Sex, love, and ecstasy

Sex, love, and ecstasy

Sex, love, and ecstasy. The longing to be together, also or especially sexually, to become óne together, stems from the spiritual need to return to the oneness of creation, the oneness in yourself. As the sexual energy between your bodies flows and merges, your lovemaking becomes an experience of deep intimacy, in which you can even experience ecstasy.

7 Kundalini meditations explained – adding sexual energy to your life energy – free meditations

7 kundalini meditations explained - free tantra

Sexual energy can be a major part of your life energy. When your sexual energy is flowing you feel alive, strong, powerful, energetic. Tantra is the path of love of the heart, but also bodily orientated. So it not surprising that sexual energy and using your senses are key in tantra.

In this article, we describe 7 ways to get your sexual energy going and flowing again.