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What to do during lockdown?

In many countries, there is a lockdown at the moment. Everybody is advised to stay inside their home. Travel is allowed only for essential movement and critical business. In some countries, you can still go out, but social distance is obligatory. So basically you’re on your own, stuck at home… So how to deal with this. What to do?

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What to do during lockdownStay calm, relax

This is a great opportunity to discover that less is more. We are always so busy and now we are left with almost nothing to do. All that free time! We say make good use of that! Time to meet your partner, time to meet your kids. Stay calm, relax and (learn to) celebrate your free time. Turn off the TV, don’t get caught up in the commotion and fear. Always do the sensible thing. Inform yourself, do your essential shopping, but stay calm and keep enjoying yourself.

Enjoy more of what you like

Know what you like to do. Know your heart’s desires. Maybe it’s time to meditate or time to read a book. Time to watch your favored Netflix series. Time to meet your family members. And of course… time to meet your partner. Other family and friends you can see, talk to and connect with through WhatsApp, Messenger or Zoom. Reach out and talk to each other. Enjoy the things you like, enjoy doing the things you do. Relax, it will all pass.

Be creative, bring happiness into your life

Key to fill the void that the lockdown induces is by using your creativity. Just be creative and find ways to be happy. In this sense, it’s business as usual! Know what makes you happy! And then bring happiness into your life. Ok, there are a lot of things that are not possible right now, but there are also a lot of things that are possible. Think positive, see those possibilities!

Make your house a beautiful place

Being idle at home is maybe boring. So time to act! Clean up your house, clean up your garden. Make it a beautiful place. Finish all the tasks that you have left undone. Look around and visualize your place looking great. Maybe it’s enough to clean, throwing out a couple of things. Move around some of the furniture and see how that works out.

Be a MasterChef

Have you ever made a special meal? This is the time to do precisely that. Make breakfast a special feast. Make and eat it consciously. Prepare a diner that you have never dreamt of eating. You have all the time in the world to surprise yourself and/or your housemates with a MasterChef like experience.

Deal with your kids (if you have any)

Pfff children during a lockdown can be arduous. They have this enormous energy that is hard to match. So find creative ways to release their energy and have a good time together. Play old fashioned games, invent new ways to enjoy together. If you still can go outside, do so. Play, run, celebrate. You could even clean up your neighborhood. Just stay 6 feet apart!

Nourish your body

You have enough free time and little to do! So do some exercises to stay healthy. Planking is great to do and is super healthy for your body. Do it three times a day and build up the duration time. If you want you can expand planking with other exercises. After your workout, take a relaxing shower and pamper yourself with some shower foam…

Help the needy

Knowing your neighbors is not self-evident nowadays. Maybe it’s time to change that. Just reach out and offer some assistance to those who are in need. You maybe can do some shopping or something else. It’s time to make a contribution, time to connect to each other. Sometimes the offer alone is enough, a friendly word.

Dare to ask for help yourself

Giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin. Both are great, both feel great. So don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Especially in these kinds of times, people are very willing to help you. The only thing you have to do is ask! It seems like a huge step but once you’ve taken it, you feel so relieved. If you can take no for an answer, you will be super thrilled with a YES…

Create your bucket list

In times of crisis, we become aware that life is not only precious but also short. No time to waste! There is no goal to reach, no pressure to achieve anything, but why should you cut yourself short? Life is here to enjoy! Happiness is the highest good. And happiness happens when you fit with the world. When you do (or leave) the things that resonate with you. So create our own personal bucket list.

What to do during lockdown

Spiritual ideas

Is there a difference between “normal” and spiritual ideas? I don’t think so but maybe you’re a bit surprised by the things I suggest you can “do”.

What to do during lockdown - personalEnjoy being alone

With a lockdown chances are great that you spent more time alone then you’re used to. This could easily lead to loneliness which isn’t a great feeling or state of being. A lockdown lets you be aware of your dependency on others (your partner). This makes you stronger and more able to stand on your own feet. While being alone you will learn from your own experience that you can do it. You can take care of yourself. Isn’t that a great discovery? Despite unavoidable setbacks, you can stay positive and learn to be happy alone. Being able to be happily and lovingly alone is the biggest spiritual achievement.

Get to know yourself

The world is getting quite shaken up, almost coming to a standstill. So a good time for reflection. You could ask yourself some questions like: am I driven by fear of love? Do I value money over happiness? What priorities do I actually set in my life? Know what is important to you! Ask yourself what your basic convictions are. Why are your friends so important to you?

Answer these questions. Get to know yourself. Self-help comes in many forms. From self-reflection, reading books to doing online courses. See below for our suggestions.

Make your personal temple

If you want to fitness you go to the gym. If you want to have a good time with yourself, you go to your favorite personal place. Since you can’t go out, why not create such a space at home? Whether a small spiritual temple or your best chair with all the goodies you can think of. Make this special place to celebrate life. Make it a place you can be happy in.

