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Tantra meditation

Tantra meditation is growing in Love and Consciousness. Tantra meditation is a way to reveal yourself again. To let your authentic self “rule” your life again. Tantra helps you make an end to the identification with your mind (thoughts) and body (emotions). YOU are not what you do, think or feel. Tantra meditation brings you home!

Tantra techniques - tantra is...What is tantra meditation?

As said, tantra meditation is growing in Love and Consciousness. Everything you do with full awareness is, in fact, tantra meditation. Everything you do with love is tantra meditation. Tantra meditation reveals the real you. That what is hidden behind your mind (thoughts) and body (feelings). That’s what’s always there but mostly hidden: your soul. Tantra meditation is to balance body, mind, and soul again.

Bodily approach

There are many aspects in tantra meditation. See tantra explained for an overview. See tantra themes for the six basic areas where tantra is most commonly practiced. It starts with expanding consciousness but tantra also recognizes the body as a starting point for spiritual growth. Instead of thinking, tantra meditation has a lot to do with feeling. Direct using of your senses is key in tantra. Sex, sexual energy is not condemned but considered a major part of our life energy.

Growing awareness as tantra meditation

From the day we are born we “learn” and grow. This learning process, however, is also the creation of patterns (stored in your brain). Once we know how it “works”, we stop learning and we then keep on doing things aligned with the patterns we learned. And that is a good thing otherwise it would be difficult to drink coffee, walk or talk. However, every pattern gives you opportunities but also limits you (read more in the power of convictions). If you let your patterns rule, you will become a robot like human. Everything you do becomes automatic. Life becomes dull, little feelings (of happiness) attached. Tantra is not against patterns but loves humans to be free and happy. So tantric masters stay free of the patterns and use then only when they choose to.

In touch with your patterns

Growing in awareness is to be more and more in touch with your patterns and free yourself of them. Some patterns are also useless anymore, so you can discard and dispose of them. Tantra and awareness help you to get free from the automatic reaction on:

  • The way situations, people, events e.g. trigger you.
  • Triggers that touch old emotions (pain/pleasure) and “emotional wounds”.
  • Triggers that activate your convictions and judgmental patterns.
  • Thought patterns that make you feel inadequate or unworthy.
  • Instinct and bodily patterns that influence your life (body awareness).
  • Triggers that activate and/or diminish your sexual/love/life energy.

Getting more loving as tantra meditation

Restore the balance – feel more

Society, in general, is becoming more and more rational. We have become more and more head-oriented people. But also individual growth tends to emphasize our mental side (through long and extensive education). When we grow up the feeling part of us is discarded or even suppressed. We live in our heads. Feeling, showing (too much) emotion is not favored. Tantra meditation balances thinking and feeling again. Through the body, through the senses, we reconnect with the feeling part of us. Tantra uses many techniques to emphasize this. Awakening of the senses (direct sensing), belly breathing, emotional release, loving touch, tantric massage, body awareness and feeling the magical world of vibrating energy, to name a few.

e-Course Living with an open HeartGo for Heart meditation

Heart meditation is key in tantra meditation. Opening the heart makes you reconnect with your deepest core (your soul) and the love that is there. In fact, you are love, you “only” have forgotten it and surrounded it with many defensive layers. Opening the heart chakra through heart meditation and other forms of de-armoring enables you to reconnect with yourself and connect with others again. The heart chakra is the center of where you relate. From this center, you can show who you are. You are lovable and can be loving. You can act lovingly, you can look lovingly, you can touch lovingly and much more.

Let Love heal

Once you get aware of all the patterns you have in your system, you will also notice that some of them are not so nice. They hurt! Once triggered, activated patterns can lead to great pain. There is where love comes in. Tantra meditation is aimed at recognizing, accepting and healing old wounds.

Tantra meditation for singles

Within tantra there are different approaches. White tantra is specifically designed tantra meditation for singles. It’s is an individual path. Read more in the article White tantra – Red tantra. The basics of tantra, however, are not different: it’s growing in love and consciousness.

Mindful of your thinking processes

The mindful and yoga part of tantra is more dominant in white tantra. “Purifying” your mind is a major part in tantra meditation for singles. And don’t get me wrong, there is no right and wrong in tantra. There is no judgment on any thought you might have or get. Thoughts are there, they come and go. Tantra invites you to disengage from your thoughts. Don’t take them personally, they are not yours. So breaking the identification with thoughts is the first step.

Gradually changing the thoughts that are triggered is second. Purifying stands for the quality “lovingly”. Your thoughts can be lovingly or full of condemnation and judgment. You can change your mind patterns. Tantra meditation, in the end, let you accept the world (and people) as it is. No need to change it. No need to interpreter it. The world is divine, perfect just the way it is. As are you!

