e-Course Re-discover your sexuality


Discover your emotions, your feelings, your body, your energies. Play with your sensuality, your sexuality. Without guilt or shame, with joy.

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e-Course Re-discover your sexuality

e-Course Re-discover your sexualityDon’t deny yourself the pleasures and joy of a conscious and loving connection with YOURSELF.  Allow yourself to feel. Dare to play. Use your consciousness, and love yourself, your body, your masculinity or your feminity.

It’s time to heal yourself. Time to love yourself, to be intimate with yourself. To discover your orgasmic potential and the bliss of being completely alive.

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Enjoy the connection with your own body, your own being

Step by step we take you on a journey, to regain and deepen the connection with yourself. You are in charge all the time, we just provide an environment, a safe journey and loving ways to re-discover your sexuality.

The main issue in this course is sexuality. Sexuality is based on several aspects, e.g. relaxing, conscious – being, intimacy, love, emotional healing.  This course is about your own physical intimacy and sexuality, about feeling good in your body, being happy with your body, and all your different energies: your sensuality, your sexuality.

What you lost…

During our lives, we build up conditioning and emotional load. Our culture, our upbringing presented us an abundant amount of values, rules, and programs. Sex and sexuality are very sensitive topics. There are many rules and taboos related to sex. What you can and cannot do, where, when, how often…  A very strong mindset, and for your heart, it’s impossible to accomplish everything that’s asked. Most often there is a lot of shame and guilt. It seems the world gets more prude instead of free. In many cases there’s is a sexual wound.

….and what you will find (again)

blankWhatever you are taught, whatever happened to you: the past is – gladly – no guarantee for the future. Once you are aware of your limiting child beliefs, you can drop them or change them. You can think differently. You can make the choice for longer being a victim (forever) and heal your traumas. Drop all you know and the whole world lies open! This is a second chance to become natural and loose. In contact with all that you are. You will have the opportunity to get in touch with your body, your emotions, your feelings. By using your senses, with consciousness and especially with love. Love for yourself. Without guilt or shame, you will enjoy your body, your body sensations, your desires and your orgasmic potential. You will learn to allow yourself to be aroused, excited, but also to relax in this heat, and to play with it. And finally to feel the bliss of you orgasmic body.

So, TRY it. Say YES to yourself, try this course, do the meditations and feel alive, flowing, sensual, sexual… and enjoy it!!

solana-face-2The course brings many meditations and exercises to guide you on this discovery. All you have to do is read, listen and do the beautiful meditations and you will be able (again) to fully enjoy yourself, your body and your feelings.

Don’t be afraid that this course is only about sex. Sensuality and sexuality go beyond sex.  It’s so much more. Sex is fine, good, but you will discover your full potential. You will be the energetic, flowing, happy, loving person that you already áre. Start right away, at home, whenever you want.

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If you buy the course you will get instant access to all training materials. The e-Course remains available indefinite, including updates. You can do the course as often as you want. You can also re-read parts, to repeat certain exercises, whatever you want.

Get rid of (old) rules, taboos. The “trick” is simply to incorporate the understanding ánd the feeling that you áre love

Start now, start safe

The great advantage of an online course is that you do not have to wait. You can start immediately. Your privacy is guaranteed, no one has to even know. Gradually you will notice the effects of the course in your life.  You learn which  “tools”  you have available to become open and loving. AND, you learn also to apply them step by step in your daily life! In the way that suits you and makes you loving.

With a partner or by yourself

e-Course Re-discover your sexuality - with a partnere-Course Re-discover your sexuality - SolanaYou can do this course on your own. You don’t need a partner. Of course, when you have a partner, a good friend, a buddy with whom you can do the course, that’s also great. Some of the meditations you will do by yourself, besides each other, some have a duo version.

Course content

This e-Course consists of 10 lessons. Each lesson contains reading material, but above suggestions, practical exercises and meditations that you can use and/or do.

  • The main theme of the course. What is Love?
  • Feel the peace in your heart.
  • Energy in motion.
  • Love intentions.
  • The Shield around your heart.
  • Intimate with yourself.
  • Connection with others.
  • Loving touch.
  • Embrace the world in your heart
  • What’s next.

Online tantra – it works!

What students say

You do not have to believe us … Listen to students. Read the testimonials below.

A great deal for those seeking connection with themselves and their bodies. If you feel vulnerable with your desire for connection and it’s too early to share these desires in a group of strangers, then online tantra can help you get started. Highly recommended. Xxx G

I always have horrible chills to get in touch with my body. Especially if there are other people, I’m completely closed. This course is great! Totally private, nice at home. Also, how the course is built. I immediately felt at home and supervised. Also, I enjoyed those warm voices of you. Thank you both, love W.

Hello OTL team.
I’m very happy with this online course. I’m not quite passed the ashamed, but I feel very relieved. Did not know I had this in me. Mmm, the discovery has just begun.

Dear Solana and Satori.
I think this tantra course is great! It all works out very well and I’m surprised by the many meditations. Delightful to feel right again. Also nice that I can do it at home. I don’t know if I ever will do a workshop, but if so, then it’ll be with you. Love, Anita.

Rediscover, step by step,
the loving person that you are and live with an open heart!

After you have purchased the course, it’s always available. Via << Start course>> you can always start or continue. Your progress is tracked, so you always know where you left off. That way you can work entirely at your own pace. You can take as long as you want.

>> … Do not hesitate! <<

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e-Course Re-discover your sexuality


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