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Tantra Heart meditation explained

Tantra Heart meditation has many angles. What is Heart meditation and how to do it? What are the benefits? In this key article also links to free guided Heart meditation. E.g. a Simple Heart meditation – Free meditation to open your heart every day. Links to what VIP’s say.

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What is tantra Heart meditation

what is heart meditation

In essence, Heart meditation is the simple full awareness of, presence in your heart. Your heart is the center of your being, the source of love. When you are in your heart, your center, you are in harmony, in peace, one with existence. You can envision centering in your physical heart or in your heart chakra it doesn’t matter much. Heart meditation gives you a high sense of intimacy. With yourself, with others, with existence itself.

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How to do a meditation

Well, there are different ways and approaches for doing a meditation. We suggest that you use your breath and imagination to focus on your heart. You breathe in, you focus on your heart and you bring all the love energy to your heart. The basics of Heart meditation are breathing, focussing and centering (love) energy into your heart.

Guided meditation

The benefits of meditation are many, read the article below. It’s also nice that the meditations on this website are guided meditations. A guided meditation takes you along. You can relax and let go. You just have to follow the voice which gives you suggestions. And even that you don’t have to do. Subconsciously the voice guides you. Your focus is directed to the aim of the meditation. Where your attention goes, energy flows. So if you are guided to your heart, you inevitably end up in the space, the energy, the vibration of love.

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Intimacy training

e-Course Deepening your Relationship

e-Course Intimacy starts with YOU !

Living with an Open Heart

21 benefits of tantra Heart meditation

benefits of heart meditation

Heart meditation is proved to be very beneficial to humans. Heart-coherence, for instance, is measurable and scientifically researched. Heart meditation brings your more and lasting heart coherence which is very beneficial for your health. Heart meditation brings you relaxation and a kind of inner calmness. Things on the outside can be very troublesome or fiercely, inside you remain (more) calm. Being in your heart also gives you more peace of mind. The heart coordinates everything and if the heart is calm than the mind stops worrying also. Heart meditation gives people a connection to a deep sense of happiness. You can enjoy yourself in life, and doing that from the heart, brings you enormous inner joy. That’s happiness from inside.

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Simple Heart meditation

Free Heart medtation - simple heart meditation– open your heart every day – it’s free!

Waking up in the morning is a perfect time to do a short tantra Heart meditation. Your mind isn’t very active yet so little distraction. It’s a perfect way to start the day. Heart meditation makes you Lovingly so why not start with it? And also during the day, you can take a breather. Just a few minutes to slow down, relax, focus, and envision that you breathe into your heart. If you follow the link you’ll find this simple Heart meditation in words and guided audio.

Do the guided Simple Heart meditation – do it now!
Read the script (text) of the Simple Heart meditation
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7 Tantra Heart meditations explained

7 heart meditations explained

There are so many different tantra Heart meditations. To inspire you we describe seven of them. In the above, you’ve encountered a simple Heart meditation (1) already. Heart circling (2) is another way. Imagine that your love energy circles around in your body. It flows up through the back on your in-breath and it flows down through the front of your body on your out-breath. The So Ham meditation (3) focuses primarily on the front of your body. Breath/energy flows up on your in-breath while you silently chant “So” in your mind. It flows down in the front of your body while you silently chant “Ham”. So Ham means as much as “I am”. So Ham really opens your chest (heart chakra) so that you can lovingly connect to other people. All about the LoveSpirit (4) you can find below.

Playing with Love energy

The LoveSwing (5) is yet another tantra Heart meditation which is all about playing with love energy. Once you’ve created a love energy voltage you can “swing” with it from heart to heart. A beautiful tantric game for lovers. The Connection Breath (6) makes an intimate connection with yourself, others, the world. While the Heart Center Meditation (7) fills you up with all kinds of loving support. Enough said here… Read more about the 7 (and more) Heart meditations.

