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tantra basicsTantra basics – beautiful tantric practices and rituals

Tantra has a number of beautiful uses and rituals. In this article Tantra Basics, we want to introduce some of these to you. You will encounter these “basics” regularly in our courses, so if you’re going to do a course, you’re prepared.

Hereafter we explain the basics and we invite you to try them out right away. If you add a free meditation then you already get a good feel of how an e-Course feels like.

What do you need for the basics

  • A mattress and 2 (meditation) pillows.
  • Beautiful clothes and other beautiful stuff like a statue, a picture, flowers and if you like incense.
  • For each one a longhi: that’s a thin, smooth cover case of about 100/110 x 160/180 cm.

Tantra Basics 1: Make a (tantra) temple

Tantra basics - make a templeBottom line, every time and place is okay for a tantric meeting, but it helps if you take some special time for it. Likewise, it supports the process if you make a beautiful space to meditate. Make something special, quiet, atmospheric, it supports you to get into the mood, get relaxed and let a nice flow arise.

Basic 1 is thus creating a beautiful loving place, a temple, a love temple.

  • Do some magic in your living room or bedroom, preferably a separate room, to create your temple.
  • Place a beautiful Buddha or a tantric statue at key places. Or some other statue that has special meaning to you.
  • Provide good lighting, with candles or other ambient, romantic light. Make a delightful atmosphere.
  • Put down beautiful cloth, flowers, use some incense.
  • Cushions: use lots of pillows and one soft and one or two harder (meditation) cushions.

So really take some time for this. Make a beautiful space for yourself and/or the two of you. It’s absolutely worth the time and effort

Tantra Basics 2: Wear a longhi

Wearing a longhi is common in many tantra workshops. This ensures that you get out of your daily life/daily clothes. Just as you turn your space into a temple, you turn yourself in a divine creature, all supporting you to transform into a different sphere. The advantage of wearing a longhi is also that you can move very easily, without annoying, tight-fitting clothes. It looks nice and is easily removable, quiet handy for instance in a touching/massage exercise. You can also use the longhi to cover yourself or your  partner if you cool down after an inspirational, intense meditation or massage

Tantra Basics 3: Greet each other with a Namasté

A special, tantric way to greet each other is with a Namasté. With this you say: I see and greet the Buddha in you. A gesture that strongly communicates that you see your partner as the divine, perfect being (s)he is.

  • You can do this standing, but it is even more special to take the time and space to do it very calmly when sitting on your knees.
  • Sit opposite and look calmly in the eyes.
  • Bring your palms together in front of your chest.
  • Then bend slowly until your foreheads touch each other. Look at each other as long as possible.
  • After a few moments you (both) get up again (and look each other in the eyes as soon as possible).

Check out this demo and see how to make a Namasté.

And … smile!

Tantra Basics 4: Deliciously together in Shiva/Shakti – sit

A very nice, delightful, tantric way to connect with your (meditation) partner is sitting together in the ‘Shiva/Shakti’ sit. This attitude is also called the “Yab Yum position” elsewhere.

Shiva is the tantric name for the man. Shiva, you sit cross-legged on a meditation cushion. If that is too difficult you can stretch one or two legs. Make sure your back is straight. Now put one or two pillows or a meditation cushion on your ankles so that the weight of the woman presses on the pillows and not on your legs.

Shakti is the tantric name for the woman. Shakti, sit down on the pillow and fold your legs around Shiva. Try how many pillows you need to sit comfortably, upright, without leaning on the man. Then put your arms around each other and you can sit together. Your bodies and energies meet. And your chakras are also – at least more or less – on an equal level. Your heart and your sex also get together and the energy can flow between you, in a delicious (heart) connection.

Start the demo and see how Shiva and Shakti come together.

Tantra Basics 5: Finish with a Bowing Down

And then you come to the end of a tantric meeting. You would like to thank each other in a beautiful tantric way. For this, the Bowing Down is very suitable: a great way to express your recognition and gratitude, but without words! A very tantric way to thank your partner for being together.

blankIt goes like this:

  • Kneel opposite of each other at the end of the mattress.
  • Look into each other’s eyes, bring your hands in Namasté before your chest.
  • One of you starts: you bend over, looking your partner in the eyes for as long as possible, bend over until you’re on the mattress with your chest: you slide down to your partner’s feet and speak – without words – the gratitude, recognition, and love for your (meditation) partner. Take your time!
  • You get up again and look in your partner’s eyes as soon as possible.
  • In turn, you thank each other with a Bowing Down…

… and also end up with a delicious hug or kiss, whatever your needs.

Enjoy your tantric meeting!

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Tantra basics – beautiful tantric practices and rituals

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