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Not full or empty, but overflowing

The phenomenon

Not empty or full but overflowing. Do you recognize this:

  • At the end of the day, you are tired, exhausted.
  • After 2 hours at a “fun” (birthday) party, you are completely devastated.
  • You thought you were tired, but suddenly you do something (for example, dance) and you simply have enough energy again!
  • After a great workshop, you will feel empty and heavy the following days.
  • You are in love and you completely lose yourself.
  • In the hospital, the “atmosphere” got you all the way.
  • You are quickly influenced by someone else’s moods; he/she is “down”, you are “down”.
  • You feel great and are a source of inspiration to others.
  • You shine, you feel great. People ask what’s going on.
  • Your environment compliments you. Gosh, it looks like you’re getting younger and younger…

Not full or empty, but overflowing

The cause

grenzen-balansWell, just give a cause for that… Eh… do you have a moment? Yet it is actually quite simple. It all has to do with the energy balance in your body. The balance between ‘above’ and ‘below’ (the upward and downward flow). The balance between ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ (outgoing and incoming flow). If one or both of them are not in order, it is very difficult to be happy. Someone who is happy experiences life as a constant challenge: for him, life is exciting, adventurous and inspiring. However, happiness only comes when we are in balance, when our life energy flows, in love and consciousness.

If you don’t flow yourself

blockedThen there is a good chance that you will not do the things that suit you. Under pressure from your environment, you do all sorts of things that you actually don’t like at all. But yes, you still have to…: make money … be social … dó something … What you really want, you push away (temporarily).

Another possible cause is that you are fighting against your resistance (= No). Something triggered you and triggered a reaction in your body, thoughts of feelings. And what you think/feel is not pleasant, at all, and you want it to go away. For example, you get bored, angry or stubborn. And that is not allowed!! You say no to your No. A double No: a surefire way to block all your energy. Turned left, turned right, if yourself is not flowing, you are too far away from your own truth, your own essence. You’ve lost yourself a little bit.

If you completely flow out

Then you must be very enthusiastic about something. Your environment, the workshop, your friend has touched something in you and that gives you an appetite for more. An appetite for much more … Your desire is stimulated. And your desire is strong, and energetically you follow your former experience. 

You float, so to speak, chasing “the scent of all these goodies”. Your energy disappears from your body. Or you have boundless faith in someone. Therefore you place (a part of) the responsibility for your own life with the other. That feels good and gives you support. Because isn’t it wonderful not having to do everything by yourself?

But … you live in a fantasy world. Everything comes to an end and then you are no longer at home with yourself. The workshop ends, your partner drops out. Then you hang somewhere else. Then you feel a void inside. That emptiness becomes almost tangible, palpable, painful. You are out of balance. You (literally) no longer stand on your own two feet. A hole has been made. You’ve lost yourself a little bit.

If you let in too much

The world around us gives so many stimuli, so much information, so many energy waves. In theory, we could let all of these in, in fact, in my vision we are all one. One holographic part of the larger whole. In practical terms, however, we are bothered by this. Because these energy waves resonate with ours. E.g. because we suppress death and illness, we get very upset at the hospital. Because we suppress aggression, we ourselves get angry or wound up a little tight too, when confronted with it.

And despite the fact that sometimes we can hardly handle the responsibility for our own thoughts and feelings, we tend to take over the responsibility for those of others. We want to help, correct. That is why we become sad near a loved one with sorrow. That is why we want to change the world, tackle all abuses. But through all this, we lose our strength, our balance. We stack parts of the external (misery) energy on top of our own. The knowledge of what belongs to us is a bit lost.

Not full or empty, but overflowing

What to do?

Here too, a simple answer does not apply. If it were that simple? Although … there are a few powerful insights that can quickly help you on your way. For example: searching for balance (a natural thing) means searching for the middle way (oops, didn’t Buddha say that either?). Not suppressing and no excessive indulgence. Become aware of yourself, look at yourself and the position you occupy. Be yourself, accept yourself. Your good and bad qualities, they are all okay. Say YES more often! Restore the balance! Do you have your head up there in the clouds? Then make sure you pay attention to grounding yourself.

You don’t do the things that suit you? Then change that! Restore the balance, e.g. between your inner and the material outer world. See your heart, your love as the integration point. Live from your heart, look from your heart.

And dare to take a risk. Dare to trade in security for freedom. Take responsibility for your own life! Don’t put things down with others. Think in abundance, and look at what works for you. Search and find the connection with yourself. And from there you can connect with others. Connect with existence.


If you are connected to yourself, there is abundance. In fact, there is always plenty, but you can’t always reach it. But if you are in balance, in your strength, you shine !!! Then there is enough of everything and you just overflow… Then you lose nothing, you lose nothing at all because you are still full. So you can’t get empty…

Isn’t that simple? I am not a believer, but that is certainly what is meant in Matthew 14: “and Jesus broke the 5 loaves and handed it out among the 5000 attendees. And in the end, there was still more than enough… “. Believe in abundance, believe in overflowing! Don’t think too much about tomorrow, live here and now.

Be the sun, shine !! Connect with the divine in you, your essence, your core, your love, and overflow! Take a deep breath. Breathe and feel your heart, let your heart flood. Surrender to that stream … And fake it until you make it !!! If you don’t feel it yet, visualize it. Flow over !!!!

* To help, to improve, show JOY by BEING *

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Not full or empty, but overflowing
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