How to say no without drama – Life lessons are for learning

Saying no without drama

How to say no without drama. When people meet two worlds come together. Those worlds are not always aligned with each other. Discovering the world, discovering your (future) partner makes you push limits, exploring possibilities. It happens however that you then cross boundaries that are not to be crossed. The other feels intruded or even abused. It’s more or less a (negative) vicious circle, frustration can set in. So how to say no without drama? How to say no in time?

Letting go isn’t easy

Letting go isn't easy

Letting go is not easy. You meet someone and the lightning strikes. Or you have known each other for a while and suddenly something beautiful grows. And without hearing a warning, the divorce is there. How do you let go, how can you deal with that?

What makes a great relationship. 9 keys factors of a tantric relationship.

What makes a good relationship

A good relationship is based on the firm foundation of (self) love and consciousness. You understand that connecting with your partner means that you have to open up and show yourself. Honesty is needed (but scary). You, however, have great trust in life and in your partner, because your relationship is a safe haven. There is respect for your partner and you accept the differences. You always (try to) focus on giving positive feedback, speaking highly of your spouse. This brings you happiness and gives you deep relaxation.

In a good relationship, it’s not only your mind speaking. No, you communicate with all you’ve got: body, mind, heart, and soul. In good relationships, partners also have polarity, they enjoy sexual attraction (and tantric sex). In and out of bed they learn from each other. Looking in the mirror reveals a lot of (growing) potential. You learn and at the same time, you stay fresh, avoiding routine and awakening your senses. You keep exploring, looking for limits that don’t even exist. Your relationship becomes even great “if you lose yourself”. If you merge into oneness with your partner.

The lessons of your twin flame

the lessons of your twin flame

The person who has met his twin flame, or soul mate, knows how special and intense that is. But rarely does anyone get the chance to enter into a “normal” relationship with his/her twin flame. But what are the lessons of your twin flame?