Tantra for singles

Tantra for singles is aimed to give singles an insight in tantra and the solo practice they can do. You don’t need a partner to do tantra meditation. We have different articles to give you plenty of information and a bunch of e-Courses for you to do.

tantra for singles: a taste of tantraWhat is Tantra

To understand what tantra can do for singles, it is important that you know what tantra is. We have multiple articles on Tantra for beginners. Extensive information you can read in the key article Tantra explained.

Tantra for beginners: 8 easy steps to learn tantra meditation.

Tantra sex first steps on the path of tantra sex.

A Taste of Tantra – Introduction Course.

e-Courses for singles

Living with an Open Heart

Introduction Course a Taste of Tantra

e-Course Re-discover your sexuality

e-Course Intimacy starts with YOU !

e-Course How to become Multi-orgasmic (M) – Start today!

tantra for men

Tantra for single men

Tantra for men is a collection of insights, meditations, articles, and e-Courses specifically aimed at (single) men. Beginners and advanced. Also Tantric sex for men.


  • What is tantra.
  • Embrace your dark side.
  • Tantra meditations for men.
  • Power-up: re-discover your sexuality.
  • Tantra sex for single men.
  • How to become multi-orgasmic.
  • Learn how to find a partner.

Read more: Tantra for men.

Sexuality training (for men)

e-Course Re-discover your sexuality

e-Course How to become Multi-orgasmic (M) – Start today!

Learn how to find a partner

When you understand why you long for women chances are that you are much better able to attract one.

Looking for connection.

When you show yourself to the world as a strong, radiant, loving man, in full communication with yourself, your body, your feelings, your heart … As someone who has something to gíve. Someone who brings love to the world. In your own life and in that of others… Showing yourself like this makes you super attractive to women. For sure, you will find a tantric partner then, to expand your love, more and more.

What women like to see in a man: what attracts a woman

How to attract a women.

How to find a tantric partner.

Tantra for singles – for women

Tantra for women: 10 signs that you, as a woman, are ready for tantra

  1. You want to get more relaxed and peace of mind.
  2. You want to feel lively, enthusiastic and wonderfully energetic again.
  3. To be happy with your body, feel more confident.
  4. You would like to be better able to guard your limits.
  5. You want more balance between giving and receiving in your life.
  6. You want to live a loving life with yourself and with others.
  7. You want to be a radiant woman.
  8. You want to (re) discover your fire, your sexuality.
  9.    You want to come home to yourself, be who you really are.
  10. You are looking for that deep connection with the other.

Read Solana’s blog about this: Tantra for women.

Intimacy training (for women)

e-Course Intimacy starts with YOU !

Living with an Open Heart

Tantra for singles - Tantra for beginnersTantra for singles – beginners

Tantra for beginners is exciting! It’s already a long time ago that we did our first tantra meditation, but I still remember it. Wow, from the critical mind to the depths of my heart. For the first time, I FELT my body, my energy, my heart, my love. I FELT intimate with everyone around me. It was mind-blowing. I hope it will be the same for you.

Tantra for beginners


More articles for singles

The Power of Breathing

Heart meditation – Open your Heart every day

Tantric partner – How to find a tantric partner

Better in bed – 5 practical tips

Tantra for singles – How to start with tantra (sex) without a partner

Tantra Training – What is Tantra training? – Why can’t you train to be YOU?

Looking for connection

How to attract a woman – 15 tips that work

Tantra basics – beautiful tantric practices and rituals

What women like to see in a man – what attracts a woman

What is multi-orgasmic? Multi-orgasm explained – Go for longer lovemaking!

Regulate your excitement and ejaculation

Tantra for men – from frustration to fulfillment

Tantric exercises you can do at home

Tantra for women

7 Heart meditations explained

How to train your PC muscle – decide if and when to ejaculate!

Tantra lessons online – Enjoy tantra practices in your own home – Learn tantra

7 Kundalini meditations explained – adding sexual energy to your life energy – free meditations

Tantra for singles, powered by Solana and Satori

Tantra for singles – How to start with tantra (sex) without a partner

Satori de Ruijter

Hi, my name is Satori. You could say that I am enjoying life very much. Always looking at the bright side. My passion and lifestyle is tantra. Tantra is in my life for more than 20 years now. My wife and I fully enjoy it. We gave tantric workshops for many years. Now retired, but we have online tantra websites (ENG/NL). See online-tantra.com or .NL

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