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Multi-orgasmic is possible for every man!

Multi-orgasmic is hot! Let’s be honest. You like to know how to be multi-orgasmic and we like you to sign up for our e-Course. In this key article, you find lots of tips that can help you, e.g. about training your PC-muscle; a better understanding of the orgasm; techniques to last longer in bed; to improve your sex life. Want to discover what orgasmic meditation is? Read this key article!

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What is multi-orgasmic?Multi-orgasmic explained

Hopefully, you know what an orgasm is. Man or woman, orgasms are important in our lives. Most men have got a peak orgasm. Most men in their younger days have had more than one orgasm on a single day. You could say that’s multi-orgasmic. However, it is still a multiple peak orgasm. A peak orgasm will drain you. If you have a lot of stamina (if you’re horny enough) you can have multiple orgasms but there’s always a “valley” period. Multi-orgasmic means that you can have multiple orgasms one after the other, without the need to recover.

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train your PC muscleWhy train your PC muscle – and how to do it!

One of the 6 tools you have to become multi-orgasmic has to do with your PC muscle. Your PC muscle is the muscle you use to hold your pee. It’s located in your pelvic floor. It’s actually a set of more than a 100 small muscles. Training your PC muscle is a very healthy thing to do. It prevents incontinence, but also prostate cancer. The point here is however that you can use your PC muscle to prevent ejaculation. This way you can last longer in bed, have stronger erections and more intense orgasms. The bonus is that you also can have multiple orgasms without serious downtime.

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Rediscover your Sexuality – Why Self-love and Self-esteem are so important

To become multi-orgasmic is not an aim in itself but a mean to have a more fulfilling life. If you agree on this then you are probably interested in a more spiritual approach to life. Not only consuming, materialism and going for pleasure but having your focus on feelings, sharing, love, happiness.

Tantra is all about growing in love and consciousness. Knowing that –in many cases- our sexuality is sort of distorted. There are so many suppressing rules to sexuality that our natural state of being is almost never there. We don’t know what our sexual energy can do for us. We’re almost forced to suppress what is so natural to us. But the sexual energy is there, the sexual drive is there and so we start to fight with ourselves (our sexual energy / sexual feelings). Because of that we often feel unworthy, sinner so to speak. Not so good for our self-love. Being low on energy is also not so good for our self-esteem. So what would happen if we turn it upside down? What would happen if we are full of self-love and self-esteem?

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blankWhat is orgasmic meditation

Part of (the e-Course) rediscovering your sexuality is orgasmic meditation. When you slow down, when you create some ME-time, you can reconnect with yourself. To be intimate with yourself we have not learned. Yes, we have learned a lot, but mostly not on matters of love, intimacy, and sexuality. And what we have learned is from dirty magazines, bragging stories from friends and of course porn from the internet. But self-love is seldom taught. To be truly intimate with yourself is rare. And yet necessary as a basic preparation for orgasmic meditation. Being able to be intimate with yourself. To be able to lovingly caress yourself. And then… much is possible…

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Tantric sex tips. Last longer in bedTantric sex tips. Last longer in bed – simple exercises.

Did you know that an average sex act lasts only 11 minutes? This is including pro and postlude. Most man ejaculate after 3-5 minutes of intercourse. Wow, not so good. Our focus is not to perform better in bed. To be a stud, work out for 2 hours? No, our focus is to last longer in bed. To have a longer happy encounter with your partner, to enjoy more, to enjoy longer. To also give your woman the (opportunity of the) pleasure of orgasm. End even orgasm is NOT a goal. What would happen is you slow down a little. Well, you last longer. So tip number one: slow down. What would happen if your aim is not to quickly climax, but to enjoy some time together?  So tip number two: forget orgasm. Want to know some more?

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10 bedroom tips10 bedroom tips – Tips to spice up your sex life.

So far we talk more or less about the “needs” of man. But what about if you’re a couple? We like to share some insights with you on how to spice up your sex life in a tantric way. Maybe it’s not so exciting as doing threesomes, watching movies or using sex tools, but who knows. Maybe it works for you! Interested? Well, you can read all about it, but start now. Stop for a moment and think about your next bedroom encounter… Take a breather and enjoy it already. Think about it. Is it in the bedroom? Hmm maybe not. Feel about it! Will you like it? Yes, for sure. Connect with your senses. Can you envision something? Of course. So get a little aroused already.. and hold. Hold on to that energy, relax and keep it for later.

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7 Kundalini meditations explained – adding sexual energy to your life energy – free meditations

7 kundalini meditations explainedSexual energy can be a major part of your life energy. When your sexual energy is flowing you feel alive, strong, powerful, energetic. Tantra is the path of love of the heart, but also bodily orientated. So it not surprising that sexual energy and using your senses are key in tantra. Because of the strong suppression of sex, our sexual energy is also suppressed. In this article, we describe 7 ways to get your sexual energy going and flowing again.

  • The power of Shaking – move your body – activate your energy.
  • Innerflute – pelvic moves that make you relaxed and hot.
  • PC muscle training – how to use your PC pump.
  • Prana mudra – taking in prana – energy – feel the power of your life energy.
  • Heart Circling – spreading all sexual energy through your body.
  • Swing of Fire – playing with sexual energy is fun!
  • The Completion – from lust to love into devotion. Transforming Sexual energy.

Adding sexual energy to your life energy – free meditations
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Why knowing your sexual desires is important. Do your own inquiry!

Goals, desires… Some say that you have to get rid of them. Well, we don’t agree! We say the opposite… Be very aware of your goals, your desires, your wishes, what you like in your (sex) life. The problem is not that desire is bad, holding on to your desire creates problems. Your world is your creation. What you see is primary determined by your conditioning, your beliefs. If your belief that the world will come to an end, well, then your world will probably end. Maybe you even kill yourself.

Your future is also created by you. So envision your future. Be very conscious about what you like or even need in life. And then let go. Present your envision/ wishes strongly to the world, let go and accept everything that presents itself in your life, Be happy with it. So we strongly advise you to inquire your (sexual) desires. In this article, you can read how.

How to do an inquiry about sexual desires – coming soon
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How to become Multi-orgasmic – introduction.

Let’s be honest. You like to know how to be multi-orgasmic. We like you to sign up for our e-Course. By now you know that we sell you the real stuff. We don’t bullshit around. We are dead serious about becoming multi-orgasmic. But you need to be too! It’s not something you learn overnight. You really have to go for it. Practice, grow into it. So first read this introduction. Then, if you still want it, put the e-Course into your shopping cart. Click on the flyer.

How to become mmulti-orgasmic – introduction – coming soon
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