The LoveSwing – Heart meditation


a meditation that connects you

– with yourself.
– with the other.
– with existence.

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The LoveSwing – Heart meditation

– a meditation that connects you

– with yourself.
– with the other.
– with existence.

With yourself

The main point of the meditation is, that you focus your attention, your awareness, to your heart. Simply by breathing very conscious into your heart, you build up (love)energy and you become more loving. And then you “swing”. Think about a swing. It goes up and down from one side to another and back… and on and on…. So swing! On your out breath, you give love energy and on your in breath you receive it. The swing goes from in front of your heart forward and then back again to your heart. On your out breath you give love and on your in breath you receive love.

If you do this alone, with yourself, then a loving flow is created in and around you. You can use it e.g. to embrace your painful emotions tend. If you do this with someone else, you send love to and receive love from him/her. The same with the world, with existence. When your focus is on your in breath you receive love. If you breathe out: that is your loving contribution to the world.

With another person

Loveswing - Heart meditationThe meditation Loveswing – Heart meditation uses this love flow. So, swing up and down, forward and back. Energy can flow like this, just like a swing,  forward and back. From your heart, forward, to the heart of another person. Touching his/her heart. Your love flows into his/her heart.  That other person can be your lover, your child, your best friend. Or the heart of someone who needs help and some love.  That is one side of the swing. But that love can also, from the heart of the other, flow back to your heart.


So maybe you never did it (conscious) before, but send your love to (the heart of) someone.

Even at distance…

When you do the LOVESWING – Heart meditation you can sit (or stand) in front of each other. You look each other in the eyes, bring your focus to your heart, and let your love flow. From your heart, you give love and let it flow to your (meditation)partner. And then you receive the flow of love from his/er heart in your own heart.

If you are alone, you can imagine that the person you would like to feel connected to, sits in front of you. You can also make an appointment to do this meditation at the same time, even being in different places. Does it sound a bit weird? Look at it as a discovery journey. Investigate, with the use of your imagination and with the support of your breathing, what you can feel, can experience.

Loveswing - Heart meditation

With the world

You can do the same with the world. In a swing, you can send your love to the world, a swing of giving and receiving.

The LOVESWING with the world is a great meditation when you don’t feel connected if you don’t feel well. Then imagine that you may receive love, limitless love, on your in-breath. There is abundant love around you and accessible for you. So… breath in and dare to receive….

Do you feel strong and powerful … then give your love to the world. Overflow, without losing love. Share and stay full of love. It works, try it.

Guided meditation LoveSwing – Heart meditation

Before you start:

  • Create a beautiful temple, a place of love that supports your LoveSwing.
  • Choose in how you will ‘swing’, with yourself, with others, with life.
  • Throughout the meditation breath through your MOUTH.
  • At the begin of the LoveSwing focus on your physical heart, but gradually more on your heart chakra, the center of your BEING.
  • When you meditate with yourself, then close your eyes and look inside, or look at yourself in a mirror. And Look Lovingly!
  • This meditation has the character of a nurturing. Be gentle with yourself.
  • When you meditate with another or with the world, then keep your eyes open and make them soft. Visualize the other one / the environment where you are.
  • Use your hands and arms in front of your chest to support your breath, the movement of the swing.
  • Use the intensity of your breathing in order to regulate the flow of energy. Don’t force. You cannot force love, see it as a love flow, that receives some support from your breath, from your loving intentions.

Please take a look at Satori’s demo.

Demo meditation LoveSwing – Heart meditation

In the video a short demo of the LoveSwing – Heart meditation!



Guided meditation The LoveSwing – Heart meditation

When you are ready, start the mp3 and let is guide you. Enjoy.

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The LoveSwing – Heart meditation


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