Heart meditation LoveSpirit

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Free guided Heart meditation to purify, nurture and heal.

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Heart meditation LoveSpirit

Heart meditation LoveSpirit: Free guided Heart meditation to purify, nurture and heal


The LoveSpirit is a Heart meditation aimed to purify, nurture and heal. The power of Love is great. Before you start, please prepare. This meditation first creates a relaxed and calm starting position to become lovingly. Then we use breathing techniques to become lovingly. But you also become loveable again. YOU ARE LOVABLE. Nothing is more important than self-love. You will be invited to love yourself. To become lovingly and really use this love first for YOU! You disserve it. It’s time to pamper. Then maybe it’s also time to let go of some stuff. Things that are in your system and hold you back. Stuff that is waiting to be heard and healed. And it’s all demand free. No stress, no worries…


  • Take some time, xx minutes, make sure you’re not disturbed.
  • Make a beautiful meditation temple.
  • Prepare yourself (your mindset).
  • Make yourself comfortable.
  • Start the mp3.
  • Lie down or sit with your back straight.

Some guidance for your mind

What is going to happen?

  • You start by breathing for a while.
  • You focus on your breath, discover how you breathe.
  • We invite you to witness distractions, witness your thoughts and body sensations.
  • Extend your conscious breath to a full breath.
  • Then focus on your heart, start breathing in, through and out of your heart.
  • Like oxygen, you start bringing prana, love energy in.
  • More and more you become lovingly.
  • At some point, you’ll feel emotions, maybe even physical pain.
  • This is the time to embrace yourself. Embrace with love. Self-love.
  • You keep on bringing prana, love energy into your system.
  • Love purifies, nurtures and heals.
  • You let go what you no longer need.

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Heart meditation LoveSpirit