Introduction Course a Taste of Tantra

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In a short time, you can learn the principles of tantra and integrate them into your daily life.

This course is exactly what the name suggests. It gives you a (first) tantric experience and an introduction to the many subjects of tantra. You will discover the way we see tantra and how we create online tantric courses.  

Try it and see what Tantra can do for you.

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Introduction Course a Taste of Tantra

In a short time, you can discover the path of tantra and integrate it into your daily life.

The taste of tantra is more than most people think tantra is about: it’s more than sex. it’s way more than improving your sex life. There is so much (more) to discover. Tantra is the Path of Love, the Path of the Heart. (A taste of) Tantra is about growing in Love and Consciousness and covers all aspects of life. Tantra not only improves your sex/love life but your whole life. Tantra is a way to happiness.

Introduction Course a Taste of Tantra - Intimacy

What you learn with tantra:

  • How to become relaxed ánd alive: more peace of mind, more energy in your body.
  • Ways to revive your sex/life energy: feeling your chakras, boosting your energy, activating the flow of energy in your body (Kundalini energy).
  • How to be the sensual and sexual (wo)man you are: ways to accept yourself, explore your body, feel your (sexual) energy.
  • Techniques to become more loving, living a loving life: heart meditation to open your heart and heal your heartache. Learning to love yourself, others, life!
  • How to connect to yourself and to others: how to bring more intimacy into your life and your relationships.
  • Discover how you can enjoy your body and each other’s body: learning the loving touch, the melting hug, sharing love and intimacy.
  • How to grow in consciousness: being aware. Freeing yourself from (child) beliefs, limiting thoughts, unwanted patterns.
  • The importance to be yourself: how to love yourself. Being able to see that you are perfect, just as you are. And that you áre love.
  • How to improve your sex/love life: allowing (sexual) energy to grow and to flow. How to last longer, to become orgasmic, and to be a better lover also.

So, all together you could say that path of Tantra is the stairway to heaven, a heaven on earth…

Thát’s what tantra can do for you! Thát’s why you should do the introduction course a Taste of Tantra…

Introduction Course a Taste of Tantra - Tantric Bliss

So, you want to learn more about tantra?

Do you want to learn more about tantra, to see what tantra can do for you, what tantra can bring into your life? Then, of course, you can go to a tantra workshop. But maybe that’s a step too far. The time, the cost, a bit fearful of the unknown maybe. You can read books about tantra. But réading about feelings, that’s just a bit one-sided.

So if you want to know more about tantra ánd experience it. If you really want to feel and experience what tantra is about, then this e-course is just the right thing for you.

Try it and see what Tantra can do for you.

This course is exactly what the name suggests. It gives you a general introduction to the many subjects of tantra. You will discover tantra in a safe ánd joyful way.

Introduction Course a Taste of Tantra

Online Tantra makes tantra accessible

We make Online Tantra courses because we feel that we can make tantra accessible to a wider audience. We are excited about tantra and that’s why we want to share it with you. For many, to go to a workshop is a step too far, so this online course offers an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with tantra. Tantra will enrich your life!

Fast, easy, safe and joyful

Introduction Course a Taste of Tantra - Loving heartsThe benefits of Online Tantra courses, and especially the introduction course a Taste of Tantra are great. It’s quick, easy and safe.

And it’s also joyful, you will love doing the exercises and meditations. You’ll do the course at your own pace. At home or anywhere else. The course and its results are personal. Your progress will be tracked for you, so you know exactly where you left off. You can always repeat lessons or exercises. All components always remain accessible.


Direct access

The Online Course is quick, easy and safe. You’ll get instant access to the Tantra introduction course, so you can start right away.

Clear structure

The taste of tantra contains 10 lessons. On a proven way, you go through the course, lesson by lesson. You keep track because your progress is followed and noted. All lessons stay available (videos, mp3s, web text, e-Books etc), you can review and practice as much as you like for as long as you like.

This course contains 10 lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Introduction. (Welcome and explanations).
  • Lesson 2: Take your time (How to relax).
  • Lesson 3: What is tantra. (What tantra is about, the benefits and pleasures).
  • Lesson 4: Guided meditation Desires. (Get in touch with your heart’s desires).
  • Lesson 5: Train your PC-muscle. (Activate sexual energy).
  • Lesson 6: Inquiry: What makes you happy. (Know your longings in life).
  • Lesson 7: Heart Center Meditation. (Growing in love).
  • Lesson 8: Guided meditation Chakra journey.(Feel your energy, and enjoy it).
  • Lesson 9: Tantra in your daily life. (How to improve your daily life).
  • Lesson10: What’s next?

Introduction Course a Taste of Tantra - content

You will truly benefit from the taste of tantra

  • It will give you more peace of mind.
  • Let’s you relax, loose some tension.
  • You will feel more inner trust, and that will boost your self-esteem.
  • Gives you fresh, renewed energy: you will feel more powerful.
  • Opens your heart; makes you more lovingly.
  • Learns you to feel (again); you will enjoy life more.
  • It’s great for your relationship(s); lets you connect more (and deeper).
  • Balances you: you get better connected with your inner core.
  • The future will be more clear.

We recommend it, and so do our students

blankWe, Solana and Satori, have a tantric experience for over more than 20 years. Together we give tantric workshops in the Netherlands for many years now. We also have a Dutch online training program that runs since 2015 and works very well. What we love is to share the tantric way of life and all its benefits with you. We say give it a try, you will not be disappointed. It’s a small investment, with a potential huge outcome. It can change your life, it can give a tremendous boost to your happiness.


Well, what do our students say?

Hi Solana and Satori, this is a great course. I was curious about tantra but also suspicious about your course but it turned out great. For the first time I could feel the love in my heart… Amazing! The PC exercises also made my feel quit alive. They work well for me. Thanks for the many insights. It made my awareness stronger. Regards Pete.

Most I found on internet was all about sex. I was looking for a more loving approach. Thank to you I found it. The course opened my heart and made me aware of all my energies. Mmm felt great. Thanks Michelle.

Hi OTC team
Thanks for the e-course a taste of tantra. I liked your voices and to way you present tantra. Not presumptuous at all! Nice exercises. Do you have a full course as well?
See you, Michael

Hi guys, I did this course with my husband and it was great. It really opened quality time for us. Even Mark like it and he is a rational man. Our relationship improved and our lovemaking also. As you said small price, great results. Big recommendation from us. You may use it.
Warm greeting Mary

 OTC Introduction Course a Taste of Tantra

Introduction Course a Taste of Tantra

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Introduction Course a Taste of Tantra

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Introduction Course a Taste of Tantra


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