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Tantra skills for being happyTantra skills for being happy, fully alive and kicking!

Tantra is all about living consciously and lovingly. Being fully energetic and feeling that you are alive. Don’t thínk about it, FEEL it. You can choose to be happy and also feel it. To be happy and feel alive and kicking! Use your senses. Let your sexual/love/life energy flow. Expand into a big loving presence. To do this, there are many tantric skills you can use. You can learn them in our courses.


Try it and feel what it can do for you!

When you are alone

Tantric practices can be done alone and with a partner. They can be sexual or more spiritual (read more about that). But even a duo-meditation starts with personal awareness and self-love. Playing with sexual energy without consciousness is just sex. But there is more than sex! Growing in love and consciousness… starts with you! Even when you have a partner. So, do the following exercises.

Conscious breathing

Tantric exercises you can do at home - take a breatherRest, relax, take a breather. We are focussed on “doing” all the time. ‘Doing nothing’ isn’t so easy anymore. Doing, thinking … it absorbs 99% of our time. And you miss the “feeling” and “being” part. You miss the connection with yourself. Presence, being present,  is a key in tantra; being present in the here and now. To feel your own presence. So: Stop! Close your eyes and feel your presence. Feel that you áre. Focus on your breathing and go along inside. Forget the world, let go of your thoughts, and feel that you are. Enjoy the power of breathing. Read more about the power of breathing if you like.

Tantra skills – Direct sensing

Do you remember your first sunset? Wasn’t it ecstatic? In fact, every new, first experience is great. The trouble is that you have a memory, that you remember. Your mind remembers and quickly interferes with your pure observation… Oh, I’ve seen that already… No more ecstasy, it becomes routine. So try to sense directly. Don’t let your mind interfere. Look fresh, like for the first time. Really táste your coffee, sméll your food. Really séé your friend and this beautiful world around you. Kill your patterns, routine is boring. Ecstasy happens in the moment, in thís moment. Try direct sensing for the next hour (or more).

Kundalini meditation explained - shakenShake – move your body

We are not used to moving so much anymore. Especially our pelvic area is numb. We learned nót to be present there. Because being in your lower body, being in your pelvic area gives you feelings. Gives you sexual feelings. And that is not allowed! So your sexual energy is suppressed. And thus, you miss 60% of your life energy. Tantra says: WAKE UP! So, shake and move your body. Activate your (sexual) energy. Move your pelvis. Put on some energizing music and start shaking. Move your body, activate your energy. Enjoy being alive!

Tantra skills – Take a risk!

We live obeying rules. Always trying to meet expectations of others. You don’t do what you really want anymore. You suppress your feeling and energies. We suggest that you start living again. Maybe you think that you don’t have a partner, but the world is full of potential partners. So do one or more of the exercises below with someone you know. Take a risk, invite a friend.

When you are with a partner

As said, a duo meditation starts with personal awareness and self-love. So even if you’re with a partner, do the above exercises. If needed, do them alone. You can also do all of the above exercises together. Start alone and then do them together and enjoy them together. E.g. make fun with shaking together. Shake your body and rub your bodies together. Loosen up and play.

Tantra skills - SynchronizeTantra skills – Synchronized breathing

Slowing down and being together might sound dull, but in fact, it’s thrilling. Your body and your heart take over and give delicious signals. Rest and peace make you happy. So, stop doing for a moment, sit down face to face. Watch your breath and slow down. You don’t have to do anything, to change anything, not even your breath. But synchronize your breath, by itself, without doing it, let it happen. A small effort which connects you deeply. When your partner/friend breathes in, you breathe out. Take your time. If you’re synchronized you can come closer (even mouth to mouth). Breathe the breath of your partner/friend. Feel the breath. Close your eyes and enjoy breathing together. Enjoy being together.

Tantra skills – Eye gazing

You can do this exercise standing up, or sitting down, lying down. On your own or with/after synchronized breathing. You can do it at home but also in a restaurant, at the beach, or while waiting for the bus. Just take your time and gaze. Actually almost everywhere. Look each other in the eyes, keep your eyes quiet, gaze. Slow down and don’t move too much. Look lovingly. Give each other all your love. Really see your partner/friend. Maybe you will start seeing him/her in a different way; all the way to the soul. It’s okay, just relax and enjoy.

Tantra skills - HuggingHug more – melting hug

Touching and being touch is essential in a human life. When you hug someone, you can make a deep connection. When you take your time, your bodies and hearts can connect. Don’t hug for only 5 seconds, take your time. Hug for 2-3 minutes. Hug wholeheartedly and with full body contact. Let every cell of your body participate. Let your bodies melt. If your bodies start to move a little bit, let it happen. Feel how your body energies start to move also. Enjoy this melting hug.


Dump your slump - spooningTantra skills – Spooning

Tantra is often mistaken as synonymous with sex. It isn’t. However, tantric skills can boost your love life. Spooning is a part of tantric sex. Bringing more rest and relaxation into it. So: ‘spoon’ more. With or without clothes. Play with your body, play with the body of your partner/friend. Play with your energy. Feel both your chakra’s line up. Make a heart to heart connection. Feel your heart getting warm(er). Make a sexual energy connection without actual sex. Feel your loins become warm/hot. Play with your breath. Nicely play with your energy. Play with subtle movements. Move your upper body and/or your pelvis a little bit (not too much). Take your time. Play and enjoy.

Tantra skills – Swing of Fire

Tantra skills - Swing of FireHugging, spooning… The Swing of Fire is an extension of both. A particular tantric exercise, especially for lovers. Where you awareness goes, your energy flows. Once you feel your sexual energy, you can play with it. Once you know how you can move your energy, you can play even more with it. Like a swing, you can swing forward and backward. Synchronize your breathing together. You can send and receive your sexual energy to and from your partner. The Swing of Fire is all about penetrating and embracing with just your sexual energy. However, you can also combine this meditation with physical penetration and embracing. Interested?

Do the Sex meditation Swing of Fire

So do you like the exercises? Then join us, learn more about tantra!

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Why study tantra at home



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Tantra skills for being happy, fully alive and kicking!

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