Online Tantra product overview

Online Tantra product overview. On this page, you will find a growing number of online (theme) courses.

Tantric singles courses

There are courses aimed at singles:

  • Introduction Course A Taste of Tantra.
  • Living with an open heart.
  • Intimacy starts with you!
  • Re-discover your sexuality.
  • How to become multi-orgasmic.

Tantric couples courses:

  • Deepening your relationship.
  • Tantric sex explained.

Available tantric online courses

a taste of tantraIntroduction Course
a Taste of Tantra

This course is exactly what the name suggests. It gives you a general introduction to the many subjects of tantra. You will discover the way we look at tantra and how we create online tantric courses.

This introduction course triggers your consciousness, your heart desire(s) and includes many breath end heart meditations and energetic exercises. You will be able to start right away and also find out that tantra is a real feeling experience. You will feel what tantra can do for you!

Available! >> Step into the world of tantra.

Tantric sex

Tantra is much more than sex. Tantra influences every aspect of your life. But yes, including your sex life. Tantric sex turns your love-life into the ultimate lovemaking. Tantric sex is an enrichment, an expansion of everything you already knew or did. Your fire will transform into light. In tantric lovemaking, you melt together in a state of ultimate love, in a sacred union, Ecstatic, divine, sacred love…

Your lovemaking will be like in your wildest dreams, bút including the transformation from lust to love. An intimate (divine) merger with your beloved. A boost for your orgasmic potential. Your sex life will never be the same again.

Change your sex life in 2-3 weeks

Product overview How to becone multi-orgasmic

How to become multi-orgasmic (M)

There is a subject every man wants to know about: “How to become multi-orgasmic”. Well, this e-Course guides you step by step to be a multi-orgasmic man.

The course will help you by explaining what you can do to have orgasms, múltiple orgasms, without losing your energy by ejaculation. It contains lots of tips and exercises to practice and experience this quite soon. By doing the exercises, after some time your energy (and erection) will last much longer, will be more intense and you will be able to feel this sexual energy through your whole body: a real ecstatic feeling of rising Kundalini energy. And because you hold your energy (and erection) so long, you will also be a much better lover.

So if you want to deepen your love life, to have extended sex… To truly satisfy your woman… then this e-Course is for you!

And by the way… this course is for men, but lots of these tips and exercises are also very good practicing stuff for women who want to experience the pleasure of the valley-orgasm.

Available >> Go for longer lasting love!

Intimacy starts with YOU!blank

Lots of people are disconnected from their own bodies, their own emotions, their own sexuality. Because of the way you are brought up, because of what your parents/priest/society told you about values and rules. Maybe you do not even love yourself!

How can you be intimate with someone else if you don’t know how to deal with your own emotions, your own body feelings, and especially your self-love? If you can be intimate with yourself then intimacy with others, even with the whole world, is possible. Then you are in full power, connected to the source. With love, with self-esteem, you can do anything.

A deep connection with yourself, your body and your sexuality makes you feel intensely happy. So let us take you back to intimacy. Unbounded consciousness, boundless energy, and uninhibited love.

Intimacy starts with YOU! You better believe it.  Take steps to more happiness. Do it today. Do it now.

Available for you! Go for more intimacy in your life!

blank Theme course
Re-discover your Sexuality

Sexual energy is heavily condemned, just because it is associated with sex and (unwelcome/inappropriate) sexual behavior. Working with sexual energy is also problematic because there is a lot of conditioning, guilt, and shame around it. That’s why we all learned to suppress our sexual energy. Don’t show signs of this energy, do not even dare to feel it!!

Do you know how to deal with your own sexual energy? Do you feel free to touch, caress and love yourself, your body, in the most intimate way? Feeling your arousal, your lust included?

This course opens a peaceful, safe and loving way to create more intimacy with yourself, your body, your sexuality. To connect to, feel and enjoy the power of your orgasmic potential. It helps you to lose your feelings of guilt and shame and to fully enjoy your own sexual energy. It will bring back your strength and set you in your power. Demand-free: you will never be pushed, we kindly invite you to explore and experience and grow in (self)love.

Available >> Re-discover your sexuality (and sensuality)

Theme courseOTL-com Lving with an open heart
Living with an open Heart

To be in love. To love yourself, your partner, even the whole world. Isn’t that what we all want? To be in our heart, to feel love. But so much is happening around us…

There are so many things that prevent us from opening up. We even tend to close up. Sometimes just for a while, sometimes for a longer period. Then we don’t feel love, we don’t feel loved. So, when that happens, what to do?

Remove your blockades, heal yourself, learn to deal with what is keeping you from opening up completely. Find the way back to your heart, love and feel loved. Do this course and you will receive a lot of heart meditation that will help you on the path of love.

Available >> Open your heart and become LOVINGLY!

e-Couse Deepening you Relationship (s) e-Course
Deepening your relationship

If you want more intimacy in your relationship (s), this e-Course is for you. It’s all about connecting and looking for the match.

Whether you have a partner or not, it doesn’t matter. There are so many things you can do to get more intimate. We bring you insights of how intimacy “works” and lots of exercises to get connected.


Get connected to your partner, to friends, to others. Bring more intimacy, more love, more happiness in your life.

Now available >> Start today! Go for more intimacy!

Available meditations

There is a growing number of online meditation available for you. Please check the webshop for the latest.

Simple Heart meditation
Heart meditation The Opening
Prana Mudra meditation
Ganesha tantra meditation

 Advantages of Online Tantra

  • You get a real tantric experience.
  • Direct and always available (through the internet).
  • You can do the courses at home (or wherever you like).
  • It’s safe, private practicing at your own pace, the one that fits you!
  • Step by step, well-arranged, no-nonsense style.
  • Nice price tag.
  • Permanent available (lifetime).

You get a real tantric experience.

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e-Course How to become Multi-orgasmic (M) – Start today!

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Living with an Open Heart

e-Course Intimacy starts with YOU !

Simple Heart meditation

Guided couples meditation Journey to Heaven

Tantric meditation Prana Mudra

e-Course Tantric sex explained

Heart meditation LoveSpirit

Introduction Course a Taste of Tantra

e-Course Deepening your Relationship

Guided couples meditation Look Lovingly

e-Course Re-discover your sexuality

Couples meditation Swing of Fire

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