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Heart meditation The opening

Probably you already know how good it feels to live with an open heart. Then your love flows, you’re a loving part of the bigger picture that is life. Mmmm … then life is good, then you feel happy. Then life goes without saying because you yourself are flowing and moving with whatever life brings you. You love yourself. And when you feel loved, appreciated, you feel at home in your life. You feel warm, energetic, radiant and lively. Then you feel alive!! You look with a loving look in your eyes and a with a compassionate heart to the people around you.

Heart meditation The opening

Sometimes you want to, but you just do not feel so much love inside you. And you don’t know any modus, any way to express and share your love. Then what to do? So here you find a nice breath-heart meditation. Breath is a great conductor of energy. With your breath, you breathe in and out everything. Inhale oxygen, prana, energy, love. And again exhale love.

In this meditation you use your breath in different ways: to breathe in energy yourself, to fill yourself with energy, with love. Then you bring that energy to your heart, fill your heart with love, be all love-filled. And after that, you open the doors of your heart. You exhale your love to the world. Look, just listen, take a breather and go on with this….

Open your heart and let your love flow into the world.


Heart meditation The Opening


  • Take some time, 15 minutes, make sure you’re not disturbed.
  • Make a beautiful meditation temple.
  • Prepare yourself (your mindset).
  • Make yourself comfortable.
  • Start the mp3.
  • Lie down or sit with your back straight.


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On this website, you can do several free guided heart meditation online. If you like them, you can buy and download them (and other heart meditation) to listen offline. That way you can be supported whenever / wherever you are. In the car driving home from work. On a lazy Sunday afternoon, or whenever you need a little Love or want to give some.

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Theme courses

We also have an online theme course on Heart meditation for you: Living with an open Heart. A course full of Heart meditation!

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Heart meditation The opening

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