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7 kundalini meditations explained7 Kundalini meditations explained

– adding sexual energy to your life energy – free meditations

Sexual energy can be a major part of your life energy. When your sexual energy is flowing you feel alive, strong, powerful, energetic. Tantra is the path of love of the heart, but also bodily orientated. So it not surprising that sexual energy and using your senses are key in tantra. Because of the strong suppression of sex, our sexual energy is also suppressed. In this article, we describe 7 ways to get your sexual energy going and flowing again.

The power of Shaking – move your body – activate your energy

Kundalini meditation explained - shakenMoving your body is always good for your energy flow. When your blood moves, your energy moves with it. Shaking is a simple but effective way to get your energy flowing.  You just start shaking your body. There are a couple of “rules”:

  • Your feet stay on the ground, it’s shaking, not dancing.
  • Your feet/toes face forward, shoulders wide.
  • In the shake you bring both knees forward at the same time, your back stays upright.
  • Relax all your muscles, without falling down of course.
  • Pay attention to relax your jaw, neck, and shoulders in particular.
  • Just shake, let a rhythm come into the shake. Relax…
  • If you shake on music, use a vivid rhythm.
  • Feel your body – sink into your body. You get grounded more and more.
  • Don’t stop shaking for at least 5 minutes.

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Innerflute – Pelvic moves that make you relaxed and hot

Conscious breathing and slow pelvic moves are the basics of this Kundalini meditation. You always start with conscious breathing. However, you envision that you breathe low, breathing in and out through your sex. Your whole attention is on your sex and sexuality. Lie down on your back and close your eyes, relax.

There are a couple of things you can / have to do:

  1. Relaxed conscious breathing.
  2. Focus on your sex / sexual energy.
  3. Start moving energy up and down. Up your spine on your in-breath, down on your out-breath.
  4. Turn/move your pelvis smoothly to the front (on the out-breath) and back again (on your in-breath).
  5. Relax, envision that a warm, loving, comforting energy flow is running from sex to heart and back again.

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train your PC musclePC muscle training – how to use your PC pump

We wrote an article about this meditation. You can do the innerflute again but now use also your PC-muscle. Either your contraction is slow and all in-breath long, or you use fast contractions. With fast contractions along with 4-6 gulps of in-breath, you pump up the energy to your heart. When you breathe out again you totally relax and let the energy flow down again.

See the article How to train your PC-muscle

This kind of training is essential to control your ejaculation and lasting longer in sex. In the e-Course How to become multi-orgasmic we tell you all about the SoE-tools to regulate your State of Excitement

Prana mudra – taking in prana – energy – feel the power of your life energy!

Kundalini meditation explainedThe Prana Mudra is actually a breathing technique combined with certain postures. Knowledge is required of the position of the chakras. See the image. It’s also great if you are used to the full breathing. Breathe calmly and as completely as possible. Breathe in and out through your nose.

You can do this meditation on our music. Just start the player when you’re ready. The phases 1 – 7, each last about 2 minutes. The music, therefore, changes every two minutes. The last two stages consist of a piece of music of about 7-8 minutes.

The essence of this meditation is that you can connect to your own life energy (Shakti energy). There is energy (prana) abound in us. The visualization allows that energy to come to life and spread throughout your body. Use your imagination. Enjoy!

Do the free tantric meditation Prana Mudra

Free Heart meditation - Heart CirclingHeart Circling – spreading all sexual energy through your body.

Heart circling is the way to focus on and disperse sexual / love/life energy. Imagine that your sexual / love energy circles around in your body. It flows up through the back on your in-breath and it flows down through the front of your body on your out-breath. This way your love/ life energy circles around the center, around your heart. This meditation is simple but powerful. If you close your eyes you can travel around with your breath and energy. You will learn to intensify your breath and energy without having to work so hard. On the contrary, you will feel very relax on after a few minutes of meditating.

This guided meditation is part of several e-Courses.

Swing of Fire – playing with sexual energy is fun!

Where you focus goes your energy flows. Once you feel sexual energy, you can play with it. Once you know how you can move your energy, you can even play more with it. In the innerflute you have already played with sexual energy (flowing up and down from sex to heart). This was however on your own. What would happen if you play the energy game with two? Well, that you can find out in the Swing of Fire.

Like with a swing, you can swing forward and backward again. If you synchronize your breathing together you can send and receive your sexual energy to and from your partner. The Swing of Fire is all about energetically penetrating and embracing sexual energy. You can however also combine the meditation with physical penetration and encompassing. Interested?

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The Completion
– from lust to love into devotion. Transforming Sexual energy.

Tantra is about transformation. Freeing yourself of all those limiting conditionings. Letting your life energy be free every second. Free the frozen energy behind your emotions and emotional wounds. Free your sexual energy and let it flow again. Let it join in into the symphony of Love, the symphony of life! So “practice” to transform this lustful – sexual energy to your heart. From lust to love. Then, you can go even higher. From love to devotion will bring you even higher vibrations.

You can do this meditation alone or with your partner. If you’re alone, just sit still and let the voice guide you. If you together, sit in Shiva/Shakti position and do the same. Don’t move too much. Keep your body still and let your energy move…

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7 Kundalini meditations explained – adding sexual energy to your life energy – free meditations

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