Boosting your life energy

(re)discover your sexuality

The creation of patterns limit what you are: you are limitless consciousness. Limitation is coming in through mind & body patterns. Society, parents, caretakers are continuously busy limiting your life energy. It’s too much to handle, it not productive, it not in the interest of the elite. So there you are… little and crippled. Severely limited in your life energy. Tanta meditation works the other way round. Tantra meditation is about freeing your life energy again. The chakra system is your energy system. Tantra meditation is directed to open all the chakra and make the energy flow loose and natural at all times. Since sexual energy is tabooed for a long time, this area (has to) is also tackled. The tantric process is opening chakra’s from the lower ones to the higher (spiritual) ones.

Tantra meditation for couples

All that is said above applies to couples as well. It’s not this or that, it’s all. Couples meditation, however, opens new angles, possibilities and areas to explore.

Polarity between men and women

One of the ways that we learn (distinction) is that we project ourselves on the outside, on the other. Tantra believes that in every man and woman there is an inner man and woman. So men can learn about their inner woman by projecting on women. Women can learn about their inner man by projecting on men. That’s why opposite sexes are so fond of each other (works the same with homo’s and lesbians but a little different). Couples meditation is great fun and aimed at a holy marriage between the male and feminine (energy), thus becoming one. Mahamudra is the ultimate tantra experience.

Energy circuits discovered

blankIn our energy system, there are many energy channels. It is believed that we have around 72.000 Nadi’s in our body. We have hundreds of “normal” meridians and around 12 major meridians, in most systems 7 chakras and 2 highway energy channels (Ida and Pingala). It’s an endless area to discover and enjoy. Do you know why we so much like to kiss? Well because there’s an energy channel from your lips to your genitals… To keep it simple here, there are energy circles to be activated in your own body, but also between you and your meditation partner. Sexual energy can be exchanged, love energy can be exchanged. Energy circles can be activated. See couples meditation for more information.

Tantra meditation for men

Men are from Mars. They are a specific species, with specific issues. Men are (biologically) driven by their sexual energy. This is a strong force that sooner or later will arise in a man’s life. We learn early that sexual behavior/interaction is restricted. So what to do? The sexual energy is so powerful that men quickly learn how to “unload” and get rid of excessive sexual energy. Tantra teaches us that there are alternatives. See the theme course How to become multi-orgasmic.

Relaxing in high voltage sexual energy

Relaxing in high voltage sexual energy is the biggest challenge men face. As said we early learn to discharge by masturbating. Tantra teaches us to charge the whole body to orgasmic levels instead of local discharge. This can be done by activating and dispersing sexual energy throughout the body. The first important step is to restore the sex – heart connection again. In (pre) puberty this channel is blocked. Most men can be either sexual (horny) or loving but not both at the same time. Gently breathing sexual energy to your heart is one way to open the sex-heart channel and your heart chakra again. Then you can be sexual and loving at the same moment. Then you can incorporate love into you sex-act and really make it lovemaking.

Opening the heart chakra

Opening the heart chakra is a key element in tantra meditation for men. Men tend to be o so rational and the matters of the heart don’t play a major role in their lives. Of course, this is not true for all but for most men, the heart chakra needs working on. Heart meditation can assist is this. This can be an individual or couples meditation. Interested? Try the “Heart meditation the Opening” or the LoveSwing.

Empowering women

By your presence

It’s a men’s job to serve and protect, which needs grounding, good health, confidence and (physical) strength. This is primarily a first chakra energy. Knowing where to direct this energy and keep it (flexible) focused is the prime quality of the third chakra. To creatively speak out is the area of the fifth chakra. When these energies are balanced and natural they are an inspiration and nourishment to women. When these energies are too strong we men tend to overpower women (which is the case for a long time). So the challenge for men is to be loose and natural in the first, third and fifth chakra and by being so, being totally present, inspire and show women the way. Because of course, they have these powers also (everyone has!).

By your devotion

You can empower women even more by recognizing and telling them what beautiful qualities they have. Like the (sense-)ability to feel and share emotions. Their sensuality and sexuality (second chakra). The beauty of their body, moves, but practically the love that they are. The ability to comfort, nourish, accept, love without conditions (fourth chakra). And of course their inner wisdom and intuitive powers (sixth chakra). Not only by your 100% presence but also by your total devotion you can empower women.

Restore the balance

Feeling and thinking

Tantra has a lot to do with restoring the balance. The balance between thinking and feeling for once. Most men are very rational, thinkers, mostly intellectual processing information. Tantra teaches them to feel again. To embrace their empathic powers and trust their intuitive powers.

