Heart Circling meditation


Feel your love/life energy…

Circle your love/life energy and feel more balanced and peaceful. Your heart is your center of being, all energy flowing around it.

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Heart Circling meditation – feel your love/life energy

Free Heart meditation - Heart Circling meditationIntroduction

Heart circling is a way to focus and activate love/life energy. Imagine that your love energy circles around in your body. It flows up through the back on your in-breath and it flows down through the front of your body on your out-breath. This way your love/life energy circles around the center, around your heart. This meditation is simple but powerful. If you close your eyes you can travel around with your breath and energy. You will learn to intensify your breath and energy without having to work so hard. On the contrary, you will feel very relax only after a few minute of meditating.


  • Take some time, 20 minutes, make sure you’re not disturbed.
  • Make a beautiful meditation temple.
  • Prepare yourself (your mindset). If needed read what is / how to do heart meditation.
  • Make yourself comfortable. Relax, smile, enjoy…
  • Start the mp3.
  • Sit on a chair or in Lotus position with your back straight.
  • Breathe through your open mouth, softly press the tip of your tong against your palate (relax your jaw). If you want, close your eyes.

Some guidance for your mind

What is going to happen?

  • You start by breathing for a while. You focus on your breath, discover how you breathe. We invite you to witness distractions, witness your thoughts and body sensations.
  • Then focus on your in-breathe, breathing in and up in your body. After a while adding breathing out and down in your body. Breath for a while. Just breath in and up. Breath out and down.
  • Then you imagine that your in-breath goes up at the back. From your root, it passes your lower back, shoulders, neck and into your head, there the breath flips over to the front and the out-breath starts. Imagine that your out-breath is going down in the front of your body. It’s like an elevator going up and down. From the root chakra to the crown chakra (in) and back again (out).
  • You are not only moving air (your breath), but you are also moving love/life energy. This love/life energy is circling up (yang) and down (yin) in your body. Your heart chakra is the energetic center. You keep on circling prana, love/life energy in your system. You will feel more relaxed, more balanced.

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It could be that at first heart meditation is not so delicious. We all carry emotional wounds with us that could be very painful. Heart meditation triggers them. Why? Because maybe it’s time to heal. So witness this body sensation. Witness the pain. Notice that it seems that there’s a hard layer around your heart or (painful) tension. Let it be, don’t get identified with this. Stay fully present and embrace all there is with your love. See also the heart meditation LoveSpirit. This heart meditation is specially designed to deal with heartache.

Dizziness/pressure in your head

It could also be that you’re getting dizzy. This is when energy builds up in your head. It can feel like dizziness or pressure in your head. When meditation creates discomfort always take good care of yourself. So stop or….

Relax and focus more/solely on your out-breath. Balance your energy flow. Relax your jaw and neck muscles. Make sure that the tip of your tong is against your palate. This way the energy channel is open and energy can pass your throat.

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Heart Circling meditation


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