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Tantra explained is a growing key article on the many aspects of Tantra. This way you can explore the world of tantra. It’s your starting point to discover tantra and its many insights, techniques & meditations. Below you will find many articles describing tantric areas like: What is tantra, tantric relationship. tantric touch, tantric sex. There are many free guided (kundalini/heart/couple) meditations and exercises you can do at home…

So check out the tantra meaning in underlying info/pages

What is Tantra – tantra definition

Tantric exercises (you can do at home)

Tantra for singles

More on Tantric relationships

More on Tantric sex

Tantric Heart meditation

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tantra for singles: a taste of tantra
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In a short time, you can learn the principles of tantra and integrate them into your daily life.

This course is exactly what the name suggests. It gives you a (first) tantric experience and an introduction to the many subjects of tantra. You will discover the way we see tantra and how we create online tantric courses.  

Try it and see what Tantra can do for you.

Tantra definition – What is tantra

– Growing in Love and Consciousness

Tantra is primarily to practice, feel, experience. So all words actually fall short. But let us begin by telling you that tantra is not only about sex, it is much more. The reach and depth of Tantra are so enormous, it affects all aspects of your life. And thus also your sex life.

e-Course Intimacy starts with YOU - Solana - touchedTantra is our path of growing consciousness, and especially the path of love.

Tantra is an amazing discovery, the discovery of yourself. However, in Tantra there’s not so much a goal to reach, the journey itself is enormously important. Enjoy while you travel! Tantra is a path full amazement and learning, and on your way, you get more in touch with yourself and your inner joy. And finally, tantra is experiencing and above all, pleasure, enjoyment, bliss !!! It is the bliss of coming home. Living an authentic life, your true nature.

Read more about Love and Consciousness in What is Tantra
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Tantra meaning – Tantra Themes

Tantra explained - Tantra themesDear reader. In the article What is tantra you can read what tantra is to us. Tantra is primarily to practice, feel, experience. There are six themes as a common thread running through our courses.

Read all about tantra themes
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Why study tantra at home?

why meditate at homeOf course, doing a tantra workshop has advantages. Being in a group can support and speed up your process. The teachers (hopefully) create an atmosphere of trust. Which is important because to grow is to open up, be vulnerable and letting go of limiting conditioning. The energy of the group and the process where you’re in will support that. So we’re all for doing tantric workshops, please continue!

However, there are strong reasons for also doing some work, some personal growth at home. We believe that a mixture of both will work fine. The article “Why study Tantra at home?” puts some light on these aspects.

Why study Tantra at home?
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tantra for menTantra for men – from frustration to fulfillment.

Tantra for men is a collection of insights, meditations, articles, and e-Courses specifically aimed at (single) men. Beginners and advanced. Also Tantric sex for men. Learn how to find a partner.

Tantra for men – from frustration to fulfillment
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Why we love the tantric touch so much

There are several ways that you can touch someone. It can be functional as doctors do. It can be lustful like someone does who is highly sexual and full of lust/desire to “get” something (out of you!). A tantric touch, on the contrary, is a loving touch. Simple, a touch with and out of love. A touch from the heart, a giving touch, love itself. That way you don’t make the other to an object of science or lust, but you make a real connection. Preferably a heart to heart connection, but at least your side of that connection is from the heart. And to conclude, when you’re touched with the tantric touch, you feel loved! A great feeling…

Learn all about the other reasons why we love the tantric touch so much
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blankFree Heart meditation The opening

Tantra is the path of the Heart, is growing in Love and Consciousness. We invite you to do a FREE Heart meditation. You will love it! It’s all about opening your heart, let love in. Love is magical, love is life energy! With love, you feel alive and kicking! With love you will never feel alone, always connected. So fill your heart with love, open up and… overflow…

Do the FREE Heart meditation the Opening 
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Tantric exercises you can do at home

Tantric exercises you can do at homeGrowing in Love and Consciousness is home base for tantra.  So start with awareness. Are you present? Most of the time we are preoccupied with doing, thinking. Busy, busy, busy. So regularly take a moment to be present. Take a breather. Just a couple of time every day… Stop and take a breather. Close your eye if possible (don’t do that in the car) and focus on your breathing. Relax and feel your body, feel even beyond your body and feel that YOU ARE. You are present, here and now. Simple isn’t it? Well, you will forget fast enough, but that’s okay. As much as you can remember. Do this simple meditation. You can do it anywhere.

