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In this tantra blog, we present you many of the essential insights on tantra. We share with you our 20 years of experience in tantra. Our meditations, practices and knowledge help you to integrate tantra in your daily-life. It’s a blog with key articles on tantra, relationship, heart meditation, multi-orgasmic and conscious living.

tantra explained Tantra explained: What is tantra – Free [proven] guided meditations - In this article, we describe the various aspects of tantra. Explore and taste the deep world of tantra. It's your starting point to discover tantra and its many insights, meditations, and techniques. You will find many items describing tantric areas like: What is tantra, tantric relationship, tantric touch and tantric sex. There are many free guided meditations and exercises you can do and share...at home by yourself or with others.
tantric relationship Tantric relationships: How to make you and your partner the best lovers! - Tantric relationships are awesome! It’s based on love and consciousness and possible for everyone. We explain what a tantric relationship is all about: practices, tantric touch, tantric sex... you find it here. You can enjoy (free) Lovers meditation. So check it out and experience it and become the best lover.
from lust to love From Lust to Love – change your habits, have a free choice - It’s all about love. An elusive term: Love. It stands for another way to see your partner, not as a lust object for your sexual drive. Love reveals itself in many ways: Being together is more than sex. Read this article and find out...
ten tantric practices for a fabulous relationship 10 tantric practices for a fabulous relationship - We present you 10 authentic tantric exercises for a fulfilled relationship. On a daily basis, you can practice it and integrate it into your system. You will remember it and your body and mind don't regret it...

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What is Tantra yoga? Discover your Wild moves. - Tantra yoga is love-making, play, kiss, move and enjoy it… Techniques (tan) of expansion (tra).That’s the literal translation of tantra. Tantra yoga is a technique of expansion, a tantric practice that uses (condemned) sex positions and body movements to activate life energy.
Tantric sex tips. Last longer in bed Tantric sex tips. Enjoy the play!  - Average sex acts, including foreplay and afterglow, lasts eleven minutes. Most men reach their orgasm after 3 to 5 minutes of intercourse. Our goal is to invite you to spend a longer time together in love and sex. Start to create a common energy where love and sex can blissful
what is tantra What is tantra – growing in love and consciousness - The base principle of tantra is to grow in love and expand your consciousness. We give you a must-known background about how tantra affects all aspects of your life. Your being, your manifestation, your patterns: it’s a way of life. Read all out it.
Tantra explained - tantric sex explained Tantric sex explained – It makes normal sex boring - Tantra has a magical appeal. Tantra is popularly linked with sex. We will learn and inspire you that tantra is much more. It’s so wide that, once you discovered a tantric lifestyle, your normal sex life will be boring. Tantra fulfill all your senses.

(How to) Become relaxed and Lovingly – Tantra Blog

Simple Heart meditation Simple Heart meditation – Open your Heart every day - Take a moment for yourself and let this meditation help you. Experience how your heart opens and feel the real and warm love. It’s a free guided meditation to practice together or alone.
tantric touch Why we love the Tantric Touch so much - Tantric Touch is absolutely fabulous. In this article, we give 8 reasons why. First clue: the tantric touch is a loving touch, a touch from the heart.

(How to) Attract your tantric partner – Tantra Blog

Tantric partner - how to find you tantric partner Tantric partner – How to find a tantric partner - A tantric partner will come your way. When you show yourself to the world as a radiant, loving person, in full communication with yourself, your body, your feelings, your heart ...
Tantra explained - what is a tantric relationship What is a Tantric Relationship – key elements of a tantric loving relationship - One of the key elements of a tantric relationship is Union into Loving Presence. Tantra is the path of growing in Love (the feminine part of duality) and Consciousness (the masculine part). Living a conscious loving life is a real challenge. Tantric partners are committed to encourage and help each
Couples meditation for beginners Couples meditation for beginners – practical tantric exercises - Couples meditation is a great way to improve your relationship. It’s a great way to reach a whole new level of intimacy and understanding. This article is about practical exercises/meditations you can do to deepen the intimacy with your partner. Couples meditation for beginners - tantric exercises - for Free!

Free exercises you can do now – also for beginners

Free tantra meditation Free Tantra – start here with Free Tantra meditation - Of course, we like you to buy/do one of our e-Courses. To win you over, to gain your trust we like to give you lots of FREE TANTRA meditation. We also wrote many articles which can give you great insight in tantra. See the key article on tantra. See our
tantra lessons online Free Tantra lessons online – Enjoy tantra practices in your own home – Learn tantra - Our you looking for tantra lessons online? Well, then you're at the right place. Online tantra provides you with plenty of tantra lessons. We have free meditations and intensive e-Courses. There are e-Courses on intimacy, sexuality, love and relationships. Via the menu or the product overview page, you can see
train your PC muscle How to train your PC muscle – decide if and when to ejaculate! - Having a strong (trained) PC muscle has many benefits. E.g. for your health and sex-life. In this article, we explain them and also how you can train PC-muscle. Become healthier or multi-orgasmic; read this article and start.

(How to) Deal with common issues and tantric solutions

conscious tantric living Conscious Tantric Living: a conscious, loving, happy life is possible for everybody! - Conscious Tantric Living: a conscious, loving, happy life is possible for everybody! And it all starts with you! So read about awareness and what you can do. Read about the power of your convictions. Do you want to be happy? In this key article, you can find the way.
stop comparing - its never enough Stop comparing – save yourself the pain of comparing - With the human mind comes duality. Without the mind, there is no duality, no good or bad. Comparison is deeply ingrained in human life. And if you compare you almost always “lose”. So we advise you to stop comparing and suggest you ways to live a happier life.
How can I guard my boundaries Guarding boundaries as well as pushing limits - Boundaries is a subject that regularly returns in tantra. How can I guard my boundaries… As well as pushing limits. How to live a limitless life. Why don't you find out?

Recent in this tantra blog

How to attract a women How to attract a woman – 15 tips that work October 7, 2017 - The way you attract a woman – your dream woman - is simple to love and trust yourself and the universe. Be confident, there’s a match for everyone. You don’t have to Brat Pitt to attract a woman.
What women like What women like to see in a man – what attracts a woman July 30, 2017 - What women like or even need What women like or even need is arbitrary. Well, maybe the article is not 100% complete or even 100% true but I learned these things in my life. You win some, you lose some. Women are a different species. Women are from Venus, men come from Mars. Take your pick from the list in this article and practice. You will forget, but then… you’ll suffer and have to take the consequences. So read very carefully and remember… What women like: They like your undivided
Tantric techniques July 22, 2017 - You probably Googled on Tantra techniques so you are interested in tantra. However, Google shows you lots of links about tantric sex. If that’s what you want, that’s fine. But know that this article is about a much wider range of tantric techniques. Tantra is much more than tantric sex, so you will find many more techniques. We present techniques for singles and tantric techniques for couples.
Tantric partner - how to find you tantric partner Tantric partner – How to find a tantric partner July 10, 2017 - A tantric partner will come your way. When you show yourself to the world as a radiant, loving person, in full communication with yourself, your body, your feelings, your heart ...
7 Lovers - couples meditation explained 7 Lovers / couples meditation explained June 23, 2017 - The magical number of seven. We explained 7 Heart meditations, 7 Kundalini meditations and now we explain 7 Lovers / couples meditations. Generally speaking, all tantric meditations are Lovers / couples meditations. Even when you practice alone, you’re always with your inner lover. In this article, we explain 7 "real" Lovers / couples meditations.

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