Male and female qualities

With most men, their first, third and fifth chakras are well developed. What tantra does is to put some awareness on the feminine side of our energy system. The world of sensuality and emotions. A world of love and compassion. The world of intuitive wisdom (second, fourth, sixth chakra).


Tantra meditation has all to do with the merging of male and female energy. The polarity of male and female energy is used to grow into oneness. In tantra there are many couples meditations ending up in the wonderful space of being “one”, fully connected with (the feminine side of) yourself, the outer women and all the feminine (shakti) powers in the world.

Some area’s tantra meditation for men works on:

  • Meditation aimed at growing (body)awareness. Finding the witness in you.
  • Activating and dispersing sexual energy throughout the body while staying totally relaxed.
  • Opening the heart chakra, the power of love and other feminine qualities.
  • The growing of male (Shiva) power and presence and inspiring the female (Shakti-powers).
  • Playing the energy game: engaging in energy circles to merge with the feminine.

Tantra meditation for women

The path of love

Tantra is the path of love which is, in essence, a feminine path. Men don’t understand love, women do because they are usually more in contact with their heart. The depth of love is inconceivable, maybe also for women. That said, tantra is concerned with reconnecting with the Shakti-powers. Sisterhood is important in tantra.

Opening the sex chakra

Sexual energy with women is highly condemned. If you’re sexually active you are considered a whore. So basically over the centuries, the sex chakra is heavily pressured to close. Tantra resolves this by making a distinction between sexual energy and the sexual act. Women are invited to fully reconnect with their sexual energy (without the need to act out). Women have orgasmic powers which are unbelievable (for men). So if a woman is connected to her sensual and sexual energy the world lightens up. She literally has an enormous radiation around her. Opening the sex chakra (Yoni) frees a lot of Shakti power! See (Re)Discover your sexuality. With women also the heart-sex connection has to be restored. A lot of emotional pain is to be released in this process.

Radiate love – living with an open heart

While men (male energy) penetrate the world and are constantly busy to conquer it, women (female energy) take a different approach. The feminine embraces. The feminine nourishes… Love is spread all over by its radiation and it embraces. True, women can be bitches to, but the female energy of the heart is a very strong and powerful “weapon”. Living with an open heart leads to spreading love in the form of loving looks, loving touches, loving acts. Interested? See Living with an open heart.

Empowering men

By your acceptance

Unconditional love is a rare phenomenon in this world. From the moment we are born we are (negatively) told that we have to change, improve, get better. We develop the feeling that whatever we do, it’s never good enough. Maybe even the feeling that we ourselves are not good enough the way we are. Still, the love women have for their children (spouse) is the closest you can get to unconditional love. Love accepts things, accepts people just the way they are. Even if your actions are lousy you are still loved and accepted. This is a strong and powerful way in which women empower the men: with love, with acceptance. In tantra (and in life) the feminine empowers the male by love and acceptance. By showing the way – through heart meditation – to open the heart.

By your divine appearance

Another way women empower men is by their divine appearance. A women full off Shakti-power is the most beautiful thing a man can see in this world. There is certainly a sensual, sexual dimension in this but it is way, way more. It’s really a message from the divine, a spiritual message. It is in a way how all men want to see women. So opening this Shakti power is key in tantra. Many meditations include also the divine dancing movements.

Restore the balance

Strength and focus

Tantra has a lot to do with restoring the balance. Most women are very intuitive, feelers, mostly emotionally processing information. Tantra teaches them to excess their (physical) strength, self-esteem, (will)power, focus. To embrace their Shiva powers and trust these powers as their own.

Male and female qualities

With most women, their second, fourth and sixth chakras are well developed. What tantra does is to put some awareness on the male side of our energy system. The world of grounding, security, and basic trust. A world of goals, power, and focus. The world of creativity and speech (first, third, fifth chakra).


Tantra meditation has all to do with the merging of male and female energy. The polarity of male and female energy is used to grow into oneness. In tantra there are many couples meditations ending up in the wonderful space of being “one”, fully connected with (the male side of) yourself, the outer men and all the male (Shiva) powers in the world.

Some area’s tantra meditation for women works on

  • Grounding and dealing with uncertainty.
  • Trusting and enjoying sensuality and sexuality again.
  • Finding the inner strength and power every human being has.
  • Taking the lead in leading men into the world of love.
  • Opening up even more the intuitive/spiritual powers.

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If you’re interested in tantra meditation, you could do one of our e-Courses. We have a general introduction and several theme courses so you can pick the course that suits you. Having trouble with intimacy? Do the e-Course Intimacy starts with YOU!. Want to explore your orgasmic powers? Do (Re)Discover your sexuality.

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Tantra meditation
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