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How to boost your immune system

immune systemTrust life

The biggest boost to your immune system is trust. Trust life, trust that whatever happens is ok. Trust, don’t fight! Fighting against something has never helped anyone from preventing illness or getting healthy again. Trust and unmask your fear. Boost your lovingness and trust that Love energy will protect you. If it’s your time, it’s your time but there’s nothing you can do about that. So you better live and be happy as long as it continues. Focus on and send positive vibes. Do what makes you happy. Make health your self-fulfilling prophecy. And as ever… Focus on your loving presence.

Activate your lymph system

The lymph system is part of the immune system and is crucial in removing waste from your body. Lymph nodes form a kind of purification system that filters out waste. The lymph nodes contain white blood cells that help counteract infections. Physical touching lymph nodes on your body strengthens your immune system. There are nodes in the skin between your fingers and toes. Use your thumb and index finger to activate lymph points. Be gentle.

Visualizing support is also helpful. Just believe that it works… and it works. Breathe in light and visualize that you get stronger. Feel that you are strong, resilient and indestructible. Nothing can touch you, nothing can affect you that makes you sick. Support your immune system also by watching your fluid balance (blatter). Drink (more) enough water and less alcohol.

Rest, relax, recharge

Stress is killing your immune system. Stress isn’t healthy. So unless you want disease to slow you down, you better slow down yourself. Prioritize! Do you want to be rich or healthy? Rest more, relax more, stay calm in stressful situations. Step back a bit and know, feel what is good for you. “Busyness” is the real disease.

Keep moving, do your thing, but keep calm. Rest, relax, recharge. Like a Tesla battery, you have to recharge every day. So make that your priority! Take your rest, protect your good sleep.

Go for balanced hygiene

If you don’t come into contact with germs and bacteria (which is almost impossible) you get very vulnerable for them. It’s all about the middle ground. Take care, but not too little, not too much. Washing your hands 100 times a day isn’t helpful, even kills your natural skin protection. Be body consciousness and keep a good balance, your personal balance. Some people are more sensitive than others. So take precautions, avoid the places that are not ok for you. Practicing social distance in Corona times is a good example. Rest, regularity and hygiene are important.

Enjoy good food

More than ever it’s important to recognize the importance of healthy food to stay healthy. Be very conscious of what you eat. Know what’s good for you. Of course, there are general rules on this (just google), but better still if you follow your own personal experience. Use your body consciousness! If you don’t feel tiptop after you ate something, that’s a sign. If you’re interested, applied kinesiology (AK) can also help you with this.

So enjoy your food. Take deep breathes and eat with all your senses involved. Eat with awareness. Try to eat healthy food – know what’s good for you. Eat with awareness and suck up the vitamins. Let your food nourish you, support your immune system. Feel what’s happening in your body when you eat, after you eat. Make sure that your acid/base balance is ok. Too much gastric acid is a sign of unbalance.

Release toxic emotions

Toxic emotions make you sick. If you walk around with a lot of unfinished business then it’s time to do something about that. You can do some release on your own. You don’t have to be scared. Releasing emotions with awareness makes them less toxic and makes you able to let them go bit by bit. Just stay aware and watch your grounding, stay in the now.

Staying in the now and good grounding is for sure a good way to support your immune system. Clean up the house and don’t worry too much about the future. If you need help… just find help. Find yourself a good coach or therapist. Never be reluctant or ashamed to ask for help.

Go out as much as you can!

Nature is the best booster for your immune system. Go out, go into nature. Even a small park with trees is good. Feel the Earth, put your (naked) feet on the ground and inhale the power of mother Earth. Mother Earth takes care of you! You can let go of all that you don’t need anymore (all your shit) and let you be nourished by her. Mother Earth is there for you. The same is true for the cosmic powers. Enjoy the Sun (vitamin D), feel the power, let it in! Don’t overdo it, but let the Sun rays warm every cell of your body.

Practice the Inner smile

Talk to your body & organs. Smile at them. A happy smile makes them happy and happiness makes them healthy! So support your organs. Talk/smile especially to your Kidneys and Blatter. They play a major part in diffusing possible threats. Nourish your stomach, do some belly breathing. If needed consciously release emotions (see above). Feel, step back, accept and let go.

Smile also to the world. Smile and laugh a bit more, why not? See the beauty in the world, it’s still there!

Keep your body fit

A healthy body, a healthy immune system. So keep fit. Move your body! Even when you can’t go to the gym, you can do some exercise. Yogi in the secluded mountains did these exercises to keep fit. You can also do meridian stretches.

Use your protective Aura shield

Did you know that you have a protective aura shield? There are several energetic bodies around you that take care of the interaction with your surroundings. In perfect condition they protect you. When there’s a hole in one of them you get more vulnerable. Use heart meditation to fill them up with love energy. Radiate love to it. Be loving all over. Radiate into your Aura.

And don’t forget your skin. Your skin is your biggest organ and it’s protecting you! Nourish your skin, bring awareness to it. Visualize that your skin is there for you. It’s a matter of body awareness, skin awareness so to speak.

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How to boost your immune system
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