Simple Heart meditation

Waking up in the morning is a perfect time to do a short Heart meditation.

So start today with heart meditation. It’s FREE! Scroll down and start the guided meditation.


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Simple Heart meditation

Free Heart medtation - simple heart meditationIntroduction

Waking up in the morning is a perfect time to do a short Heart meditation. Your mind isn’t very active yet so little distraction. It’s a perfect way to start the day. Heart meditation makes you Lovingly so why not start with it? And also during the day, you can take a breather. Just a few minutes to slow down, relax, focus and envision that you breathe into your heart.



  • Take some time, 1-5-10 minutes.blank
  • Prepare yourself (your mindset).
  • If needed read what is / how to do a heart meditation.
  • Make yourself comfortable. Relax, smile, enjoy…
  • Start the mp3.
  • Sit or lie down whatever you want.

Some guidance for your mind

What is going to happen?

  • We will invite you to breathe consciously.
  • Then focus on your heart.
  • Bringing in warmth, love energy into your heart.
  • Relax and keep on breathing.
  • You’ll become Lovingly.

Start the online meditation – it completely free


It could be that at first heart meditation is not so delicious. We all carry emotional wounds with us that could be very painful. Heart meditation triggers them. Why? Because maybe it’s time to heal. So witness this body sensation. Witness the pain. Notice that it seems that there’s a hard layer around your heart or (painful) tension. Let it be, don’t get identify with this. Stay fully present and embrace all there is with your love. See also the heart meditation LoveSpirit. This heart meditation is specially designed to deal with heartache.

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– Download the guided Simple Heart meditation

After you’ve done the meditation, please support us. Scroll up and buy the meditation. That way it works two-ways. We get your support, you get unlimited access to the meditation. So please buy the meditation(s) or sign up for one of our online courses.

Do you like Heart meditation?

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Theme course

We also have an online theme course on Heart meditation for you: Living with an open Heart. A course full of Heart meditation!

e-Course Living with an open Heart

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Simple Heart meditation


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