e-Course Tantric sex explained


You can discover tantric sex in your own environment and at your own pace

You learn-by-doing what the tantra vision entails and especially how it affects your sex life. Step by step we take you along the path to more intimacy with your body and the joy of your sensuality and sexuality. After we have explained what we mean by tantric sex, you immediately start the practice.


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e-Course Tantric sex explainedTantric sex explained

We are excited about online courses. It gives the possibility to set up a low-threshold training specifically on various subjects. We just notice that people need it: intimacy, feeling more, contact with their body, touch, tantric meditation, connection, safe emotional release and/or more sensuality and sexuality experience.

The e-Course Tantric sex explained is intended (for lovers and) to make acquaintance with and practice tantric sex. Tantric sex is tantra “applied” in your sex life. Tantra has an impact on your whole life, so also on your sex life. It’s a supplement, an extra option, regular sex can and may still be there. But tantric sex is more … Curious? Do not hesitate and put the e-Course Tantric sex explained in your shopping cart …

Try it now and experience what the tantra vision, what this self-contained theme course means to you. The course is completely free and obliges you to nothing. So don’t wait anymore …

>>… Endless pleasure, enjoyment for two <<

The course is immediately available. After payment, you have instant access and can start you right away.

Why would you like to do this course?

To learn more about and experience together what tantric sex means …

Tantra is much more than sex, but tantra has an impact on your sex life. Tantra turns sex into lovemaking. Tantric sex is an enrichment of, an extension of everything you already knew or did. Tantric sex is sex with love and consciousness. In tantric sex, your sexual energy plays along all the way and your togetherness with your partner becomes a divine, ecstatic encounter. You learn tantric “techniques”. Learn other ways of having sex, we teach you Lovemaking. You learn to activate and feel your energy and you learn to play with it. You learn how to wake up sexual energy and you learn how to keep and relax in it (instead of discharging it). Well, and much more. Join us and discover…

>> … Nicely together in the Heart <<

You can do this theme course in your own time and place

e-Course Intimacy starts with YOU - home on the couch e-Course Tantric sex explainedJust decide at what time, how long and where you practice with tantric sex. You choose a time that suits you. An evening, an afternoon, a Sunday, just what you like. Nevertheless, this discovery trip is something you need to make time for. Intimacy with your body, re-discovering your sexual energy, getting together in a love bubble, becoming multi-orgasmic is something that deserves your attention and time. This is a process in which the course gives you a boost. Step by step, lesson by lesson, we guide you on this path. Each lesson forms a rounded whole, but even that you determine yourself. Maybe you “cut” the lessons and do only one exercise, maybe you choose to spend a whole night on a subject/practice. You can also read and repeat all the parts and exercises as much as you like.

Other benefits

The e-Course Tantric sex explained Is low-threshold because of the clear structure, accessible language, and clear examples. Everybody can do the course. The course is online, safe and private. You don’t have to get used to, join in with a group of strangers and you still have a very intimate training. You don’t even have to have a partner (though it’s handy). The course is also well priced in comparison to “expensive” workshops or coaching.

Online learning is fast, simple and safe. Go to the webshop, put the course in your shopping cart, pay and you will be given immediate access to the course, lessons and the meditations. You can get started right now.

>> … Quality time, rest & relaxation for the both of you <<

Tantra is experiencing, is enjoying

e-Couse Tantric sex explainedYou learn-by-doing what the tantra vision entails and especially how it affects your sex life. Step by step we take you along the path to more intimacy with your body and the joy of your sensuality and sexuality.

After we have explained what we mean by tantric sex, you immediately start the practice. Forget about what sex is because it takes only 11 minutes on average. Learn how to be more intimate together in lovemaking. Share your secrets and desires. Find peace and relaxation in your togetherness. Learn how to wake up the fire in your / each other’s loin.

Whoever plays with fire sometimes also experiences hidden/suppressed emotions (of old pain/trauma). Therefore, in this course, you also guide you in how to handle this. And then we go on, we pass the guilt and shame. Eventually, you’ll melt together. Being on the way to an (one) orgasmic body, fusing together, enjoying endlessly.

>> … Powerful impulses to boost your sex life <<

10 lessons full of practical exercises and “assignments”

What do you get all? The e-Course Tantric sex explained consists of 1 module containing 10 lessons. After you complete a lesson, you will get instant access to the next. This way you can go through the lessons at your own pace. Tantric sex is something that you will “practice” the rest of your life with, an endless game. However, if you study 3 or 4 lessons every week, take a week to study and do the exercises and meditations, you will be up to speed in about 2-3 weeks.

The course is modular and each lesson we give explanation, exercises, and backgrounds. We provide explanations and demos through personal presentation, guided meditations (mp3s), web texts and additional reading (pdf’s / e-book). All you need is a (portable) computer (and a warm, intimate place for yourselves).

Enrichment of your sex life

In a fascinating and interactive way, you get a wonderful intimacy experience. By doing the meditations you get into the flow … In your body, in your heart. Through the lessons, you get rested and your awareness is sharpened. The exercises make you feel more and more intimate (with your body/sexuality) and you’ll perceive (and activate) the (sexual) energy that flows through your body. You get more than 4 hours of meditation material and especially many exercises. The lessons are constructed in a way that your experience will deepen from lesson to lesson.

>> … Experience a Heart orgasm,

in other words… climaxing in your heart <<

… by delicious Heart meditations

The content of the course is presented as a screen preview:

e-Course Tantric sex explained - content

>>… Online tantra, it works!!! <<

You do not have to believe us … Look and listen to students. Read the testimonials below.

A great deal for those who are looking for connection with themselves, their body and their partner. We all have that moments when we think: “is this it?” I could hardly tell my partner what I liked or needed. This course has helped my enormously. Highly recommended. Xxx Wilma

I always have horrible diffidence to get in touch with my body. For sure if there are other people around. Then I close up and freeze completely. This course is great! Totally private, nice at home. Also nice the way the course is structured. I immediately felt at ease and supervised. I enjoyed those warm voices from you so much. Thank you, love W

Hello OTL team.
I’m very happy with this online course. I’m not quite passed the shame, but I feel very relieved. Didn’t know we had this in us. Mmm, the discovery has just begun.

Dear Solana and Satori.
We both think this course is great. Nice how you have that whole different approach to sex. Sex has become so beautiful for us. Now the anxiety is gone, it suddenly goes a lot better. Lia is also very happy with it. Thanks! Warm regards, Roel.

>> … Don’t hesitate any longer! <<

So apply now…

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Yes, I want more Lovemaking in my life.

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e-Course Tantric sex explained


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