Heal your heart

heal your heart

  Heal your heart Your heart is the gateway to a happy life. In your heart is the center of your being, it is the seat of love. This article is part of a series of articles about the heart

The power of the heart

The power of the heart

The power of the heart is enormous. If you focus on your heart Mystericals will happen. We can write the whole day about what happens in your life if you practice heart meditation. You can read more in our key article about heart meditation. For now, we sum up some of the major benefits.

Heart meditation The opening

Heart meditation The opening

Probably you already know how good it feels to live with an open heart. Then your love flows, you’re a loving part of the bigger picture that is life. Mmmm … then life is good, then you feel happy. This heart meditation brings you into your heart again. Feel at ease, feel the peace there. Feel that you are … love.

What is tantric love – YOU are love

What is tantric love

Who doesn’t know what love is? In “daily use” of the word or the concept of love you will notice many different interpretations on what love is. A distinction is made in “types” of love: maternal love, love of a good friend, the love of lovers, and love with a capital letter L, just to name a few.

In this article we tell you about tantric love.

7 Heart meditations explained

7 heart meditations explained - Free tantra

There are so much different ways to do a Heart meditation. In the spiritual world, there are many lineages of meditation, all with their own ways of doing things. So please find out what works for you. Maybe dancing is a great way for you to get into your heart. Maybe singing is your thing. If you are sensitive about the vocal part o love energy singing or chanting is all for you. We invite you to try it and find out!

21 Benefits of Heart meditation

benefits of heart meditation

It’s an adventure to write about the benefits of Heart meditation. Heart meditation is so powerful! Love can move mountains. But love is also magical, love can’t be explained. Love is… love. Tantra is experiencing and the power of love is not something you think about. You live it. Living a loving life.

Living with an open heart. Then…. you find out the benefits for yourself.