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Lockdown for couples

Lockdown for couples is an article to help you deal with the situation that you are together 24×7 in a small space. What to do? How to deal with this? It’s a challenging time for couples. We say: avoid friction and get together.

Lockdown for couples: avoid friction

When you’re together for a long time it’s easy to get in a quarrel. So your job is to avoid fighting all the time. First thing is to stay a little more rested and relaxed. So turn off that TV or stop watching the “crisis” news. Go out as much as possible and enjoy nature. Let nature nourish you. Do the things you still can. Life isn’t over, life is to be enjoyed, even during a lockdown.

Hold your own space

In order to have a good time (together), it’s important that you take responsibility for your own thoughts and feelings. Whatever happens, the way you feel, the way you react is always your own doing. You caused it yourself, it’s never your partner’s fault, so stop projecting your “shit” on him/her. Hold your own space. Learn to be happy alone, together, even in a crowd. Happiness happens when you fit your life, so do what fits you. Make some space for personal time. Structure your day so that you have some privacy. Go out for a walk, do some shopping, meditate, clean something, read a book, whatever.

Know the differences

Women come from Venus, men from Mars. Remember? It’s classic knowledge still to be understood and practiced. The differences might drive you crazy, but you have to stay cool. Try not to understand women, try not to analyze men. Accept the differences and try to learn from it. Smile, step back, and relax. Whatever happens, keep on breathing, stay aware, and remain undisturbed (happy).

Play the game

You take a little, you give a little. Being together 24×7 is a game you need to learn to play. Whatever happens, don’t take it personally. Don’t try to have a good time all the time: that’s not possible. If things start to be annoying, don’t pick a fight all the time, step back, and relax. Do the unexpected, do something sweet. And yes you can fight and make up again. Focus on the things you (both) like.

Lockdown for couples: get together

A more positive possibility is to deepen your relationship. Now is the time, now you have that time you always lack.

Start with tantra meditation

There are so many tantric meditations you can do. Getting lovable and conscious connecting are the basic keys. Intimacy isn’t only a mental thing. Get physical, connect energetically. Do some heart meditation and connect from that loving space. See this article for tips.

Get to know each other

Intimacy is endless. You can deepen your intimacy by exploring each other’s body, mind, heart, and soul. One way to discover the mental is through a technique called “Inquiry”. You ask each other an in-depth question. For example: “what means love/intimacy/sex to you”, or “what’s on your bucket list, what are your heart’s desires, or what is good sex”. The number of potential inquiring questions are endless. Set a time limit (5-10 minutes). One talks, one listened. Repeat the question from time to time. Take turns.

couples meditation - Circle of Love

Enjoy couples meditation

Eye contact, breathing together, synchronizing, touching, creating loving space… There are so many couples meditation you can do. So now is the time to start. Make a beautiful place in your house, prepare and enjoy it! Of course, you can do an online course specially designed for it, but there are lots of free examples on our site. Start today! Enjoy!

Learn tantric sex

A lockdown presents a double advantage. You have more free time and tantric practice fills up that time enjoyably. Since good sex is also a major factor in a good relationship, why not experiment with tantric sex. Stop having quick sex and start making love. Tantric lovemaking can take hours. Lovemaking is fun and demand free. No worries about failure anxiety. You can both relax and enjoy it. Read more about it and/or do the course endless lovemaking.

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Lockdown for couples, powered by Online Tantra

Lockdown for couples

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