Learn to do nothing

No hurries, no worries… When you’re active all the time, you have no time to feel how you’re doing. You’re just busy. When you slow down at first you feel uncomfortable. Even on holidays, you keep on going. Now is the time to relax and slow down. Learning how to do nothing and feel totally happy. You’re not a lazy person, it’s ok. Enjoy being! See behind your first discomfort and relax.

Enjoy your senses

Imagine that you hear, taste, feel, smell, see with full awareness. That you enjoy that as much as the first time that you saw the sunset or when you saw and chased butterflies. Imagine that you can create blissful moments just by using your senses to the max. Unfiltered and unbiased you let the beauty of the world in. Look around, drink your coffee with full awareness. Enjoy life, just the way it is… How great is that!

Practice the inner smile

Despite all the troubles that are in the world right now, we can be grateful for all the things we still have. We can be happy, connected with our own body. Please try the inner smile.

Look for intimacy

This is the right time to learn to really connect with yourself. Normally almost all your energy is going outwards, going to other people. That’s ok but now is the time to go inward and connect with yourself. Be strong, be loving. Feel totally confident with yourself. You are ok, perfectly ok right the way you are. Connecting to your body with the inner smile. Connect with that power that is within you. Connect with your heart, the source of immense love and trust.

Rediscover your sexuality

Maybe your life force is down a little bit. All that worrying doesn’t make you feel energetic and stronger. So be in your body, move your body and free, activate your life energy. Being in touch with your sensuality, your sexuality makes your life energy even grow bigger. Why should you cripple yourself? We say the opposite, boost it! Move your hips, squeeze your PC mussel, feel the power of your sexual essence.

Do some soul-searching

Maybe you never thought about your purpose in life, but now it the time. What’s in it for you? What’s your goal in life? Knowing your heart’s desires is a good start. Knowing what really makes you happy. But it goes on… What gives your life meaning, what’s your passion? What is there to be learned here in this life? Or what do you need to make a complete balance? Don’t make it to difficult for yourself, it could be as simple as being a great parent. Your job could reflect your passion. It could be as “easy” as learning how to listen (to balance talking), or learning how to empower people instead of overpowering them.

Revive social contacts

Busy, busy, busy… Normally we don’t have time to reach out to the people we love and care for. So a good time to revive social contact. Might be a little uneasy at first but you can move into real fulfilling connection very quickly again. Touch with words, touch with a positive vibe and energy. Don’t leave it at the corona/fear part, go beyond. Talk about you, show yourself. Show interest in the other. Invite him/her to share.

Adapt to new situations

The good thing about social distancing is that we break a lot of automatic patterns. We once again can see the enormous value of meeting other people. It’s a miracle and we just forgot how great simple things are. Breaking patterns is great. New adventures arise when we look fresh into the world. Suddenly we do things we never imagined we could do. We are more flexible then we think. Just put your awareness to it, you can happily adapt to new situations.

What to do during lockdown

What to do during lockdownDeepen your relationship(s)

The good thing about relationships is that you still can be together, at least in your own home. So if you have a partner that’s great. You can share a lot of things together. Just being able to share emotions, talk about what’s happening is already a blessing. Spiritual growth is lying on your doorstep.

Enjoy duo-meditation

What is more enjoyable then deepen intimacy, meditate together. Simple meditation starts by being aware of each other’s presence. Eye contact can make a huge difference in the way you relate. Anyway, there are a lot of possibilities. See the series on duo-meditation.

Get to know each other – do lots of inquiry’s

Learn to incorporate Inquiry into your lives. It’s a great way to get to know each other. Every topic is suitable. Basically it’s asking the same question multiple times and listen to the answer. The first couple of answer comes from the mind. Then your body starts kicking in. Your body does have an opinion (memory) about things. Eventually, your heart speaks out. This is great to hear. What to ask? Well, find your own questions but questions like “what makes you really happy”, or “what means intimacy to you”, or “what are your hearts desires” make a good start.

Connect energetically

Most people know how to connect physically. Starting with eye contact, touching, caressing, making love. Did you notice however how love-energy plays a major role in this? If you go deeper into duo-meditation you will find out that it is great to energetically touch and connect. You enter each other energy field and can merge into oneness. This gives a great feeling of togetherness, of homecoming. Try the LoveSwing for starters.

Learn Tantric sex

Maybe sometime next year there will be a baby boom, who knows. Couples with a lot of free time like to be intimate and engage in sexual activity. Problem is that “normal” sex on the average takes only 11 minutes. Pffff, that’s disappointing! So maybe it’s time to find out what Lovemaking is all about. Tantric sex is Lovemaking to the max. It’s being together for hours in a warm loving space. Interested? See our online course on Lovemaking.

Massage your partner

Outside you have to keep social distance. Inside your home, you can do the opposite: remove all the social distance and merge into oneness. One way of doing this is by massage. We wrote a series about tantric massage. Please check it out.

Go online, develop yourself

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e-Course Re-discover your sexuality

e-Course Intimacy starts with YOU !

e-Course How to become Multi-orgasmic (M) – Start today!

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What to do during lockdown?
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