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Heart center meditation

Warming up

Here you find a warming-up to get back into your heart. Wherever you direct your energy, grows. So what could be better than to direct your energy, to bring your attention to your heart? Use your imagination and go to your heart or heart chakra.

To your heart

Now just take a seat, sit comfortably. Put your hand on your heart. Bring your awareness to your heart. Feel the warmth of your heart. Breathe calmly and deeply in your heart.


Heart Center meditation

There are many breathing techniques and ways to meditate in your heart. Here you find a way to send support and energy (love) to your heart. We invite you to the Heart Center meditation. Please start the MP3 and make yourself comfortable.



 Support from all around

If you’ve done the guided meditation then you know that you can breathe into your heart in four ways:

  • From above through your head: support from the sky.
  • Through your back/shoulder blades: support from all women/men standing behind you.
  • From your tailbone upwards: support from the earth.
  • Through your chest to your heart: support from your loved ones.

If the pace of breathing does not quite fit yours, or if you want to meditate without the instructions bothering you? Set your own pace and do the meditation with music only! (it takes about 15 min).

Heart meditation in every course

Tantra is the path of the heart, which is why in our courses heart meditation is given an important place. Each course includes one or more heart meditations, they all are different ways to your heart. You will be wonderfully connected to the rest, peace, and harmony in your heart. In your heart, you can connect with your love. Then you will be connected to yourself because you áre love.

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Theme courses

We also have an online theme course on Heart meditation for you: Living with an open Heart. A course full of Heart meditation!

We also recommend Intimacy starts with you!

e-Course Intimacy starts with YOU !


Heart center meditation
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