More on Tantric exercises you can do at home (or in your car)
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Check it out – Try one of our e-Courses

Tantra lessons online - a Taste of TantraHopefully the above made you a little curious. You want to know how you can bring tantra into your life. Look, therefore, look at the overview of our online products. There must be something that suits you. Start today!

Bring tantra into your life, choose here what suits you!


For instance, try the introduction course a Taste of Tantra
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Tantra meaning – Tantric joy in your life

Tantra explained - Tantric Joy– tantra is all for joy. Go for happiness, fall into bliss!

Tantra to us is growing in Love and Consciousness. That sounds serious and in a sense it is. But tantra is also oh so joyous! Tantra is all for happiness. It starts with enjoying life! Then happiness from the heart comes into play. Finally, ecstasy is possible. It’s not about goal-getting, joy, happiness, bliss is a result of a life full of love and consciousness. So why does tantra result in happiness?

Read all about what causes tantric joy in your life
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Learn Tantra – What is a Tantric relationship?

Tantra explained - what is a tantric relationshipTantra is all about growing in Love and Consciousness so a tantric relationship reflects that. Tantric partners are committed to being as conscious as can be. They help each other with this. From conscious breathing to conscious sex. In “normal” relationship you see a lot of unconscious projection of fears, old pain and suppressed emotions on the partner. In tantric relations, this mirroring recognized and the start of personal growth.

Accepting the differences

Instead of judgment, there is acceptance of what is so different in men and women. Polarity in energies is also used to merge into oneness. Tantric partners are on a spiritual journey. And of course, tantric sex is part of that journey. A journey to enjoy and heal what is needed to heal.

Read more about tantric relationships and tantric practices
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Tantra explained: What is tantric sex?

Tantra explained - tantric sex explainedTantra has a magical appeal. Ask people on the street what tantra is and 9 out of 10 will link tantra with sex. So a tantric relationship is also all about sex. Tantric partners go to sex parties and fuck around all the time… Yeah, well, that’s just not true. Surely tantra has an effect on your sex life but it isn’t all about indulgence in sex. In fact, sex is only a small part of tantric relationships. Why, well, because sex is no more (at least less), it’s all about lovemaking.  It’s about merging male and female energies together into the space of oneness. The ecstasy of disappearing in time and space.

Read more about Tantric sex
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White tantra Red tantra – pink tantra – black tantra

the colors of tantra - white tantra Red tantraTantra definition: What is it – how to choose…

There is an incredibly deep, complex history to Tantra (and Yoga), which would take years to learn. For an in-depth explanation of tantra, we refer to the key article Tantra explained. Here you’ll find some basic information about different types of tantra. There are four types:

  • White tantra.
  • Red tantra.
  • Pink tantra.
  • Black tantra.

More on white tantra Red tantra Pink tantra Black tantra
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Tantra skills for being happy, fully alive and kicking!

Tantra skills for being happyTantra is all about living consciously and lovingly. Being fully energetic and feeling that you are alive. Don’t thínk about it, FEEL it. You can choose to be happy and also feel it. To be happy and feel alive and kicking! Use your senses. Let your sexual/love/life energy flow. Expand into a big loving presence. To do this, there are many tantric skills you can use. You can learn them in our courses. Try it and feel what it can do for you!

Tantra skills for being happy, fully alive and kicking!
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Tantra basics – beautiful tantric practices and rituals

Tantra basicsTantra has a number of beautiful uses and rituals. In this article Tantra basics, we want to introduce some of these to you. You will encounter these “basics” regularly in our courses, so if you’re going to do a course, you’re prepared.

