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Secrets of the Heart

Secrets of the Heart. Secrets of the Heart - you touch my heartYeah well, secrets should be secret, otherwise, they are no secret. Still, we are going to reveal them because we see them as a big gift to you, to everybody, to the world. Just like so many other stuff (like for instance the Power of Breathing) it is amazing that we don’t hear much about it, that we are not raised with, taught at school, what the wonders of the heart can mean in life. On the contrary, the “Matters of the Heart” are seen as totally inferior to logic, reasoning, the mind, the power of thought. What we then miss is the connection with the wisdom of our heart. What we, therefore, tend to miss is the experience of what life is/means when you are living from the heart. This is the reason we want to share our experiences with you. Perhaps as a counterweight, but primarily as a source of inspiration. That’s why this article, that’s why we organize workshops. We can’t tell you the secrets, you have to experience them by yourselves. That is and always will be your choice, we just invite you for the ride.

Below some secrets who you can try to grasp, feel, sense. Enjoy them and please be playful. Being in your heart gives you delicious joy. So smile and enjoy the journey.

Feel the source

Secrets of the Heart - the sourceSooner or later we’re all looking for something, looking for oneness, looking for “ourselves”. Stop looking. Just feel… Feel the source in you … The source of BEING is (in) our heart. Our body is the temple of our soul with the heart as an integration point. What if only… you had to be… Just as you are, exactly as you are. Wouldn’t that be a big relief to you? Wouldn’t that give a great breathing space! So, we begin this journey where we end up, at the source. Just feel… Make contact with your heart, feel and find the source.

Let your mind shift

When you put your focus on your heart you immediately make a first mind-shift happen. It can actually be mind blowing what happens because your focus is changed immediately and radically. When you’re in your heart you don’t think any more about getting, but much more about giving. Getting (having, owning) suddenly isn’t important anymore, but giving (sharing, serving) obtains the overtone. What follows is that you start to look for ways to give, to share, to add, to serve. The ego disappears to the background, loving action is starting to take first place more and more.

Find peace and relaxation

When you go to your heart you will notice the peace and relaxation that descends upon you. Simple breathing to your heart is a beautiful way to discover the peace and quietness of the heart. Focus on your heart, take a breather and feel how delicious that feels. Take some time now, take a breather. Just breath for a while to and through your heart.

Secrets of the Heart - happy smileJoy of Life

The joy of life is an important feature of being in your heart. When your life energy flows, when your power, your passion gets directed by the voice of your heart, then you feel rooted, strong and happy. Then life has meaning and you know where you stand for / believe in and go/live for. The meaning of life arises from your heart and soul. To live, to work wholeheartedly… That makes you happy! That’s a kind of joy that comes from the inside and stays with you even at times that things are not so working out for you. Can you feel that? Feel the joy that’s in your heart. Smile and feel this happiness inside.

Come to balance

Secrets of the Heart - chakrasThe heart is the integration center in your body, in your life, in your being. It is literally the center of all your chakra’s from top to bottom. Your heart is the center, the integration center of inside and out. Past and future join there in the NOW. Duality comes together and is integrated into one. Being in your heart gives you balance. Being in your heart puts you in the middle, in the NOW. And that gives you a deep harmonic feeling, feel it yourself.


See the Love & Light

Radiate through life. Imagine a heart which is a beautiful, immense source of light (and it’s true). That light warms you, that light fills your body. You are full of Love & Light. A light that also radiates to the outside. Through your eyes, through your skin. Love light that fills up your aura. Your light, your loving presence makes a difference. You will notice that you really touch people when you radiate your love & light. Radiate from the heart and make a connection. Just feel, just radiate…

Secrets of the Heart

Feel your healing power

Secrets of the Heart - healing powerThe power of love is enormous. Love is a healing power which we can’t even barely comprehend. You can heal your own wounds by embracing them lovingly. Just become aware of the painful spots and cherish them with love. What fits/suits you will grow, what you no longer need will dissolve. Healing power also for others. You can’t heal, but just by being loving, you give others the chance to soften their pain. Your loving presence creates miracles.

Enjoy your senses

When you connect your senses with your heart, a new dimension arises into your life. Then there’s the Loving Touch. A very special touch full of loving presence. A quality in touching we hardly know anymore but available for you! Connect your hands, your fingers with your heart. Feel who/what/where you are touching. Feel with whole your heart, wholeheartedly… Let your love overflow and touch the other to the deepest of his or her heart. And this way you can use all your senses. Try it!

Center of relations

We’re all looking for a connection. We all have a great desire for connection. It turns out that the heart is the gateway to connect. Open your body, open your heart and immediately you are connected. Connected with yourself, connection with the other, connection with existence itself. Beware of your body talk, take care open an open body posture. Soften your chest and open up (pull your shoulders a little backward). Breath, open your heart and soften. Remove all obstacles. Reach out…

Catch the vibe

Secrets of the Heart - Catch the vibe

The heart is a very powerful transmitter/receiver. The heart has intelligence and directs and coordinates everything. Your mind may be directing your body, but the heart coordinates all (also your mind). The heart sends and receives at the love frequency. It gives a powerful (measurable)  electromagnetic field, 3000 x as powerful as your brainwaves. It causes a vibration in your body and in the air which we all know. A vibration of peace, joy, bliss. A vibration which lovers fill their love bubble with. Nothing is needed, all is there, life is perfect. So tune into the frequency, come into contact with the vibration of your heart. Feel the vibe. Feel it and fill the space around you with it.

Secrets of the Heart

Open the peace center

It looks as if the whole world is in a continuous fight.  We are all pro or contra something. We have many judgments. Our mind is selective, the body still has preferences but the heart is unconditional. So stop fighting again “what is”. Listen to the voice of your heart! Accept the way it is now and “just” send out your loving intentions for the future. Surrender to the peaceful voice of your heart. Things aren’t good or bad, they become what you make out of it. So please find the peace in your heart, deep acceptance of what is.

Melting pot

blankThe heart is a mighty place where the male and feminine melt together as one. There are many songs written about love and it’s  always about melting, How man and women, how the male and the feminine are united to oneness. Coming together, fuse in the heart. One Love, One Heart! Whether you’re sitting in front of each other, standing in a hug or sitting in Shiva-Shakti position. Let your heart melt with the heart of someone else. Feel the heat, feel the love energy and mix, melt, be One.


Love transforms. We all know the vibration of anger. We all know the vibration of lust. The heart is unconditional and transforms. All vibrations get their place and are joined in the symphony of life (energy). All energies (emotions) are allowed to be, without judgment. But anger cannot exist long in de vibration of love. The energy behind it is released. Lust is fine but becomes love. Why be satisfied with a cracker if you can have a delicious cake?

Gateway to Infinity

We started with this, the SOURCE. The heart is the place where you can feel the source. A gateway to infinity. When you disappear into your heart, you are in this world, but not from this world anymore. Time and place disappear. A deep space full of gratitude opens for you. An infinite space connecting everyone and everything. A divine world in which you live eternally.

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Secrets of the Heart
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