e-Course How to become Multi-orgasmic (M) – Start today!


Last longer, intensify your climax(es) and have great sex. Learn how to become multi-orgasmic. Start today.

Don’t sell yourself and your partner (to be) short. A little understanding and simple exercises do wonders. Don’t wait any longer. Apply now!

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e-Course How to become multi-orgasmic (M)

 e-Course How to become Multi-orgasmic

Last longer, intensify your climax(es) and have great sex.
Learn how to become multi-orgasmic.
Start today.

e-Course How to become Multi-orgasmic.
Don’t sell yourself and your partner (to be) short.
A little understanding and simple exercises do wonders.
Don’t wait any longer.

Apply now!

For long nights!



Give your love life a boost and do this e-Course. Step by step we will take you on to be a master bed. Who doesn’t want that? An average lovemaking takes, worldwide, about 11 minutes! We think this is way too short!! An average lovemaking is also not fulfilling (for women).

Let’s DO something about that!


Become irresistible in bed

Huh, can I? Yes, that’s possible! You don’t have to swallow pills, use tools or do crazy things. You just have to really want it and have a little perseverance. Any man can do it, so why not you? Any man can learn it! Become irresistible in bed! Bring your partner (to be) to heaven. Warn your boss, though, because it will be long nights.

If you feel you’re in your power, and if you go for it, then do this course. No more “oops!”.  If you’re still a little wobbly, you have low self-esteem, first, do the theme course “(re) Discover your sexuality.” Take your pick, or do both.

How to bring fire in your relationship

Being buddies is fun, fulfilling. Polarity in your relationship gives great intimacy and certainly a good sex life. But what is it all worth when your lovemaking takes only 11 minutes? Okay, with you it’s maybe a little longer. But don’t you want to last even longer? Don’t you want to intensify your climax(es), have great sex? See it as an extension, as a supplement of your sex life. Do yourself and your partner a favor and learn how to become multi-orgasmic. Ignite your sexual fire and bring your love life to greater heights.

Safe proven practice

  • A clear framework of what’s it’s all about.
  • Safe setting- you do it yourself, start alone.
  • Following simple instruction and exercises.
  • At your own pace.
  • Growing step by step to an orgasmic man.
  • Also nice with a partner.

The course guides you step by step to a more intense love life. All you have to do is read, do simple exercises and you get increased control over your orgasm (ejaculation). You can start right away, at home, whenever you want.

Multi-orgasmic starts with you

– together is even more delicious

e-Course How to become Multi-orgasmic

The e-Course “How to become multi-orgasmic” is an independent self-contained sequel to the course “(re) Discover your Sexuality.” The course is designed for men, but also suitable for couples. The course is loaded with insights and useful facts and above all full of practical exercises to be multi-orgasmic. Most exercises will be done alone (or simultaneously with your partner). There are also –extra -, exercises that you have to do with your partner. Lots of juicy stuff. If you like that, then there is even a follow-up course specifically for couples: “Tantric sex explained”.

What do students think?

To be honest, at first, I thought that’s one of those profiteers again. And yet I was curious. Fortunately, the course is top notch. Step-by-step. It takes a while before you’re ready, but then it really works. I was pleased with the chapter altitude sickness because it was not always good. Great, highly recommended. Klaas W.

I say go for it!
With sex, I always thought off cumshots. Thank you for another picture. This course showed me how much more there is, how can I make love differently and much longer. Actually, I was always a pretty fast ejaculator. I am so glad that this is so different now. Eternal thanks, Mike.

I can really recommend this course. My friend first did it “secretly”, but I noticed it immediately. Then we dived into the work together. Wow, really great! He has changed so much as a lover. A delicious whopper in bed now. Lol .. and it has done a lot for me also. Thanks, Hannie.

Hello OTC team,
I had heard about it but never thought it was meant for me. It took a while … but top! My wife sends her eternally gratitude 🙂 … Regards G.

Register today

If you buy the course you will get instant access to all training materials. The e-Course remains available indefinite, including updates. You can do the course as often as you want. You can also re-read parts, to repeat certain exercises, whatever you want.

The “trick” is simply that there is a difference
between orgasm and ejaculation.
You can orgasm without ejaculating.

Start now, always safe

The great advantage of an online course is that you do not have to wait. You can start immediately. Your privacy is guaranteed, no one has to even know. Gradually you will notice the effects of the course in your sex life. The whole setting and pace will relax you and aimed at building self-confidence. You learn what “tools” you have available to become multi-orgasmic. AND, you learn also to apply them step by step! In the way that suits you. Always safe and coordinated. That’s what we argue, that’s what we teach. So you can increase your possibilities: last longer, multiple orgasms and an intensified sex life.

Meant for courageous men

This course is designed for men. If you are in a relationship, you can do the course together with your partner. Your partner will thank you for it. Who knows if it also creates a multi-orgasmic woman. The exercises are certainly suitable for anyone who wants to increase and deepen the intimacy and the fire in his/her sexual relationship (s). Very soon your lovemaking won’t last 11 minutes anymore. Together along with the depths of a longer, more intense and more fulfilling sex life. That’s where we’re going for.

Even if you have no partner

e-Course How to become Multi-orgasmicThis e-Course is designed for men, with or without a relationship. To become a multi-orgasmic man you don’t need to have a partner. You will attract a partner soon though! Your sex appeal will be sky high soon. Women will adore you, fight for you. Not just because you can get multiple orgasms, but because you are a man orgasmic. These men take care of their partners. Not in the old macho style, but with attention, by their presence. Through really feeling your woman. Because you “open her up” like never before. By bringing her so enraptured that she loses herself completely (in you).

If you don’t have a partner then your new sex appeal will attract one soon. Women can “smell” that you are a multi-orgasmic man.

e-Course How to become Multi-orgasmic

Course content

This e-Course consists of 10 lessons. Each lesson contains reading material, but above suggestions, practical exercises and meditations that you can use and/or do.

  • Introduction.
  • What is multi-orgasmic.
  • Step 1. Spiritual interest.
  • Step 2. Becoming aware and unlearn.
  • Step 3. Create conditions.
  • Step 4. Playing with fire.
  • Step 5. Climbing to the top.
  • Step 6. Altitude sickness.
  • Step 7. The reward: your first multi-orgasm.
  • Step 8. Practice, practice, practice.

Becoming multi-orgasmic at your own pace

After you have purchased the course, he is always available. Via << Start course>> you can always start or continue. Your progress is tracked, so you always know where you left off. That way you can work entirely at your own pace. You can take as long as you want.

>> … Do not hesitate! <<

Do it Now …

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e-Course How to become Multi-orgasmic. powered by Online-Tantra-Leren

e-Course How to become Multi-orgasmic (M) – Start today!


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