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e-Course Intimacy starts with YOU - home on the couchAre you looking for tantra lessons online? Well, then you’re at the right place. Online tantra provides you with plenty of tantra lessons. We have free meditations and intensive e-Courses. We work with themes, so you can choose the course that suits you. There are e-Courses on intimacy, sexuality, love and relationships. Via the menu or the product overview page, you can see what we have in store for you.

Conscious breathing

But what is tantra? We wrote a key article on tantra, so read all about tantra if you like. For now, tantra is about growing in Love and Consciousness. So all the tantra lessons have to do with either love or consciousness. To give you an example. We all breathe, but if you’re starting to breathe consciously, something happens. Then you start to notice what breathing does to you. It brings oxygen into your body and releases toxins, but it also brings energy into your body and with your out-breath, you are able to release anxiety, stress, emotions.

>> Take a Breather now

Take 5 minutes to watch your breathing. Sit down, relax, close your eyes, watch your breath.

Direct sensing

tantra lessons online - sensesAnother basic tantra exercise is the use of your senses. We tend to forget that. We drink and eat without really tasting anymore. Our lives become a sort of automated moves… Tantra is all for the revival of your senses. To use them very consciously AND directly. With directly we mean without the interference of your mind. Remember your first sundown? Great wasn’t it! After that, your mind took over. The second sundown it told you … seen that, done that… The freshness, the wondering, the surprise was gone. And so was the feeling of ecstasy!

If you start sensing consciously and direct again the world changes. The world becomes more beautiful. You will enjoy more again. Even the little things can bring you in an ecstatic mood. So try it.

>> Eat of drink something very consciously

Take 5 minutes to eat or drink something you normally eat or drink. But now do it consciously. Taste your tea or coffee. What flavors do you taste? Is it hot or cold? How do your lips feel? Can you also smell it? Make it an adventure. Life is one big adventure…

Sexual energy

When you’re out of energy you know. When you feel mighty powerful you know. Feeling your body and your sexual energy, your life energy is key in tantra. It’s a kind of mindfulness, but then totally in the feeling department. Feel how your body feels. There’s a lot of energy hidden in your pelvic area. Maybe you’ve heard of Kundalini. Well, in our tantra courses we have all kinds of exercises to activate and play with your sexual / life energy. You can start with a simple one.

>> Move your pelvis

Well, tantra is a bit out of the ordinary. So moving your pelvis is not common practice. But envision that you are a Jamaican dancer now. Move your pelvis, shake your buttock. Make smooth, round movements… Maybe you are a little stiff down there. Well, this will shake things up a little. Move and concentrate on how at feels. Do you feel good? Can you feel energy being activated?


Free Heart medtation - simple heart meditationHeart meditation

Conscious and Love. Where is the Love part? A great online tantra lesson is heart meditation. You can do several free online guided heart meditations on this website. It starts with a combination of conscious breathing and to focus on your heart. Out of your head (mind), into your body, to your heart. Put your hand on your heart and feel what’s there. It’s starting to feel warm and that’s energy. That’s love energy. So breath some more oxygen in, breathe more energy in and bring it to your heart. Feel it?

>> Do a free guided heart meditation

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Do a free meditation

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Check it out – Try one of our e-Courses

Hopefully the above made you a little curious. You want to know how you can bring tantra into your life. Look, therefore, look at the overview of our online products. There must be something that suits you. Start today!

Bring tantra into your life, choose here what suits you!

Tantra lessons online - a Taste of Tantra

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