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Relationship dip:
9 things to do if you are in a relationship dip

Relationship dip. What to do? We present simple effective exercises and things to do to restore intimacy into your relationship. You can choose what fits you. Try them today!

Relationship dip – what to do?

1. Don’t worry!

Intimacy comes and goes. It’s an ongoing process of being together and (wanting) to be alone. It’s natural, everybody has it. So if it happens to you don’t worry. Intimacy will return into your relationship.

2. Release

Sometimes it’s not perfect timing to want to be intimate again. Maybe you or your partner are full of emotion (anger/grief). This is the time to take a step back and take care for yourself

  • Take me-time.
  • Go for a walk (in nature).
  • Have a nice workout (get tired).
  • Have fun somewhere.

3. Look for mental intimacy – align mentally

You are romantic partners so there must be a match between you two. Take advantage of that, let it work for you. Talk about the things you both like, agree on. Can be everything.

  • Talk about the things you both like, agree on.
  • Do a 5-minute check-in. Talk and listen. What’s on your mind right now. Share your now.
  • Do an inquiry. Take a subject (desire, sex, holiday, or…) and talk and listen. What is love to you?
  • Give positive feedback. Even if you have to try hard. Give POSITIVE feedback.

4. Create physical intimacy

Relationship dip - sit Shiva / ShaktiWe are all looking for connection. If there are obstacles in the way and talking is not the way to intimacy, then stop talking with words. Communicate with your bodies. So touch! Let your bodies touch each other.

  • Go for a walk – hold hands.
  • Give a long hug (in the kitchen). Don’t talk, don’t do much.
  • Get into spooning position in bed or on the sofa.
  • Rest your head onto the lap of your partner (or the other way round).
  • Sit Shiva / Shakti for a while.
  • Touch your partner lovingly – make it a tender touch.

5. Cherish emotional intimacy

When you and/or your partner are very emotional (agry/sad/disappointed/,,, try to accept that completely. You don’t have to change it. It isn’t good or bad. It’s just the way you are at this moment. Accept it and the next moment can be different (more intimate).

  • Sit face to face and observe his/her emotional state of being.
  • Observe your own state as well – let it be. It’s ok, Even if you’re madly angry. Don’t do/say anything!
  • Start looking lovingly to whatever you observe. Look lovingly to anger, sadness, desperation in your partner’s face.

6. Go for loving vibrations – the intimacy of the heart

Deep intimacy comes from the heart. If your heart is closed you feel nothing, like a zombie. So open your heart and feel what is. Embrace your feeling, be loving to yourself. Do some heart meditation (breath into your heart). Feel how you soften. Feel how there arises more space to let your partner in again,

  • Do a heart meditation. Together (with each other) or simultaneously (next to each other).
  • As above,¬† look lovingly at your partner. Give him/her in mind everything his/her heart desires.
  • Do a love-swing. Give love on your out-breath. Receive love on your in-breath.

7. Do something you both like very much

Doing isn’t always bad. It takes your mind off things. Choose your activity with care. Go out to the beach/mountains/woods/nature. Have dinner together, go on a small trip. Go to the movies or have an outdoor workout together. And of course, you can also try having sex. Nothing better to clear the air then good heavy sex.

  • Go out!
  • Have fun.
  • Have great sex.

8. Do some soul-searching

The soul-connection between partners is established in a split second. When you have met your soulmate, well then you know it. Unfortunately, that bliss-feeling can subside in daily life very quickly. Tantra restores the conditions. When you create a romantic/tantric atmosphere then chances are that to also can restore the soul-connection.

  • Make a romantic/tantric place.
  • Go to your heart, feel your power, see you partner as a God/Goddess.
  • Start with a Namast√©, engage in eye-gazing, look beyond.
  • Meet your soulmate?

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9. Revive your relationship with guided meditations

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Relationship dip, powered by Online Tantra Courses

Relationship dip: what to do if you’re in a dip with your partner

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