e-Course Intimacy starts with YOU !


Intimacy is a feeling, an awareness, a sense of openness, recognition, a sense of connection

Connection with yourself and/or a match with one or more persons. With intimacy, it’s all about being yourself and being allowed to stay that way in the connection. If you have a desire for more intimacy in your life then you’re in the right place. Let us take you to more intimacy. Starting with you! Do this course and get the experience. Don’t wait any longer. …


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e-Course Intimacy starts with YOU !

e-Course Intimacy starts with YOU !


There’s nothing wrong with you!!!
Nothing has to change, you’re perfect the way you are.
Be nice, be gentle to yourself.
Intimacy – it all starts with you…

If you want to allow more intimacy into your life, then this course is something for you. Feel your desire. Feel if this course suits you. If so, if you hear a big YES, then don’t hesitate and put the course Intimacy starts with you in your shopping cart.

Get more intimacy into your life

Try it and discover what this – self-containing course – means to you. The course is available instantly,  experimental and very affordable. All exercises, meditations, and lessons stay accessible as long, wherever you like.

e-Course Intimacy starts with YOU - home on the couchOn your own time and place

You can do this theme course on your own time and place. When for how long and where to do the course you also decide. You choose the moment that fits you: an evening, an afternoon, a Sunday, whatever you like. Take time for this adventure. Intimacy is something that disserves your time and attention. You can read back all the lessons and re-do all the meditation time and again.

>> Choose for more ME-time <<

Go for the deep happy feeling of belonging

Intimacy is a feeling, an awareness, a sense of openness, recognition, a sense of connection with yourself and/or a match with one or more persons. With intimacy, it’s all about being yourself and being allowed to stay that way in the connection. We all have a deep longing for connection. It’s nice to feel connected. It’s the deep happy feeling of knowing (feel) that you belong. That it’s warm, safe and cozy (intimate) in your life. On those days you feel awesome. Totally happy with yourself, you feel loved and the World is okay. On those days you have that happy feeling of satisfaction.

And stay undisturbed

Unfortunately there always something to put you down again. Situations trigger, and you end up in pain. People around you do stuff that puts you off-balance. The World is tough and businesslike, you have to play along. The news is full of misery and loveless actions. Than… the feeling of intimacy is far away. So learn how to stay undisturbed, stay intimate with yourself.

>> Loving yourself is so important! <<

Intimacy starts with you - tantra isLet LOVE help you – reconnect to the source

You desire for intimacy brought you here. And that’s okay because we travel on the path of love. And love is connection. Connection with yourself, with others and with existence. So that’s why this course brings you back to the source. And the source of love, the source of intimacy, that’s YOU!


Empower yourself

This course helps you to restore your natural state of being. Put you back into your Power! Relaxed and in close contact with yourself (your soul), your body and mind. It will boost your self-esteem and after the course, you will feel self-confident. You trust yourself again and therefore you have trust in/for life itself. You are able to remove –step by step- all obstacles that hold you back: mentally, emotional, physical, energetically. Seeing old pain, heal and release. Being friends with your body. Enjoying company and also meet each other physically.

And finally… We work with love energy and the intimacy course is all about feeling. That way you restore your natural state of being. You become more quiet and relaxed. Self-conscious and flowing, totally in contact with your body. Powerful in your love/life energy, letting all energies take part again. The course empowers you, make you authentic again and lets you feel self-esteem. Because you are beautiful, exactly as you are.

>> Self-esteem as the source for connection <<

Expect 10 lessons full of exercises and meditations

blank10 lessons full practical exercises and “assignments”. So what do you get? The course consists of 10 lessons. Each time you finished a lesson you get access to the next lesson. So you can do the course at your own pace. If you “study” three to four lessons a week, take a week to let the exercises and meditations sink in, then in 2-3 weeks, you’re deliciously intimate with yourself. Then your heart is more and more open and you embrace all and everybody around you in love.

So the course is modular and each lesson you get an explanation, exercises and background info. We explain and demo by personal presentation (video), there are guided meditations (audio),  voice and web text and additional reading (pdf’s/e-Book). All you need is a (portable) computer with internet access (and a nice cozy, intimate place for yourself). In this course, we take you on a journey. Intimacy is experiencing. Intimacy is something you have to feel instead of thinking about it. An experimental journey that will bring you in close contact with your natural state of being and the intimacy that arises with that.

Themes that will be discussed

In each lesson we’ll discuss one of the aspects of intimacy:

Lesson 1. Welcome – What is intimacy.
Lesson 2. Back to the source.
Lesson 3. Me-time: take time, take care of yourself.
Lesson 4. Me-time: always know what you like/need.
Lesson 5. In your heart: being kind and tender toward yourself.
Lesson 6. In touch with your body.
Lesson 7. Be-ing: satisfied with yourself.
Lesson 8. Feel good, always feel better.
Lesson 9. Intimate relationships.
Lesson 10. What’s next.

>> Feel good, always feel better <<

e-Course Intimacy starts with YOU - Solana - touched

This course is all about intimacy with yourself: body, mind, heart and soul. Intimate relations is the main theme of the follow-up course “Deepening your Relationship(s)”. If you want more context and deepening in tantra, do this course, the full tantric training, or one of the other them courses. See the product page for an overview of all the online courses. There are courses on intimacy, sexuality, love (heart meditation) and relationships. With this course, we wish you a lot of fun and personal growth.

>>… Online training, it works!!! <<

What students say

You don’t have to believe us. Look and listen to what students say. Read the testimonials.

Dear Solana en Satori.
I ám so glad about this theme course. I was suppriced with so many meditation. Wonderful to make time for me and feel my heart again. Nice to be able to do it at home. Hihi because of you my place is very cozy now.

Thank you, Ans

I felt alone and lonely. This intimacy course opened my eyes. YES, intimacy starts with me!! At first it was difficult, but later on it sank in because of the meditations. I did the course multiple time. Thanks for the opportunity.
OTL team cheerio

I want to thank you for the training in intimacy. The course was just what I needed. I was able to jump in right away without all the fuzz of a group. Always though I wasn’t a group person and now I understand better why. I feel good now and feel more at ease with connecting with others. Love to do the follow-up course.
Greeting Peter

>> … Don’t hesitate any longer! <<

So apply now…

Put the course Intimacy starts with YOU !” in your shopping cart and go to the check-out.
Yes, I want more intimacy in my life.

Scroll up and put the course into your shopping cart!


The intimacy course: Intimacy starts with you, connection with the source, makes you:

  • Feel safe, quiet, relaxed. Healthier, more powerful, fully confident.
  • Gives you balance, alignment, always the right response.
  • Makes you be more honest with yourself, you then know what your qualities/capabilities are.
  • And where not so you know what to do (release, dark sides, grow).
  • Intimacy makes you feel good, feel good about and feel good in your body, in contact with your male/female essence.
  • Flowing, deliciously in your heart, in close contact with your feelings, your desires.
  • Intimacy with yourself means that you can FEEL (good).

Intimacy is a deep feeling of satisfaction and trust in the future. Doing what suits you, the meaning of life comes with that. Self-esteem is crucial. Self-esteem makes that you are able to be open and vulnerable. Seeing and being seen, touch and being touched. with love and reservation of respect, boundaries and the freedom to be who you are.

A feel of deep connection, with the other, with the World, overtakes you. The feeling to belong. Sometimes on your own, sometimes totally merged. Always free and one with all.

OTL…, powered by Online Tantra Leren


e-Course Intimacy starts with YOU !


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