Tantra basics – beautiful tantric practices and rituals
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Tantra explained: Happiness happens when you fit with your life

happiness is always an inside jobAbout your misery you can talk, we’re used to that. That’s okay. But have you ever tried to talk about your happiness? Just being happy and cheerful. Radiant, overflowing with love? Having a great time, loving everything. People will stare at you as if you’re crazy. Happiness isn’t a conversation issue. People won’t believe you or will look skeptical. Ah well, they think by themselves, it will pass. A temporary madness. Tomorrow he/she will encounter misery again. Are we addicted to misery or what?

Read more about Happiness
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Tantra meaning: What is Tantra yoga?

blankIt’s lovemaking, play, kiss, move and enjoy it…

Tantra yoga is more than sex… Most people think about sex when talking about tantra or tantra yoga. However, for us, tantra is much more, so much more than sex. See the key article on tantra: Tantra explained or the article What is tantra.

Tantric technique of expansion

Tantra is all about techniques (tan) of expansion (tra). Tantra yoga is a technique, a tantric practice that uses (condemned) sex positions and body movements to activate life energy. When you grow in your life energy, and at the same time you stay totally relaxed in that energy, you reach a state of awareness that is beyond the physical plane. If you bring your sexual energy up to your heart and to the higher chakra’s, you can “disappear” in a magnificent, loving, divine world.

Read more about Tantra yoga
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Free Tantra – start here with Free Tantra meditation

Free tantra meditationOf course, we like you to buy/do one of our e-Courses. To win you over, to gain your trust we like to give you lots of FREE TANTRA meditation. We also wrote many articles which can give you great insight in tantra. See the key article on tantra. See our tantra blog. In this article, we give an overview of all the free stuff.

Read more about Free tantra
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Tantra Training – What is Tantra training?

blank– Why can’t you train to be YOU?

Well, we maybe have shocking news for you. Tantra training you can’t really do! Tantra is a process of growing in Love and Consciousness. Tantra is, in fact, a process off “un-training, undoing your conditioning”. Luckily you can set some basic steps for growing. Read more in the article.

Tantra Training – Why can’t you train to be YOU?
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What women likeWhat women like or even need

What women like or even need is arbitrary. Well, maybe the article is not 100% complete or even 100% true but I learned these things in my life. You win some, you lose some. Women are a different species. Women are from Venus, men come from Mars. Take your pick from the list in this article and practice. You will forget, but then… you’ll suffer and have to take the consequences. So read very carefully and remember…

What women like to see in a man
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How to attract a womenWhat you need to do to attract a woman

The way you attract a woman – your dream woman – is simple to love and trust yourself and the universe. Be confident, there’s a match for everyone. You don’t have to Brat Pitt to attract a woman. Okay, some guy maybe seems to be more “equipped” than you, and you do need some preparation. But there is a woman waiting for you out there. You will get “lucky” too. Just be yourself, go for the MATCH and play the attraction game. And when you find your woman, be with her, make her feel good (the way she wants) and take it step by step from there.

How to attract a woman – 15 tips that work
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Tantra explained: Tantra meditationTantra meditation – for singles & couples, men & women

Tantra meditation is growing in Love and Consciousness. Tantric meditation is a way to reveal yourself again. To let your authentic self “rule” your life again. Tantra meditation for singles, tantra meditation for couples. Tantric meditation brings you home!

Tantra meditation – for singles & couples, men & women.
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blankWhat is tantric massage?

What is tantric massage? Or: Tantra massage what is that? We explain it in a series of four articles. Explanation, tantra massage basics, tips, massage tantra techniques, you can read it all here. Tantra massage for couples to practice. Tantric massage that makes couples happy. Enjoy together.

What is tantric massage?
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So join us, learn more about tantra!

Read more

Key article on Tantric Relationships
Key article on Heart meditation
All articles in our Tantra Blog

Check it out – Try one of our e-Courses

Hopefully the above made you a little curious. You want to know how you can bring Tantra into your life. Look, therefore, look at the overview of our online products. There must be something that suits you. Start today!

Bring tantra into your life, choose here what suits you!

Tantra lessons online - a Taste of Tantra

For instance, try the introduction course a Taste of Tantra
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Tantra explained: What is tantra – Free [proven] guided meditations
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