e-Course Deepening your Relationship


More intimacy, more love, deeper love. Get ways to deepen your relationship. To live happy (together).

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e-Course Deepening your Relationship

e-Course Deepening your relationship
More intimacy, more love, deeper love.
Get ways to deepen your relationship.
To live happy (together).
Start today.

e-Course Deepening your relationshipDon’t keep on wandering around with separation, sadness, longing for each other. Living together, without a real connection. Being in a relationship and not being able to enjoy it anymore. A new relationship and you don’t know each other (yet).

Get connected to your partner, to friends, to others. Bring more intimacy, more love, more happiness in your life.


A journey to deeper love, to deeper relationship(s)

In this course, we take you on a journey. A journey that will bring you more in touch with your natural state and the intimacy thereby created. Because intimacy is the main base of a relationship. Intimacy can be experienced in many ways. Ways you know, ways you don’t know. Or forgot. Are you don’t dare to go that way because…. Maybe you are afraid not to be accepted as you are. Could be that your mind is still convinced that you will never manage. Maybe you didn’t find THE partner (yet).

You have many relationships:  maybe a partner, kids, friends, relatives, colleagues…   People you know well, or would like to know better. To be more familiar with. To feel connected. Relationships, being connected with others in a loving way,  that’s one of the main topics that bring happiness in your life. A relationship without intimacy is a poor relationship. Not fulfilling, not lasting most of the times.

e-Course Deepening your relationship - happy coupleIn this course, we will provide a lot of different themes and aspects of intimacy. One in each lesson. It will give you more background and insight on “how it works” and especially what you can dó to bring increasingly more intimacy in your relationship(s).

Lots of exercises and meditations

Tantra is experiencing. Intimacy is something you especially need to FEEL instead of to think about. Do you want to feel love, to be more loving and more intimate together? To get blockades out of the way, all the things that prevent you to be happy together? And also, to experience new ways of intimacy, that will bring your relationship to a much deeper level?

Then this course is made for you. We have lots of exercises and meditations for you. The lessons are designed in a way that you have time to grow and give everything time and place to integrate. So please… take your time. Good luck!

Keys for deepening relationships

In this course, you will find ways to relax, to take/make time for your relationship. To increase the quality of the ways, the manners to be together. You will get in touch with each other’s emotions, bodies, hearts. You will be guided, challenged and invited to play. Yes, play, because it’s not all complicated and serious and difficult. It’s also very nice to experience, to discover, to BE. To be blissful together… and to be só happy…

So, DO it. Do this course, do the meditations and grow into deeper, loving, intimate relationships(s)!!

The course brings many meditations and exercises to guide you on the path of relating. All you have to do is read, listen and do the beautiful meditations and you will be fully connected to yourself and to others. You make progress with understanding, removing blockages and old conditions. And you get an increasing feel of acceptance, intimacy, and love. You will find ways to connect in the fields of body, mind, heart and soul. If you don’t have a partner, you will find out that you are more attractive for others now, and likely will find a partner soon. Deeper intimacy, deeper lover, deeper relationships. With your partner (to be) and with others.  Start right away, at home, whenever you want.

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If you buy the course you will get instant access to all training materials. The e-Course remains available indefinite, including updates. You can do the course as often as you want. You can also re-read parts, to repeat certain exercises, whatever you want.

The “trick” is simply to incorporate the understanding

ánd the feeling that you áre love

Start now, start safe

The great advantage of an online course is that you do not have to wait. You can start immediately. Your privacy is guaranteed, no one has to even know. Gradually you will notice the effects of the course in your life.  You learn which  “tools”  you have available to become open and loving. AND, you learn also to apply them step by step in your daily live! In the way that suits you and makes you loving.

blankWith your / a partner or by yourself

For this course, it’s nice if you have a partner, do the course together. It doesn’t have to be THE partner, it can also be done with a good friend. Of course, there are a lot of duo meditations and exercises. But even when you do do this course on your own it will be very interesting and rewarding to you.

Course content

This e-Course consists of 10 lessons. Each lesson contains reading material, but above suggestions, practical exercises and meditations that you can use and/or do.

  • Lesson 1. What is intimacy
  • Lesson 2. Match your partner – to be (theme lesson)
  • Lesson 3. Quality Time: Make time for the two of you
  • Lesson 4. Empower your partner
  • Lesson 5. The challenge: Seeing and being seen
  • Lesson 6. In connection with each other’s bodies
  • Lesson 7. In touch with your heart
  • Lesson 8. Play the discover game
  • Lesson 9. The Bliss of being together
  • Lesson 10. Where to go from here

Step by step discover ways to deeper love and intimacy.

After you have purchased the course, it’s always available. Via << Start course>> you can always start or continue. Your progress is tracked, so you always know where you left off. That way you can work entirely at your own pace. You can take as long as you want.

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e-Course Deepening your Relationship


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