual paths, tantra utilizes and strengthens also your senses. At tantra it’s about the balance between thinking, feeling and being. In practice, this usually means less thinking and feeling more. No more suppression, on the contrary, feel, show, wrap them up, come to completion. And YES…, to feel has everything to do with touch! Touching, caressing, massage, all kinds of physical and energetic touch match with tantra. Making (eye) contact, feel and grow of intimacy.

… Becoming more energetic

On the tantric path, it’s about the growth of your life energy. About how to become stronger, more powerful, more energetic and lively. This is done for example by cleaning up your (emotional) blockages and by releasing (and remaining free of) your bondage with fear, guilt, and shame. Tantra also lets you join and enjoy your sexual energy: activate, flow, grow, fizz! You can enjoy your zest for life, that immense energy .. without the necessity to discharge. At tantra, there is also more awareness (and transformation) in your sex life. Lust becomes love. Tantra brings more fire and passion in your life. Your life can continue to ripple or be prodigious. The choice is yours!

blank… Living from the heart

For us, the Tantra path is a vision of life, a spiritual awakening and the path of love. Tantra is a way of breathing and finding your heart. We strive for a more intimate, loving, harmonious and happy life. To bring more intimacy and love into your life and your relationships. If you become more loving toward yourself, you are able to have a more intense and deeper connection with yourself and others. A connection, which isn’t at the expense of the freedom. True love leaves free(dom). True love accepts whatever is.

… Expansion

tantra themesTechnically tantra means “Expansion”. We are much more than our thinking, our physical body. By connecting with oneness you come into connection with the source. You come in connection with the source of inspiration !! This way you will be more intuitive and creative. “Out of the box thinking” is growing bigger … Tantra is surrendering to life, love, consciousness. Trust that all is ok, that it’ll be alright, everything has its reason. Tantra asks you to see the (divine) perfect imperfection in everything! Tantra is also about the polarity between and the fusion of the male and female principle. Through tantra, you will understand why men and women are so complementary.

Tantra is about Oneness and teaches you that separation is an illusion. At times when you’re in ecstasy, in those moments when you’re in an orgasmic state, time, place and separation seize to exist. Tantra is about extending these moments to all times. A state of being where you’re always connected with existence.

And finally one more of the tantra themes.


Happiness is a choice! You can just choose to be happy. The world is how you see it, so you can see it as a big beautiful game? Can you enjoy the game or do you always want to win? Tantra invites you to enjoy the journey and forget about the goal. “Just” be tremendously happy in the here and now. Tantra is totally in favor of enjoyment, for pleasure, delight. And delight takes many forms. Enjoyment can evolve into immense joy when you’re in love, living from your heart. And joy can be bliss when that joy is felt from within, connected to the source. Inner-YoY …

… By growing in love and consciousness

We repeat it once again, the two most important tools on the path of Tantric are love and consciousness. That means growing in presence; a path of self-realization. On that path, you disconnect more and more from pain and pleasure. You are not your thoughts, you are not what you feel, you’re so much more. You will perceive more, feel more and you will become more and more sensitive. And ultimately that results in a blissful state of being where you have transcended the illusion. In total connection with yourself, with others, with life.

tantra themes - all the goodies
Tantra themes – and more…. much more…

So join us, learn more about tantra!

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Tantra themes – 6 important themes in tantra

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