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Tantra Heart meditation LoveSpirit

Heart meditation LoveSpirit– Free guided meditation to purify, nurture and heal

The LoveSpirit is a beautiful tantra meditation to really feel and enjoy the power of love. Love purifies, nourishes and heals. So this meditation first lets you build up some love energy. Energy, that you then can use to cherish whatever needs to be nourished. The pain in your heart and the hard layers around it will be eased and softened.

Do the meditation LoveSpirit – it’s completely free
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Secrets of the Heart

Secrets of the HeartYeah well, secrets should be secret, otherwise, they are no secret. Still, we are going to reveal them because we see them as a big gift to you, to everybody, to the world. Just like so many other stuff (like for instance the Power of Breathing) it is amazing that we don’t hear much about it, that we are not raised with, taught at school, what the wonders of the heart can mean in life. On the contrary, the “Matters of the Heart” are seen as totally inferior to logic, reasoning, the mind, the power of thought. What we then miss is the connection with the wisdom of our heart. What we, therefore, tend to miss is the experience of what life is/means when you are living from the heart. This is the reason we want to share our experiences with you. Perhaps as a counterweight, but primarily as a source of inspiration. That’s why this article, that’s why we organize workshops. We can’t tell you the secrets, you have to experience them by yourselves. That is and always will be your choice, we just invite you for the ride.

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What is tantric love…

What is tantric loveThe question is really funny, even weird. Who doesn’t know what love is?

Osho says: you cannot understand love. If there is love, you just feel that there is love, there are no words or thoughts or needs.

Still, I want to write about it. “daily use” of the word or the concept of love you will notice that there are given many different interpretations. A distinction is made in “types” of love: maternal love, love of a good friend, the love of lovers, love with a capital letter L, just to name a few.

Read more about tantric love
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The power of the heart is enormous

The power of the heart is enormous. If you focus on your heart Mystericals will happen. We can write the whole day about what happens in your life if you practice heart meditation. In this article, we present you 10 of the major benefits.

The power of the heart is enormous

What is a heart orgasm

and how to get it

what is a heartorgasmWords like “delight”, “bliss” and “ecstasy” approach the feeling that you can have with a heart orgasm. In our opinion it is a state of being, that is not outside of yourself. It is a state of being that puts you in full contact with your source, with what you really are. And in that state of being you are not separate, then you are óne. One with yourself, one with life, one with the All.

The shivers you get across your skin. Tingles that run up and down your spine, and rush at the back of the head. Everything in life comes from and is created by orgasmic energy. In the west we have all been taught that orgasmic energy is just limited to the climax felt during sex. But that is not even scratching the surface of the full potential of orgasmic energy.

What is a heart orgasm

Heal your heart

heal your heartWe are all hurt in life, in different ways. You might have experienced the loss of a partner. A parent left you, in your daily life or emotionally, and you felt abandoned. At school you were bullied, you felt put aside. Perhaps in your work, you felt that you were being passed over, or you felt discarded and sidelined.

If you protect your heart against (hurtfull) feelings, you close your heart for all feelings, and thus also for the love in your heart and in your life. So it is time to heal your heart, to be able to live a loving life.  When your heart is no longer shielded, a truly amazing phenomenon occurs. An open heart is a divine gateway to exploring an entirely new world! You will be able to be vulnerable. And then your life can be juicer, richer.

Heal your heart

What VIP’s say

There are a million songs about love. But also there is a lot said about love by famous people. Most of the time they talk about love and compassion, but some address Heart meditation directly. What to think about the Dalai Lama or Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. See the links below.

Oprah Winfrey – opening the heart through loving kindness meditation

blankDeepak Chopra – 7-Step Meditation to Open Your Heart

Osho on The Heart

Tony Robbins – Gratitude meditation

Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh – awakening the heart

Swami Satchidananda Heart Sutra

Louise Hay – Meditation to Open Your Heart

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Relevant links

Heart Math

Heartdance (Dutch)

Sufi Meditation of the Heart

Harvard Health – meditation offer significant heart benefits

Way of the Heart – video

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